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BIFO Company specializes in design and manufacturing of High Speed Imaging Systems for measurements of high-speed phenomenon parameters.

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  • Digital Readout Systems

    BIFO Company

    The unit is intended for high-speed record of continuous and pulse images from an image converter streak and frame cameras’ output as well as of images that appear at arbitrary time moments, storage of images in the internal buffer of memory and their subsequent transfer by USB interface in computer for processing. In principle, it can be used for work with a wide class of the optical images supplied to its input by means of lens optics..

  • Optical Pulsed Generators

    BIFO Company

    The lighter is intended for on-line testing of serviceability and for checking temporal parameters of image converter cameras of pico-, nano, -micro- and millisecond ranges. With the aid of the lighter the illumination of slit and frame test-objects as well as slits and a frame field of image converter cameras can be performed in continuous and pulse modes of operation.

  • Streak Camera and Frame Cameras

    BIFO Company

    Our company serially produces a set of basic models of image converter cameras (ICC), as single-frame, and with multi-frame and linear (streak) sweep, in the majority on a basis of image converter tubes (ICT) frame ad streak types of our own design. Cameras find wide application in many areas of a science and technology at registration various fast running processes. Necessary high sensitivity of cameras up to a mode of the pack of single photons registration can be provided at registration of extreme low light processes. The limiting temporal resolution of unique experimental models of cameras lays in femtosecond range. The small sizes of the majority of our cameras allow to embed them into the structure of almost every optical and optico-electronic equipment easily.

  • Streak Cameras and Frame Tubes

    BIFO Company

    Streak tubes are the main part of streak cameras . We produce streak tubes of varios types for image registration in visible, IR, UV and X-ray ranges of the spectrum. Limiting temporal resolution of our streak tubes lies in the femtosecond range.