4Links Ltd.

4Links test equipment reduces SpaceWire development cost and time, and increases what can be achieved within a limited budget. It is unmatched in its bug detection capabilities, its diagnostics, its instrumentation of time, and its ability to test SpaceWire networks remotely over the Internet.

  • +44 1908 642001
  • +44 1908 363463
  • info@4Links.co.uk
  • Suite E U 2 Bletchley Park
    Sherwood Drive
    Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB
    United Kingdom

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  • SpaceWire Monitors

    4Links Ltd.

    This section details the 4Links range of high-performance test equipment that is used to monitor SpaceWire networks. These devices are attached to your SpaceWire systems and then can be accessed via Gigabit Ethernet, using the standard TCP/IP family of protocols, so that they can be controlled remotely (for instance, by partners collaborating on a mission).