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AMETEK Drexelbrook is known throughout the world as a leader in level measurement technology. We've earned our reputation for excellence from over five decades of experience in providing level solutions to virtually every industry including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, water and wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and many others.

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  • IntelliPoint RF - Loop Powered Level Switch

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The IntelliPoint Loop Powered Two Wire provides a capacitance probe level switch with current output and “On-Board” self-diagnostics to ensure reliability and level sensing elements for a wide variety of temperatures, pressures, and materials.

  • Interface Level Transmitter

    Desalter - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook Desalter Interface Level Transmitters accurately measure the electrical interface in the emulsion, even in upset conditions.DesalterThe Drexelbrook Desalter interface level transmitter provides an excellent solution for control of vessels that use electrostatic grids to accelerate separation.This reliable level transmitter is specially designed to maximize the throughput of oil/water separators and accurately measures the electrical interface in the emulsion even in upset conditions. This measurement is critical because the separation vessel operates at maximum efficiency when the electrostatic grid is close as possible to the interface.

  • Leak Detect Stik Liquid Level Sensor

    7100 - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The 7100 leak detect stik is a liquid level sensor that takes field proven magnetostrictive sensing technology and packages it in a revolutionary new way for greater reliability and for easy installation and mounting.The 7100 leak detect stik has PPM (Pulse Position Modulated) outputs for product and interface level and for temperature measurement, which are all superimposed on the two wire power line.All sensor electronics used in this liquid level sensor are SMT components integrated into the 5/8” diameter sensing tube. This breakthrough in package design eliminates the bulky electronics enclosure at the top of the sensor and offers you greater options for insertion.

  • Level Measurement System

    Level Mate III - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook Level Mate III is a complete easy-to-use, intrinsically safe level system. Due to a wide variety of accessories and its customized meter the Level Mate III is the most versatile level measurement system on the market.It comes with a rugged steel sensor housing for environmental protection and a series of perforations in the bottom protects the sensing port from clogging or damage.The customized meter is microprocessor controlled displays data from the level transmitter and uses a 4-20 mA analog output.It features an easy-to-read LED display offering local indication while the optional analog output can interface with ancillary display, recording or control devices. The meter can be calibrated for inches of water, feet of water, meters of water, or any desired engineering units.

  • Level Switch

    Z-Tron IV - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Z-Tron IV level switch is one of our most popular on/off level switches offering an effective, low-cost material level detection in a wide variety of applications. It is widely used as an alternative to electromechanical level switches.

  • Level System

    Universal II - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Universal II level transmitter offers increased reliability, low maintenance and an intrinsically safe design for dependable level measurements in all kinds of process liquids, slurries, granulars and interfaces.Universal IIThe Universal II is a two wire level transmitter that eliminates the need for line power in the field and saves costs for additional hardware. It provides reliable level measurements in all kinds of process liquids, slurries, granulars and interfaces.When powered from an approved source this level transmitter can be made intrinsically safe. Its rugged contruction resists corrosion and abraision. The no moving parts design eliminates break downs.The Universal II level transmitter utilizes RF Admittance technology with manual calibration and a 4 – 20 mA output signal. The patented Cote-Shield circuitry ensures accuracy and reliability regardless of product build-up on the level transmitter.This level system is unaffected by changes in the process material density, pressure, or temperature variations.

  • Level System

    Universal IV - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Universal IV level system is built upon Drexelbrook’s 50 years of experience in level measurement and is the most advanced RF continuous level measurement system available on the market.Universal IVThe Universal IV Series level system is backward compatible with the industry standard Universal III, Universal Lite, Universal II and RCT Series and is the ideal solution for a wide array of level applications in industries such as oil and gas refining, water and wastewater along with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.This unique level system include worldwide hazardous location approval, standard display/keypad, autoranging capabilities and state of the art stable and accurate measurement.It is immune to vapor, dust and foam interference as well as to tank obstructions such as nozzles, ladders, pipes and agitators.The level system can be used as an integral or remote installation. For harsh environmental conditions the Universal IV level system can be installed remotely away from the probe or vessel.

  • Line Powered Level Switch

    ThePoint - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    ThePoint Line Powered provides a relay output switch and has hazardous area approvals making it a good choice for most of your point level application requirements. ThePoint sensing element offering is suitable for most temperature, pressure, and material types.

  • Loop and Line Powered Level Switch

    Safety IntelliPoint - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Safety IntelliPoint level switch provides a capacitance probe level switch with either a current output or relay contacts and “On-Board” self-diagnostics to ensure reliability. This SIL Intellipoint conforms to SIL 2 specifications providing the ultimate in level switch integrity and level sensing elements for a wide variety of temperatures, pressures, and materials.

  • Magnetostrictive Level Measurement

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    Drexelbrook’s line of magnetostrictive level probes utilizes proven machine tool positioning accuracy combined with process compatible floats to offer liquid level, interface level and temperature measurements with no requirements for maintenance or calibration.

  • Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

    DM330 - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook DM330 magnetostrictive level transmitter is a two wire loop powered intrinsically safe sensor with a configurable 4 -20 mA span.This level transmitter uses proven machine tool positioning accuracy combined with a process compatible float to offer a liquid level, and interface measurement system for the process industry.It comes in a patented low clearance design with all of the sensor’s electronics integrated in a 5/8” diameter sensing tube eliminating the electronics enclosure at the top of the sensor. Not only does this result in reduced cost it also offers its user greater options for insertion and mounting.The DM330 is available in two models.The rigid 316SS model offers a choice of a mini-connector or an optional housing including terminal connectors with zero and span adjustments.

  • Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

    DM231 - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook DM231 is an explosion proof liquid level transmitter offering high accuracy measurements based on the magnetostrictive sensing technology.The DM231 comes with a Modbus RTU digital output (optional analog output converter available) for total level, interface level and temperature sensor outputs. Sensors are available in 316SS rigid designs with a choice of single or dual NPT mountings. Temperature sensors are evenly distributed over the active length of the rigid 316SS tube.Due to a wide selection of floats and mounting accessories this level transmitter fits virtually any application.The DM231 level transmitter is FM approved for Class 1 Div. 1, Zone 1 Explosion Proof hazardous area installations. It is easy to install and requires no calibration.

  • MultiPoint II Level Switch

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Multipoint II level switch product offers three control points located anywhere along a single vertically inserted level sensing element. One control point can be set up for differential measurement for pump control. This product is best suited to sump level control and batch processing.

  • Open Air Radar Level Measurement

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    Drexelbrook’s line of open air radar products offer superb resolution and accuracy for the demanding applications. This line of instruments features FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology to provide the strongest signal at the measurement surface providing the best return signals even with agitated liquids.

  • Plugged Chute Detector

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook Plugged Chute Detector reliably detects the presence or absence of material flowing through chutes. If process material stops flowing due to a plugged condition, the flush mounted capacitance sensing element will alarm, allowing further action to occur (alerting an operator, shutting down a conveyor belt, etc.).