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Sydor Technologies is a global leader in providing comprehensive, customized solutions for the most complex measurement challenges in the defense, energy, security and research industries. The company has two primary operating units, Sydor Instruments, A Sydor Technologies Company, which specializes in high-speed imaging systems and diagnostics and Sabre Ballistics, A Sydor Technologies Company, which specializes in ballistic and impact test systems.

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  • Dynamic Calibration for ROSS Streak Cameras

    DynaCal - Sydor Technologies

    The DynaCal Optical Calibration Module (OCM) is designed exclusively for the Sydor ROSS Streak Camera to ensure accuracy, both over time and in situ, so you can be confident that the data from your shot is certified to be correlated to the calibration of your camera. The beauty of in situ calibration is that the cost of removing and resetting the camera is avoided—and so is the risk of the replacement of the camera and shifting or disturbing the sensitive nature of streak camera results. Only in situ calibration will reveal the real world effects of EMR, gravity, electronic noise and more when they distort your camera results.

  • Photon Counting Cameras

    Sydor Technologies

    Photek photon-counting camera systems are unique as they provide the ability to capture and integrate an image in real time. These systems are ideal for extremely low photon emission applications such as bio-luminescence, chemi-luminescence and weak fluorescence. The ability to accurately analyze transient events is a key feature of this product. The length of time that the image can be integrated is limited only by disc space, and allows the user to fully capture real-time events. X, Y and time co-ordinates for post acquisition analysis is also recorded. X-ray and vacuum imaging camera options are also available.

  • Photon-Sensitive Detectors

    Sydor Technologies

    Photek image intensifiers amplify low light levels for applications such as astronomy, high speed imaging, photon counting and fluorescence lifetime measurement. Our image intensifiers provide the highest performance in resolution, speed of response, and reliability. Image Intensifiers can be supplied with integral high-voltage power supplies and ultra-high speed gate units to meet the needs of your specific application.

  • Test and Calibration

    Sydor Technologies

    Sydor Technologies offers a suite of custom-designed products expressly for use with the ROSS Streak Cameras. These include input sources, targets, fixtures and adaptors that augment the operation and enable precise and repeatable calibration of ROSS Streak Cameras.

  • X-Ray Beam Monitors

    Sydor Technologies

    When standard products just aren’t good enough—or the measurement technology does not yet exist—Sydor Technologies develops technology to enable these complex imaging measurements. Just as we’ve developed next-generation streak cameras and x-ray detectors to meet novel, emerging requirements in national laboratories, we’re doing the same with x-ray beam monitors.

  • X-Ray Detectors

    Sydor Technologies

    Sydor Technologies is committed to innovating x-ray detector technology—as we have done for over a decade—developing complex measurement solutions and commercializing emerging technologies for world-class laboratories. We’re committed to innovating cutting-edge technology to improve the accuracy, resolution, and ultrafast speeds of x-ray detectors to enable complex measurements.

  • Streak Cameras

    Sydor Technologies

    We collaborated with them to develop the technology the scientists needed and made it commercially available—and now the Sydor ROSS Streak Camera is integral to many of the diagnostic systems found in leading, world-class laboratories. The Sydor ROSS Streak Camera is the only one of its kind that features dynamic calibration—with our proprietary, DynaCal OCM (Optical Calibration Module), available exclusively from Sydor Technologies.