Acyclica is committed to a simple idea: helping you get the most out of the journey from A to B. That’s it! There is more behind that of course, but at the end of the day – whether you are commuter trying to minimize your daily drive or a traffic engineer working to optimize traffic signal coordination along a highly congested route – Acyclica is here to help.

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  • Data Agregator

    DA-300 - Acyclica

    The DA-300 provides unprecedented abilities to monitor your infrastructure. From the components within your cabinets, up to the performance of your road network as a whole, you have the data you need to optimize the performance of your infrastructure. This ground-breaking piece of hardware and its accompanying software is the result of years of collaboration between Acyclica, Eberle Design Inc., and Reno A&E.

  • Web-Based Analytics Platform

    Go - Acyclica

    Acyclica's advanced web-based analytics platform provides the ultimate experience in understanding congestion. Acyclica's Go is a tool which is included for Acyclica customers using a RoadTrend or Compass device and transforms mountains of data into actionable information to help agencies understand travel times, traffic patterns and congestion. From point-and-click origin - destination analysis to real-time congestion mapping, Go helps agencies understand how people are moving. The software runs in any standard web-browser and provides an intuitive interface without the hassle of installing additional software.

  • Workhorse For Congestion Data Collection

    RoadTrend - Acyclica

    The RoadTrend is the premier workhorse for congestion data collection! Designed to optimize the collection process, the RoadTrend can collect over 250,000 records per hour, providing a new benchmark in performance. The compact data collection device needs only power, communication and a 2.4 GHz antenna.