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Optical monitoring systems have been the cornerstone for 35+ years of Eddy Company's leadership for supplying solutions for production of complex precision optical coatings such as bandpass filters, beamsplitters, and lasers.

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    SYS-28 - Eddy Co.

    This 28" box coater has a separately ventable top chamber, to allow for faster parts changes and increased productivity. It also is equipped with our FTC-620 flip controller. The flip and rotation motors can be seen on the top. This system uses a Varian tri-scroll pump and a bottom mounted 16" APD cryopump.

  • Systems

    SYS-48 - Eddy Co.

    The 48" inch system is a must for facilities processing large parts or many parts in one run. Some process time is sacrificed in comparison to a smaller chamber, because of the large pumping volume, but is more than gained back by the high yields in parts runs.