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Since our founding in 1984, engineers in 100 countries on six continents have depended on test and measurement equipment from Audio Precision to design, build and verify their audio products. Audio Precision customers include the world's top manufacturers in the areas of recording and broadcast, A/D and D/A chip design, signal processing, computer audio, home entertainment, personal stereo, telecommunications, loudspeaker, microphone and amplifier research, design and manufacturing.

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  • Audio Analyzers

    APx Series - Audio Precision, Inc.

    The APx Series of audio analyzers represents the state of the art in audio test, with models and options to suit every need from R&D to high-speed production test. Industry-leading analog performance, flexible software with a multi-mode UI, and a wide range of digital I/O and software options make APx the most powerful and versatile series of instruments we''ve ever produced.

  • Electro-Acoustic Test

    APx500 Series - Audio Precision, Inc.

    Whether evaluating the performance of loudspeakers, headphones, or microphones, electro-acoustic test can be challenging. In the case of loudspeakers and microphones, extraneous noises and reflections from surrounding walls and floors interfere with the measurements. Headphones present their own challenges, owing to the close coupling of earphones to the ears and the associated acoustic transmission paths. In addition to industry-leading analog performance and the widest array of digital options, APx500 Series analyzers offer fast, cost-effective electro-acoustic test of raw drivers and integrated audio products from the R&D lab to the factory floor.

  • Headphone Test Fixture

    AECM206 - Audio Precision, Inc.

    IEC 60318-4-compliant accessory simplifies earbud and headphone measurement in lab and production environments. The AECM206 Headphone Test Fixture is a dense, robust fixture mounted on a resilient base to isolate ambient noise, which can adversely affect measurement integrity. Equally capable in both R&D and production test applications, it is well-suited for testing circum-aural, supra-aural and intra-concha headphones and earbuds. The AECM206’s high level of acoustic isolation also enables the measurement of noise-reduction performance of ANC (active noise canceling) headphones, as well as the evaluation of hearing protection ear muffs.

  • Measurement Microphones

    Audio Precision, Inc.

    Audio Precision offers a selection of measurement microphones designed to provide ready solutions for our customers working in acoustic test. The AP microphone family includes one ¼-inch and two ½-inch precision measurement microphone systems, as well as a ¼-inch array microphone and an occluded ear simulator. All units are prepolarized, TEDS-compliant and ICP®/CCP powered.

  • High-Performance, Two-Channel Audio Analyzer

    2700 Series - Audio Precision, Inc.

    The 2700 Series is designed for audio engineers who need high performance, low distortion and flexibility in their audio analyzer. With the Programmable Serial Interface Adapter (PSIA), it is a powerful solution for high-end converter and other chip designers.

  • Smartphone Audio Test App 2.1 for Android 4-6

    Audio Precision, Inc.

    Audio Precision''s Smartphone audio test app for Android allows for full testing of audio pathways, including Bluetooth HFP and A2DP, without initiating a call over the network. It supports Android versions 4, 5, and 6 (as well as Android N Developer Preview 5).

  • Phantom-Powered Measurement Microphone

    376M03 - Audio Precision, Inc.

    The 376M03 is a calibrated microphone system, mounting a 377M32 ½” cartridge to the 426M16 preamplifier in its ½” configuration. This system provides excellent low-noise performance coupled with a response past 40 kHz. With the 376M03 microphone system, AP is introducing the 426M16: a flexible, phantom-powered preamplifier that can mount either ½” or ¼” standard IEC 61094‑4 prepolarized microphone cartridges.