High Performance Media

Welcome to the new home of Oxygen DCT and High Performance Media Technology Solutions equipment. High Performance Media Technology Solutions or 'High Performance Media’, the abbreviated name, is the ‘go to’ company for television broadcast systems equipment; we’ve more products, which gives you more choice, which means better solutions and we help you manage your budget better with lower cost products. It’s also faster to use us as we save you time by negating the need to hunt around for technical solutions and placing an order online takes only 32 seconds.

  • + 44 (0) 8707 4 62062
  • +44 (0) 8707 462 063
  • support@high-performance-media.com
  • 12 Queen Eleanor House
    Kingsclere Park
    Kingsclere, Berkshire RG20 4SW
    United Kingdom

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