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  • PlacePod

    Smart Parking Sensor - PNI Corp.

    Parking has long been a poorly managed resource, resulting in environmental and economic problems and consumer dissatisfaction. Technological advancements and societal needs are now aligned for the widespread adoption of the next generation of smart parking solutions. The biggest challenge is accurate and timely vehicle detection.

  • Geomagnetic Sensor

    RM3100 - PNI Corp.

    Based on PNI's proprietary magneto-inductive technology, our sensors deliver high-performance resolution and repeatability with extremely low noise. They provide high gain, high sampling rates, and no hysteresis. PNI's sensors also do not require temperature calibration or current set-and-reset pulses before each measurement. In the graph below, the magnetic field readings of the Hall Effect and PNI's Magneto Inductive sensors are compared against a figurative "ideal" sensor. The sensors are rotated in a fixed position in a magnetic field of magnitude 2.4 T while heading data is calculated.