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Our comprehensive, open-architecture solutions for data analytics & AI, computer-aided engineering, and high-performance computing (HPC), enable design and optimization for high performance, innovative, and sustainable products and processes in an increasingly connected world.

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  • Electronic System Design

    ESD - Altair Feko

    Smart connected devices are everywhere, in homes, in transportation, and at work. This means electronic system design (ESD) is having a greater influence on almost every type of product requiring new simulation tools to help achieve electronic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, and connectivity goals. Altair’s simulation-driven design tools enable your team of specialized engineers to collaborate across all aspects of printed circuit board development from concept to manufacturing. Our products streamline your process, eliminate design iterations, and reduce time-to-market.

  • Internet of Things

    Altair Feko

    In a world of smart, connected everything, Altair empowers you to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to accelerate innovation and unlock business value. Leveraging our dynamic toolset you can deploy edge compute clusters, train and execute machine learning models, implement complex application business logic, perform data transforms, visualize real-time data, and much more. We give you the building blocks for your digital transformation to get moving fast, scale quickly, and continue to improve over time.

  • Fluids and Thermal

    Altair Feko

    Whether you’re an analyst performing advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling or a design engineer who quickly needs to understand fluid or thermal effects on a design proposal, Altair offers a complete line of tools to support your project. From detailed component analysis to full systems performance, Altair provides a range of scalable solvers under Altair CFD™, as well as robust pre- and post-processing software for CFD.

  • Electromagnetics

    Altair Feko

    Altair software is used across industries to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems from static to low and high frequencies. Whether your application requires multiple frequency and time-domain techniques with true hybridization to enable efficient exploration of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic performance, or the simulation of magneto static, steady-state and transient conditions, we have the tools you need.

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud

    Altair Feko

    In the data center and in the cloud, Altair’s industry-leading HPC tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your most demanding workloads, easily migrating to the cloud and eliminating I/O bottlenecks. Top500 systems and small to mid-sized computing environments alike rely on Altair to keep infrastructure running smoothly. With longstanding hardware and cloud provider partnerships, we handle the integrations for you so your team can focus on moving business forward.

  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

    Altair Feko

    Data is unlike any other asset your organization owns. It never wears out, it never drains, and it can be used repeatedly. But the value in data is not in having it, it’s in how you use it. Altair enables data-driven enterprises by providing teams the power to use data analytics and AI to gain competitive advantages and drive next-level business results.

  • Data Science Services

    Altair Feko

    As you chart your company’s path to success, one tool critical in your kit is mapping out a better data analytics strategy throughout the enterprise. Altair can be your trusted guide to help you with any or all your data analytics and reporting needs.

  • Product Engineering Services

    Altair Feko

    We are not just another global software tech company. We are more than 3,000 engineers, designers, analysts, innovators, creative thinkers, and problem solvers, and believe human creativity combined with computer intelligence is the key to delivering pioneering solutions worldwide.

  • Structural Engineering And Design

    AEC - Altair Feko

    Versatility and data integration drive productivity for building and non-building structures. Altair's Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) structural analysis and design solutions simulate responses to wind, snow, water, seismic, blast, dead, live, and moving loads, or other dynamic, nonlinear loading conditions while ensuring design resiliency and regional code compliance.

  • Systems Modeling

    Altair Feko

    Altair model-based development (MBD) tools drive fast development for smarter connected systems. Altair customers simulate complex products as systems-of-systems throughout your entire development cycle from early concept design to detailed design to hardware-in-the-loop testing (HIL).

  • Structural Analysis

    Altair Feko

    With proven accuracy every time, Altair offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building.

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