Electro-Technic Products, Inc.

Engineers and manufacturers of scientific, electronic and control instruments. Serving industry, research and science education since 1942. We are noted for our private label and OEM products.

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  • Desktop Spectrometer

    Electro-Technic Products, Inc.

    The RSpec Explorer is an educational tool which makes it possible for an entire class or lecture hall to study atomic emission spectra. This is a great device for hands-on student learning including having students identify the gas in an unknown spectrum tube. Your students will find the software (included) is easy to use right out of the box. Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to teach about light and color using traditional tools like diffraction gratings because you can’t determine if all your students are even seeing the same results of their experiments. But with the RSpec-Explorer’s camera and software system, you will be confident knowing that every student is seeing the same thing.

  • Corona Treaters

    Electro-Technic Products, Inc.

    Electro-Technic's surface treaters include a handheld model (BD-20AC) and a production line model (BD-80C). Our handheld model (BD-20AC) is suited for a manual operator to treat small surfaces to increase bonding or adhesion in lab/test environments. Customers looking for a production-scale corona treater can opt for our BD-80 model which features continous operation and can be customized to come with a conveyer belt and a mounting stand.

  • Vacuum Leak and Holiday Detectors

    Electro-Technic Products, Inc.

    Electro-Technic manufactures four handheld models (BD-10, BD-40, BD-50, BD-60) and a customizable automated model (Model BD-65) to suit specific customer applications and test materials. Our introductory BD-10 model is intented for light/intermittent use while our BD-50/BD-60 models are more suited for continous heavy duty use. Our model BD-40 has a limited voltage output suited for thin/sensitive linings.