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LadyBug Technologies™ supplies RF and Microwave Test Equipment for use in Cellular, PCS, Radar, Satellite Systems and Component Test Systems.

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  • USB Peak and Pulse Sensors

    LadyBug Technologies LLC

    LadyBug Peak and pulse sensors, are very useful in many pulse applications. For repetitive pulses, these sensors provide certain statistical numerical pulse information.Today, most microwave communication and radar signals are pulsed. Fast statistical measurements can be invaluablee. To make the measurement, the sensor collects power levels and places them into buckets; enough time for several pulses to occur must be allowed. These buckets are then statistically processed. The Peak power is located and reported. The pulses proximal, mesial, distal and top line levels are located.Using this information, and per ANSI/IEEE Std 181-1977, these sensors automatically calculate and report accurate pulse power, duty cycle and crest factor to the user, as shown in the image above.

  • USB Pulse Profiling Sensors

    LadyBug Technologies LLC

    In addition to statistical information, pulse profiling sensors provide time domain trace measurements. The sensor measures RF power, converts and sends data points fast enough to build a time domain trace. The measurement can be triggered and the signals detail can be plotted for on-screen viewing as shown above. This was was made with a LadyBug LB480A sensor. Additionally, these sensors can make triggered pulse measurements such as pulse width and pulse repetition time along with all of the measurements made by our peak and pulse sensors. LadyBug's Pulse Profiling Sensors also provides a full complement of statistical information such as CDF, CCDF and PDF.

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