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SELCO USA, INC., offering intimate knowledge of the marine industry. Our product lines, originated in Europe in 1961, and are now shipped to more than 85 nations each year.

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  • Generator Control Module | Generator Controller

    Generator Controls, Synchronizers, Load Sharer, Synchroscope, Re-Active Load Sharer. - Selco USA, INC

    In electrical machines, like generators, these varying changes constitute an electrical signal. Additional information about generators and their components can also be found in the article, These signals can be intelligently processed to control the performance of the machine. Generator Controls have sensors that can detect changes in physical attributes like heat and speed and generate signals accordingly. Modern generators also have similar sensors to detect changes in all kinds of various parameters. These can be used to control the generator through a control panel.

  • Instrumentation

    Selco USA, INC

    Voltmeters, Ammeters, Frequency Meter, Watt Meter

  • Sensors

    Selco USA, INC

    Sensors for Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, etc.

  • Tacho-Voltage Detector

    M0500 - Selco USA, INC

    The M0500 reads the engine speed from the frequency of the generator output voltage. The speed reading is converted to a square wave signal and this signal is provided on a dedicated output.

  • Arc Protection Relay

    Selco USA, INC

    Selco’s arc protection relay has a broad application and is designed for the purpose of providing over or low voltage protection to the equipment. We offer wide-assortment of protection relay- available in many versions, supply voltage, measuring currents, and functions all at cost-effective prices. Also, some of our relays are designed wholly for the use in land-based applications.

  • Protection Relay

    Arc-Flash - Selco USA, INC

    Arc-Flash Relay is a high-speed, arc-detection device for electrical power-distribution systems. The protection relay has outputs for trip coils in several zones, and has inputs for up to several optical sensors for optimal arc detection. The inputs support both point sensors and fiber-optic line sensors,which cover a larger area.Using optical sensors rather than relying strictly on current measurement allows a much faster detection time than overcurrent relays or a circuit breaker alone can typically provide, as the light from the arc is unique for the fault, whereas current pulses above the nominal level are part of normal operation for many systems.On the occurrence of an arc fault, the protection relay detects the fault and pulses the trip contact in less than one millisecond, which trips the circuit breaker(s) supplying the fault. The total arcing time is effectively reduced to the mechanical opening time of the circuit breaker, typically between 30 and 75 milliseconds. This reduces the energy of the arc fault significantly, increasing worker safety, reducing fault damage, and improving uptime. Switchgear can often be simply cleaned, inspected, and put back in service after an arc fault instead of having to be replaced.

  • Alarm Monitor

    Selco USA, INC

    In industrial process control, an Alarm Monitor and Annunciator panel is a system to alert operators of alarm conditions in the plant. Multiple back-lit windows are provided, each engraved with the name of a process alarm. Lamps in each window are controlled by hard-wired switches in the plant, arranged to operate when a process condition enters an abnormal state (such as high temperature, low pressure, loss of cooling water flow, or many others).

  • Ships Alarm & Monitoring System

    Selco USA, INC

    SAMS-64’s are a key part of monitoring control and surveillance programs at national and international levels. SAMS-64 may be used to monitor vessels in the territorial waters of a country or a subdivision of a country, or in the Exclusive Economic Zones that extend 200 nautical miles (370.4 km) from the coasts of many countries. SAMS-64 systems are used to improve the management and sustainability of the marine environment, through ensuring proper fishing practices and the prevention of illegal fishing, and thus protect and enhance the livelihoods of fishermen. It’s a highly-effective marine alarm panel, which is cost-effective and has easy to use operator interface.

  • Ground Fault / Earth Fault For AC And DC Systems.

    Selco USA, INC

    In an electric power system, a fault or fault current is any abnormal electric current. For example, a short circuit is a fault in which current bypasses the normal load. An open-circuit fault occurs if a circuit is interrupted by some failure. In three-phase systems, a fault may involve one or more phases and ground, or may occur only between phases. In a “ground fault” or “earth fault”, current flows into the earth. Installing a ground fault detector is a wise decision for early detection of faults in the grounding system. The prospective short circuit current of a predictable fault can be calculated for most situations. In power systems, protective devices can detect fault conditions and operate circuit breakers and other devices to limit the loss of service due to a failure. Selco’s ground fault monitor is easy-to-use and affordable, indeed detect deteriorations of the insulation level & monitor battery ground faults effectively at an early stage.

  • Insulation Monitoring Device Circuit

    Selco USA, INC

    An insulation monitoring device circuit monitors the un-grounded system between an active phase conductor and earth. It is intended to give an alert (light and sound) or disconnect the power supply when the resistance between the line and ground drops below a set value, usually 50 kΩ (sample of IEC standard for medical applications). The main advantage is that the un-grounded or floating system allows a continuous operation of important consumers such as medical, chemical, military, etc. Most monitors work by injecting low level DC on the line and detecting.

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