Entwicklungs- und Applikationswerkzeugef├╝r elektronische Systeme GmbH (ETAS) provides measurement and calibration tools to the automotive industry worldwide.

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  • Automotive Test System


    The LABCAR product family comprises software, hardware, and models suitable for integration into tailor-made testing systems that fit perfectly into existing processes. Deployable from the earliest to the latest phases of development, the LABCAR family provides for efficient verification and validation of embedded systems and software.

  • Battery Cell Simulator


    The ETAS Battery Cell Simulator (BCS-LABCAR) is a Hardware-in-the-Loop system which specifically targets the signal-level test, validation, and calibration of battery management systems (BMSs). The BCS-LABCAR is a high-precision Battery Cell Simulator that emulates the behavior of individual battery cells and packs across a wide range of challenging operating conditions, e.g. cell balancing over-charging, deep discharging, or pulse operation. The system is highly modular and thus scalable to emulate battery packs from a single cell all the way up to 200 cells.

  • Drive Recorders & Monitor

    ES700 - ETAS GmbH

    The ES700 family of products is focused on the in-vehicle tasks of data collection and monitoring. There are currently three products in this product family: The ES710 Drive Recorder, the ES715 Drive Recorder and the ES780 Heads Up Display.

  • ECU & Bus Interface Modules

    ES500 - ETAS GmbH

    ETAS makes the entire software and hardware range available from program development to the calibration of your ECUs. You can use the ETAS tools to address all ECUs that satisfy the ASAM standard. By using these standardized interfaces, our tools are not limited to the ECUs of any particular manufacturer.

  • ECU Simulator

    PT-LabCar - ETAS GmbH

    PT-LABCAR is an open and scalable Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) system. It is designed for open- and closed-loop testing of ECUs specifically in the powertrain application domain. The system can be used to run automated regression tests for the release of software variants as well as for the validation of control and diagnostic functions in early phases of ECU development.


    LA4 - ETAS GmbH

    This stand-alone device has a wide measuring range for determining lambda, A/F ratio, and oxygen content. The sensor's short heating time results in fast measuring response. The measuring system reacts quickly to exhaust gas modifications. The device offers analog output of the physical value (parameter setting), as well as a download of characteristic curves for specific fuels.


    ES611 - ETAS GmbH

    The ES611 is equipped with 8 A/D measurement channels. Active and passive sensor support is ensured by the sensor excitation voltage supplied on each channel, with freely selectable positive and negative potentials ranging from 0 V to 15 V. The input voltage range is 100 mV to 60 V per channel, and the adjustable acquisition rate per channel is up to 20k Samples/s. A single cable connection carries both sensor power and sensor output voltage.


    ES610 - ETAS GmbH

    This module measures analog voltages using 16 electrically insulated measuring channels at the adjustable acquisition rate per module of max. 2k samples/s, min. 0.5 samples/s. Signal smoothing occurs through a parameterized software filter, and 16- bit resolution ensures high measurement accuracy. Selectable measuring ranges are 10 V and 60 V. Data transfer to PC occurs via Ethernet.

  • Test for Model-in-the-Loop and Software-in-the-Loop

    RT2 - ETAS GmbH

    ETAS RT2 is a powerful test tool for testing of functional models (MiL) and software (SiL). It contains the following parts of the testing lifecycle: modeling, execution, assessment, and reporting. ETAS RT2 is specialized for testing of embedded systems with inputs and outputs of continuous or discrete signals. A model based test design approach enables intuitive realization of complex test strategies. Thanks to its capabilities ETAS RT2 enables comprehensive testing activities in the early phases of the development.

  • Data-based Modeling and Calibration


    ETAS ASCMO is the easy-to-use-solution for advanced model-based calibration and data-based modeling in significantly less time. ETAS ASCMO enables the fast and efficient development of accurate data-based models. Once created, these high-accuracy models can be used to optimize parameters of real systems such as engine ECUs or plant models in different simulation environments (e.g. Simulink or HiL-Systems). Both, steady state and dynamic/transient system behaviors can be captured.


    ES650 - ETAS GmbH

    Featuring 16 electrically insulated measuring channels for analog voltages and an adjustable acquisition rate per module, this module provides high measuring accuracy through 16-bit (A/D) or 21-bit (thermal) resolution. Signal smoothing occurs through a parameterized software filter, and offers two selectable measuring ranges of 10 V and 60 V. The automotive measuring range is -210 C to 1372 C (-346 F to 2502 F). Data transfer to PC occurs via Ethernet.


    ES620 - ETAS GmbH

    This module measures temperatures using 16 electrically insulated measuring channels for temperature sensors. The adjustable acquisition rate per module is 10 samples/s to 0.1 samples/s. Signal smoothing occurs through a parameterized software filter, and high measuring accuracy is possible through 21 Bit resolution. The automotive measuring range is -210 C to 1372 C (-346 F to 2502 F); J, K, and N type thermocouples are used. Data transfer to PC occurs via Ethernet.

  • Universal Solution for Model-based Calibration Software

    INCA - ETAS GmbH

    INCA tools are used for ECU development and test as well as for validation and calibration of electronically controlled systems in the vehicle, on the test bench, or in a virtual environment on the PC. The tools are used worldwide in over 20,000 installations in development and production projects.

  • Connector and Breakout Box

    ES4640 - ETAS GmbH

    The ES4640 Connector Box offers a standardized wiring and connectivity for HiL testing systems in the powertrain domain. Its front panel provides connectors for the ECU, CAN bus communication, on-board diagnostics, and LEDs for ignition and injectors. Its rear panel connects loads, failure simulation, and other components. Sample applications of the ES4640 are closed loop HiL systems for 8 cylinder gasoline and diesel engine ECUs.