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Captronic Systems endeavors to provide its clients with the right Virtual Instrumentation solution. This, we achieve by combining latest innovative technology products from world leaders with our technical expertise and commitment.

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  • CAPture - Emulator Series

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    With the need of long-range communication increasing, it is imperative to use newer technologies without burdening the bandwidth of the existing satellites. Communicating over atmospheric channels has proven the long-range communication to be rightfully effective and ensured constructive outcomes. Required signal shall be communicated using the scattering effect of atmospheric channels.

  • Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA)

    CAPture - Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    A Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) is a high precision measurement instrument used to analyse dynamic behavior of circuits & components of control systems in the frequency domain. An FRA generates a sinusoidal signal and inserted it into a unit under test. This signal is measured at the point of insertion using one of the input channels on the FRA The inserted signal travels through the UUT and the same signal is measured simultaneously by the FRA at other input channel. The technique measures the magnitude and phase relationship between output and input waveform as a function of frequency.

  • IFF Tester

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Identification friend or foe (IFF) is a radar-based identification system designed for command and control. It uses a transponder that listens for an interrogation signal and then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster. Captronics IFF tester is an comprehensive product to test different types of IFF systems supporting several standard modes like 1,2, 3/A, C, S, 4²,ELS, EHS and 5².

  • In-Vehicle Data Acquisition System

    IVDAS - Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    IVDAS is a portable rugged high-performance data acquisition system for commercial automotive and defence ground mobile vehicles. Communication capabilities over protocols like CAN, LIN, ARINC 429, MIL-1553B, RS-232/484, 3G, GSM, High Speed USB, Dual Ethernet etc. Complying MIL STD for EMI/EMC and Shock and Vibration makes it extremely rugged compact system.

  • Services

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Captronic Systems has been keen in helping the engineering fraternity with various engineering tasks that require utmost care and professionalism.

  • Aeronautical Telemetry Channel Emulator

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    It is extremely important to prepare, fine tune and validate ground telemetry systems, objectively for a given flight profile and link parameters, so that once it is put in real world application, it can deliver the desired performance. The flight vehicles are typically missiles, aircraft, and satellites. The ATCE acts like a Hardware in Simulation System (HILS), simulating flight profile and propagation effects acting as a virtual channel, so that various parameters of telemetry system can be adjusted to optimal levels for achieving desired performance and finding any faults that are present.

  • CAPture Avionics Test Suite

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    The aerospace & defence scientists and engineers working on the design, development and validation of avionics systems or sub systems (Line Replaceable Unit – LRUs) face a challenge of testing them as all physical components may not be available for testing purpose. Also, such testing is costly and time consuming. Avionics Test Suite is a platform empowering them to perform the tests in simulated environment, testing various commonly used Avionics bus interfaces.

  • CAPture - Smart IF And RF Record And Playback System

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    With increasing complexity of RF Systems, the demand on RF front end and the bandwidth requirements continue to increase, thereby the rate at which the data needs to be streamed to the disk is increasing at exponential rates. This all comes along with increasing cost of field trials and is a big challenge that RF engineers and scientists are facing today. Record & Playback systems solve this challenge by recording the IF & RF field data, this data when played back provides seamless information which is essential in testing RF systems.

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