Video Analyzers

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  • OTR 1003 - Data Analyzer & Test Signal Generator As a data analyzer it offers full resolution picture monitoring; comprehensive SDI input status information; waveform, vectorscope and gamut displays; and SDI physical layer analysis including eye-pattern and jitter displays. As a signal generator it provides a full range of standard test patterns and zone plates; uncompressed video capture and play-out; gain, noise, bounce and jitter insertion; audio tones, timecode, WSS, video index and SMPTE 352 generation.
  • VP21H - Video Quality Analyzer High Definition and Standard Definition Baseband Picture Quality Measurement and Video Quality Analysis Device. The VP21H is a powerful high-picture quality measurement and analysis device for Baseband Video (HD/SD SDI).
  • CMN-91 - Multiformat Signal Analyzer You don't have to look hard to see the benefits of the Videotek® Compact Monitor Series — including the CMN-91 multiformat signal analyzer with integral LCD. The smallest solution on the market for efficient video and audio signal monitoring, the CMN-91 tests signal quality across all DTV formats up to 3 Gb/s. It possesses two SDI inputs and provides selectable waveform, vector, gamut, timing and picture full-screen display.
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  • TVM9150PKG - Multiformat 3G/HD/SD Video Waveform Monitor and Audio Signal Analyzer The Harris(R) Videotek(R) TVM9150PKG multiformat video waveform monitor and audio signal analyzer with integral XGA TFT color LCD display is the most advanced and intuitive test instrument available in a half-rack scope package. Versatile and modular, the TVM9150PKG is ideal for all 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog composite and ASI video and audio applications. A 3D Analysis option allows the TVM9150PKG to support a variety of 3D television formats with multiple picture modes.
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  • PQA - Picture Quality Analyzer A full-reference picture quality analysis system that provides all the tools necessary for R&D laboratories, broadcasters, and transmission engineers to make deterministic measurements of picture quality. These measurements include PSNR and macro-block detection. The innovative architecture allows video images to be sourced either externally via two multi-format SDI inputs, or internally using the two full-motion uncompressed video sequence generators.

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Video Analyzers - Analyze a video signal's amplitude, amplitude overshoot, and other signal attributes.