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Well respected within the film, broadcast, and theater technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation.

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  • Belt-Pack Transmitter

    M175/M175LS - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The M175 sets a new standard for mechanical design. Every external part on the transmitter is machined aluminum—including the battery door and belt-clip. The result is an extremely durable package. The precise fit and action of these mechanical parts makes handling and operating the M175 a genuine pleasure.

  • Digital Wireless Monitor System with Dante Inputs

    Duet - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    Lectrosonics announces the introduction of a new digital wireless monitor (IEM) system, the Duet. The new system consists of the M2T dual-stereo half-rack transmitter and M2R diversity belt pack receiver. The Duet covers the UHF frequencies of 470-608 MHz in a single range, uses digital modulation for transmission, and can accept analog or Dante digital inputs. The new system is designed and developed with professional touring, installation, theater, filmmaking and broadcast customers in mind. The M2T half-rack transmitter houses two independent stereo transmitters allowing for up to four stereo or dual-mono transmissions in a single rack space. The audio inputs can be individually configured to be analog or Dante compatible. The analog input connectors are full size XLR/TRS combo types for balanced line level analog signals while the input preamp circuits use a special balanced amplifier with very high common mode rejection to minimize hum and noise. A Dante Ultimo™ interface via dual RJ45 connectors accepts Dante networked audio inputs and can cascade the digital stream to additional units via CAT6 cables. An additional RJ45 jack provides an Ethernet connection for programming and control via Wireless Designer™ software and a USB jack on the front panel allows for firmware updates. The transmitter features a full color, backlit LCD for high visibility in any environment, while the chassis is all-metal and can be racked singly or in pairs using included rack mount hardware.

  • Digital Wireless System

    D4R - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The D4 digital 4-channel wireless system was designed as a special purpose system for location production in film and television.

  • Diversity Transmitter

    D4T - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The D4 digital 4-channel wireless system was designed as a special purpose system for location production in film and television.

  • Digital Encrypted Wireless System

    DR - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The DR receiver is a modular, six-channel design with a host mainframe that contains the DSP, microprocessor, antenna multicoupler and control interface. Receiver modules are installed on either side of the mainframe.

  • Digital Encrypted Wireless System

    DRM - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    A completely new digital architecture was developed for the DSW wireless system. Extended operating range rivals the best analog and Digital Hybrid Wireless® systems, with remarkable audio quality and only 2.5 ms of latency. The system operates on standard UHF FCC Part 74 frequencies (TV channel band).

  • Compact Receiver

    UCR401 - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The UCR401 is a high performance compact UHF wireless microphone receiver for mobile applications such as ENG and film production. The compact size, battery and external power and rugged attached antennas are ideal for video camera mounted use. Unique DSP algorithms in the design provide full compatibility with all Lectrosonics 400 Series Digital Hybrid Wireless™ transmitters and variety of analog transmitters from Lectrosonics and some other manufacturers. Power is provided by two AA batteries, typically NiMH rechargeable types, or external DC supplied via a jack on the rear panel.

  • Compact Receiver

    UCR411a - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The UCR411A receiver provides professional performance and a versatile feature set in a compact design for field and location production. All settings are made from the front panel with a powerful LCD interface, making the unit ideal for use in Quad Paks, on sound carts, in portable bags and in rack mount multi-couplers. To alleviate interference problems in an increasingly congested RF spectrum, an RF spectrum analyzer is built into the receiver. The receiver tunes across its 25.6 MHz tuning range and records RF activity with markers on the LCD screen. Finding clear operating frequencies is a quick, simple process. The UCR411A is compatible with all 400 Series Lectrosonics wireless transmitters (and some other transmitter types) and can be powered with internal 9V batteries or external DC.

  • Handheld Transmitter

    HH - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The HH Digital Hybrid Wireless handheld transmitter represents an elegant solution for a variety of wireless microphone applications including live performance, broadcast, AV rental and houses of worship. The HH incorporates many advanced features to provide high quality speech and vocal reinforcement. Along with providing peerless audio quality with wide frequency response and dynamic range in native 400 Series mode, the technology used in the HH includes compatibility modes for Lectrosonics 200 Series, 100 Series and IFB receivers, and some systems from other top manufacturers. (Contact Lectrosonics for details.)

  • Modular Receiver System

    Venue - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The Venue Series Receiver Systems are of a modular UHF design that operates with Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters, and a variety of analog transmitters. Each unit consists of a master host assembly and up to six plug-in receiver modules. The system includes an antenna multi-coupler, computer communications interface and the mechanical rack mounting for the receiver modules.

  • Micro Belt-Pack Transmitter

    SSM - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    Tunable across three standard frequency blocks (76.8 MHz)Digital Hybrid Wireless® audio for compandor-free digital qualitySelectable 25 or 50 mW RF powerCompatibility modes for use with analog receivers25 or 100 kHz tuning steps for up to 3072 selectable frequenciesWide range input gain control in 1 dB stepsQuick change Lithium-ion rechargeable batteryAudio coupled remote control

  • Frequency-Agile Compact IFB Transmitter

    IFBT4 - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The Lectrosonics IFBT4 UHF transmitter was designed for use in broadcast, motion picture, theater, and stage applications where extended operating range and high quality audio are essential. The IFBT4 can be used as a stand-alone device or patched directly into popular intercom systems.

  • Watertight Belt-Pack Transmitter

    WM - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    Designed for wet or dusty environments, the WM transmitter features O-ring sealed battery compartments and input jack, a compression sealed antenna port and gasket sealed control panel and back cover. Dual AA batteries provide twice the operating time of earlier watertight transmitter designs. Larger membrane switches and control panel and a highly visible, backlit LCD enhance the user interface.

  • UHF Belt-Pack Receiver

    UCR100 - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    Ideal for compact DV camcorders256 selectable UHF frequenciesHigh sensitivity for extended rangeDual-band compandorUltra rugged tempered alloy antenna9 Volt battery poweredMachined aluminum constructionElectrostatic powder coated and anodized finish

  • UHF Belt Pack Transmitter

    SMQV - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Technology* (U.S. Patent #7,225,135)Variable, selectable power output:SMQV: 50mW, 100mW, 250mWMembrane switch control panel with LCD display256 synthesized UHF frequenciesWide input dynamic rangeDSP based pilot-tone signalCirculator/Isolator output stageSplash-proof, machined aluminum housingNon-corrosive, super-hard finish