Water Flow Meters

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  • L Series - Laminar Water Flow Meters The Alicat Scientific L Series Volumetric Liquid Flow Meter is a laminar flow liquid meter. The L series liquid flow meter is an accurate and cost effective solution for flowing liquids.
    Alicat Scientific
  • Test benches for water and flow meters The test systems and test benches serve to carry out automated end-of-line functions tests on electronic heat gauges and water meters, and to calibrate them in compliance with the requirements of the relevant Weights and Measures Act. In order to manufacture calibrated meters, the system must also be approved by the Office of Weights and Measures.
    Berghof Automationstechnik
  • OCM910 - Industrial Flowmeters Inductive Flowmeter OCM910 is an instrument for precise measurement of Flow Rate in conductive liquids. It is mainly designed for chemical industry, water stations, paper industry, waste-water maintenance and other industrial applications even for extremely polluted liquids containing solid particles.
    Orbit Controls AG
  • Test Stands for Calibration of Water Meters STANDARD CALIBRATION - the measuring results of the flow meters under test are compared with the flow indication of a highly precise flow meter (master device), class 0.25. PRECISION CALIBRATION - scales are used as a standard and a precision of 0.06% is being achieved.
    EMSYST Ltd
  • Mc Propeller - Flow Meter McCrometer has set the standard for liquid flow measurement performance, ease-of-use and value in the agricultural and turf markets since 1955. Its leading-edge propeller flow meters offer economical and versatile flow measurement. The Mc Propeller is especially suited to dirty water flows, municipal and other high-volume water applications.
  • Water Specialties Propeller Meter The Water Specialties Propeller Meter is the best choice for measuring clean water flows in municipal and industrial applications. The meter is engineered to deliver superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability. Meter materials and performance meet or exceed AWWA standard C704/92.
  • Dike-type and Partial Flume-type Flowmeter These flowmeters provide the means for flow measurement and flow control of open conduit channels in water supply facilities and sewage facilities.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • OD-10 - Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter Measurement of dissolved oxygen for aeration flow rate control at sewage treatment plants and monitoring of water quality at rivers,lakes,and etc.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • LC Series - Laminar Water Flow Controllers The Alicat Scientific LC Series Liquid Flow Controller utilizes a proportional valve coupled to a flow meter body creating a unique closed-loop flow controller system. The integral PID controller positions the valve according to the flow set points. These devices accept a selectable analog or digital control signal from either external devices or locally. RS-232, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or optional 4-20mA input and output are available
    Alicat Scientific
  • FlowCom - Register The highly intelligent, digital FlowCom Register simultaneously displays flow rate and volumetric totalized flow data for McCrometer?s popular Mc Propeller and Water Specialties flow meters. Designed to replace electro-mechanical counters, the Models FC100 (Mc Series) and FC101 (WS Series) feature an advanced microprocessor-based design.
  • RBBH DN50-300 - Building Ultrasonic Heat Meter RBBH DN50-300 Building Ultrasonic Heat Meter is an innovative heat meter with static flow sensor based on the ultrasonic measuring principle. RBBH Ultrasonic Heat Meter is designed for measuring the use of heating in which water is the heat-bearing medium. RBBH Ultrasonic Heat Meter utilizes ultrasonic measuring methodology and microprocessor technology. All calculation and flow measuring circuits are designed on one single board, thus offering exceptional accuracy and reliability.
    R&B Instrument
  • Open Channel Flowmeters Open Channel Flowmeters is designed for continuously monitoring the flow rate and total flow in open channel. It is suitable to measure flow under open channel condition of water conservancy, hydropower, environmental protection and other industrial and agricultural environment. The meter is built in EEPROM module, ensure that total flow will not be lost when power failure.
    R&B Instrument
  • MTSA-450-NL - Controlled Test System MTSA-450 is a cost effective fuel cell test station which puts together a gas management unit, a humidification system and an electronic load that provides a complete control features for conducting reliable fuel cell testing. All gas channels have stainless steel construction. The gas management unit consists of 2 gas flow meters, 2 back pressure regulators and 2 pressure gauges. The humidification system includes two 1,5 liter stainless steel water vessels and provides 100 % humidification with gas flow rates up to 3 SLPM. The temperature of the fuel cell and two gas humidifiers is controlled by three temperature controllers.
  • Flow Measurement Trainer Using Orifice Meter This setup is a table top model, it comprises of source and measuring tank. The measuring tank is of acrylic with liters graduated. A small FHP pump is fitted to circulate the water. A orifice meter with U-tube manometer is provided to measure the flow rate. A rotameter is provided to measure the exact flow rate. Control valve is provided to control the water flow rate. Digital timer is provided to notedown the duration of flow.
    Unitech Scales And
  • UDM 100 - - Ultrasound Flow Measuring Device The portable flow meter UDM 100 is used for precise measurement of direction of flow and actual flow volume of potable water in water supply networks ultrasonically. This measurement is made on the outer surface of the pipe. Flow measurements of this kind must be taken, for instance, when designing pumping power or when determining zero consumption in the analysis of leakage.
  • FD-20 - High-function Type Electromagnetic Flow Velocity/Direction Meter This device supports the measurement of rivers, Agricultural water, Sewage systems, Other channels and facilities.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • FD-10 - Electromagnetic Flow Velocity/Direction Meter This device supports the measurement of rivers, Agricultural water, Sewage systems, Other channels and facilities.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • Flow Totalizer Flow Totalizer Universal input, can be used with various types of sensors, transmitters used in conjunction, without compensation to achieve a liquid (such as water, oil) flow parameters measured display, alarm control, instantaneous flow transmission and cumulative flow totalizer; can receive orifice differential input or vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flow meter and other flow meter input signal; a prescription, small-signal removal and multi line input correction function; can achieve 4-bit 8-bit instantaneous flow and cumulative flow with the screen display. Through the serial communication port can be implemented in the host computer to read and write all parameters. By setting the instrument parameters can be quantitatively (volume) control.
    R&B Instrument
  • 8750W - Magnetic Flowmeter for Utility Water Applications Performance, reliability and intelligent diagnostics make Rosemount Flowmeters the superior solution designed specifically for utility flow measurement. The easy-to-use, robust design provides the reliability and accuracy you need to keep your process running.
  • Kalibro FMT - Flow & Heat Meter Test / Calibration Vemit Kalibro Ltd manufactures test and calibration equipment for flow meters; water meters and heat meters. The equipment are sophisticated, computer controlled systems, by which can different type of flow meters (mechanical, magnetic, ultra-sound etc) be calibrated using cold, warm or hot water. Depending on the size of the meters, there can be several meters calibrated simultaneously.
    VMH Kalibro Ltd
  • AEM1-D - Handheld 1-D Electro-Magnetic Current Meter for Rivers AEM1-D is a 1-D electro-magnetic (EM) current meter for the flow measurements in rivers, streams and various waterways. The measurement range is 0 to 5m/sec. The EM sensor can accurately measure water speeds at a shallow depth of 3cm.
    JFE Advantech Co
  • Ultra Mag - Flow Meter The Ultra Mag is an advanced, leading-edge electromagnetic flow meter. It?s field-proven for the specific needs of the water & wastewater industries. The unit?s unique NSF-approved UltraLiner provides superior electrical insulation as well as excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion.
  • FM59 - Electromagnetic Flow meter FM59-electromagnetic flowmeter was developed based on principle of electromagnetic induction, i.e.,when conductive liquid flows into measuring tube, the corresponding induction voltage signal, inspected from two electrodes installed on the tube, will be transmitted in transmitter and finally output digital signal.FM59 Electromagnetic flowmeter is applied to measure the volumetric flow of conductive liquids and slurry in enclosed pipes, such as tap water, polluted water, mud, pulp, various acid/alkali/salt solutions,food slurry, etc. It has a wide range of applicant ambient, including oil interests, chemical industry, power plant, mining and metallurgic plant, water supply and sewerage works, light industry, food products factory,and so on.
    Beijing Airport Beiguang
  • Greenline 8000 - Portable Industrial combustion Up to 6 sensors temperature compensated Long term monitoring with automatic water condensate drain Electronic flow-meter Aux 4-20mA inputs Graphic display with menu Easy maintenance 1000 fully analysis memory, RS232, & Windows software Remote Control Unit with built-in printer Rechargeable batteries or AC power Automatic protection for CO sensor with purge pump Upgradable using Flash memory

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