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  • Rictor - Vibration Source Identifier Rictor identifies vibration sources in the manufacturing facility or construction site, enabling a vibration-aware environment. This allows a facility to set up processes by knowledgeably working within the environment. To further enhance productivity, facilities can correlate vibration levels to the production of good or bad parts, improving profitability and reducing waste.
  • Vibration isolation The higher magnification you use,the more vibration from the ground you have to suffer. The higher level of the building,the more vibration from the ground you have to suffer. The larger vibration source besides, the more vibration from the ground you have to suffer.
    EverBeing Int'l
  • PCE-VB 102 - vibration meter The PCE-VB 102 vibration meter is a programmable device. The PCE-VB 102 has been especially designed for measuring movements in machines such as pumps, fans and hydraulic turbine. The PCE-VB 102 vibration meter monitors vibration signals and shows both the RSM and peak values in mm/s or inch/s. There are many causes and sources of error in machine vibrations: pieces in motion disequilibrium, fails in bearings, displacement of the axes and joints, wearing in gear wheels, etc... The PCE-VB 102 vibration meter measures the vibration amplitude which increases in relation to the rotation speed. Since machines increasingly have to work faster, the risk of vibrations which can affect the machine performance also increases. The LED display on the front of the PCE-VB 102 vibration meter and the relay output allow quick and easy usage. The BNC input in the front of the PCE-VB 102 vibration meter can transfer a signal to a frequency analyzer. Here you will find an overview of all the vibration meters available at PCE-Group. At this link, you can see another vibration meter model which detects noises in machines and installations.
    PCE Instruments
  • SMALL VIBRATION GENERATOR The small vibration generator is used for vibration meter calibration, mechanical impedance measurement, modal analysis excitation source and small light component vibration-proof test. It can be readily operated in various applications such as inspection of IT associated equipment and electronic devices in a production line, accelerometer calibration, modal analysis excitation source, etc.
  • VIBRATION SHAKER TESTING Aerodyn Engineering can provide a single source solution for your vibration testing needs. Our field testing expertise enables us to instrument your part, measure your component’s vibration environment, and perform the data reduction. We can design and fabricate the fixtures required for your vibration shaker test through our in-house CAD, analysis,and fabrication services.
    Aerodyn Engineering
  • VE-10 - Calibration Exciter Handy vibration source for calibration of vibration meters and accelerometers. Acceleration: 10 m/s2 (RMS), Velocity: 10 mm/s (RMS), Displacement: 10 micro/m (RMS). Frequency: 159.2 Hz.
    RION Co. Ltd
  • Regression Software Vibrock`s Regression Analysis Software is a very powerful and versatile tool which enables plotting and interpretation of site vibration data. This easy to use software requires the entry of a vibration level in terms of peak particle velocity, distance and explosive charge weight or any other source energy parameter.
    Vibrock Ltd
  • Nor140 - Sound Analyser Sound recording. Environmental noise. Building acoustics. Noise source identification. Industrial hygiene. Product development. Quality control. Noise mapping. Sound power. Speech intelligibility - STIPA. Vibration measurements 
    Norsonic AS
  • Vibration Testing ibration Testing Overview - We often perform a vibration characterization along with Dynamic Tests (Force & Response measurements) to determine the structural dynamics that influence resonant amplification and transmission from the disturbance sources to the critical structures. We have made the untangling of this interrelationship the focus of our work for the last 29 years.
    Response Dynamics
  • DVC-4/8 - Random Vibration Controller INPUT CHANNELS: Two channels: one control & one monitor. INPUT SENSITIVITY: Settable from 8 to 1000 mv/g, both channels 20 vp-p max input. CURRENT SOURCES: Switchable 4 ma each input 18 vdc compliance on each channel
    B&W Engineering
  • AC Response Embedded Accelerometers Measurement Specialties is the pioneer and world leader in offering accelerometers manufactured out of piezoelectric film. Piezo film accelerometers are ideal for dynamic OEM vibration applications because they are low cost, highly sensitive and very reliable ? and they require no external power source
    Measurement Specialties
  • 9170 - Electrical Safety & Functionality Test System Incorporate with Industrial PC (IPC); dust proof, vibration resistance,low distortion, high stability, and suitable for any working environment. Built-in 1KVA Programmable AC Power Source, or option of any higher
    EXTECH Electronics
  • SPIDER-80X - VIBRATION CONTROLLER SYSTEM The Spider-80X modules have voltage and IEPE inputs which are ideal for shock, vibration and acoustic measurement or general purpose voltage measurement. Each Spider-80X module is equipped with 8 input channels which accurately measure and record both dynamic and static signals. The mass flash memory records 8 channels of streaming signals simultaneously up to 102.4 kHz while simultaneously computing real-time time and frequency based functions. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronized with the input sampling rate.
    Crystal Instruments
  • 652 - Tunable Laser Source 980 nm The Model 652 is one of the most reliable tunable laser sources available. In fact, the Model 652 is a factory tunable laser with the quality of a deployable laser. Shock and vibration are fully specified to the ISTB Procedure 2B. With a standard tuning range of 35 nm, the Model 652 can cover many fiber Bragg grating, wavelength locker, and sensing applications
    DBm Optics
  • PCE-S 41 - Electronic Stethoscope The electronic stethoscope is battery powered and easy to use. This electronic stethoscope can be used for detecting noise in machine components, such as gears, valves, vents and pumps. The person responsible for the maintenance gets the possibility to recognize sources of error before a machine or installation failure can occur, due to the excellent noise and vibration monitoring of the electronic stethoscope.
    PCE Instruments
  • 600 Series - Charge Amplifier/Vibrometer The 600 Series charge vibrometer enhances its frequency response and phase characteristic more and more as input source for an analyzer by making the best use of the design concept of the 690-B digital charge vibrometer. It is the most suitable vibrometer for a piezoelectric type accelerometer. Since it is compactly designed for mounting on a vehicle and six(6) units are integrated into one(1) enclosure in the standard configuration, it is the most suitable multi-channel type vibrometer for simultaneously measuring and analyzing vibrations at many points
  • Near Field Acoustic Camera Sound source localization is an important topic in the working field of sound & vibration, from the product development stage to the end off line control of products. The Microflown PU-based Near Field Acoustic Camera is a very fast and accurate system for sound source localization. Full bandwidth 20Hz - 10kHz/20kHz
    Measured acoustic particle velocity data Large dynamic range up to 45dB.
    Microflown AVISA
  • SR760 and SR770 - Spectrum Analyzer FFT The SR760 and SR770 are single channel, 100 kHz FFT Spectrum Analyzers with a dynamic range of 90 dB and a real-time bandwidth of 100 kHz. The SR770 additionally includes a low distortion synthesized source allowing you to measure the transfer functions of electronic and mechanical systems. The speed and dynamic range of these instruments, coupled with their flexibility and many analysis modes, make them the ideal choice for a variety of applications including acoustics, vibration, noise measurement, and general electronic use.
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
  • W 444 - High Voltage Cable Test The premier choice for a cost effective portable tester that includes the benefits of larger rack-mount systems. Frequently used to test safety-related cable harnesses in the aerospace, military, transportation and automotive industries, this system features powerful measurement technology, current source up to 3 A, voltage up to 2,250 VDC / 1,500 VAC, and a built-in RLC Meter. The W 444 can be equipped with an optional ruggedized MIL 810 enclosure suitable for use in extreme circumstances involving excessive shock, vibration, temperature/humidity changes, and exposure to explosive atmospheric environments.
    Weetech GmbH
  • DGT-1000A/1000B/1000C/1000D - X-Ray Pipeline Crawler The X-ray pipeline crawlers include the special part that can detect the welding line of long pipeline. The X-ray pipeline crawlers have the advantages of high radiographic quality, high imaging sensitivity, low failure rate and high work efficiency. The X-ray pipeline crawlers have differential driving and vibration absorbers. The chassis of the X-ray pipeline crawlers can be moved in the pipeline steadily without off center running and overturning. The X-ray pipeline crawlers can be moved in the pipeline with great efficiency because it is controlled by PLC with protecting it from blocking and under voltage. The X-ray pipeline crawler is easy to be separated into several parts and then to be put together, so it is easy to carry. You can change the exposure parameter and make the X-ray pipeline crawler move, stop and have an exposure with the exterior controlling source. The X-ray pipeline crawlers are easy to operate.
    Testech Group Co
  • VME-6500 - Digital I/O The VME-6500 is a 6U VME Multifunction I/O board that can deliver in a single chassis slot the analog and digital I/O capabilities that could previously have occupied four slots, and can therefore make a significant contribution to substantially enhance performance and functional density. A high density and versatile design it provides 8 analog inputs and outputs as well as 16 digital inputs and outputs, all in a single 6U double Euro form factor. Each analog input channels is equipped with a 16-bit ADC and each analog output channel with a 16-bit DAC. In addition to providing different types of inputs and outputs VME-6500 extends an incredible flexibility of use, by facilitating the configuration of individual I/O from the VME host.

    In addition to function as conventional VME I/O board, the VME-6500 can also be configured to use onboard or external trigger for analog inputs. Analog outputs can be configured to generate arbitrary waveforms.

    Digital inputs can be configured to use selectable threshold voltage while digital outputs can be configured as either current source or current sink type of outputs.

    The VME-6500 is the first in a new family of VME multifunction I/O boards designed specifically to address the problems caused by the growing constraints on size, weight and power (SWaP) in today's military platforms. As well, data acquisition is becoming an increasingly common requirement in military applications such as radar, image capture and processing and video tracking - the rugged VME-6500 therefore also responds to this requirement to place data acquisition hardware as close as possible to the sensors with its ability to operate over wide temperature ranges and to withstand shock and vibration.
    GE Intelligent Platforms

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