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  • SAR-TS - Specific Absorption Rate Test System SAR System Components – robot with probe, twin phantom and integrated table, validation instrumentation in mini-rack, dipole antenna, and EUT mounting device.
    TDK RF Solutions
  • ASIC DVT - Design Validation Test The ASIC test system incorporates NI Modular Instruments which is based on Synchronization and Memory Core – a modern architecture for mixed-signal test. The test instrumentation is based on the PXI platform. PXI is an open, modular, industry standard platform for test, measurement and control.
    Cal-Bay Systems
  • LABCAR - Automotive Test System The LABCAR product family comprises software, hardware, and models suitable for integration into tailor-made testing systems that fit perfectly into existing processes. Deployable from the earliest to the latest phases of development, the LABCAR family provides for efficient verification and validation of embedded systems and software.
  • ATE Systems Design & Development We develop diagnostic software and automated test systems to support electronic design validation & manufacturing test.
    IC Design Validaton, PCB Functional Test, Electronic Systems Test and On-going Reliability Test.
    Test Engineering
  • PCB - Test system for Electronic Device The main focus of the test system is validation and functional testing of electronic devices. The tests include electrical parameters and logical functions of the firmware. Device groups can be stimulated externally and output signals can be acquired by the test points on the board. Limits and ranges of the acquired signals can be monitored and stored for verification.
    S.E.A. Datentechnik
  • NI TestStand Base Deployment Engine Using the TestStand Base Deployment engine, you can deploy test systems to a validation, laboratory, or production floor. Using one of the operator interfaces provided or a customized interface, operators can open and run any TestStand sequences and generate test reports. The base deployment engine also provides simple sequence debugging capabilities, including setting breakpoints and single stepping through test sequences.
    National Instruments
  • Battery Testing Systems A&D Technology battery test solutions are designed specifically for the development, optimization and validation of advanced hybrid batteries, including the battery system components. Based on iTest, our flagship data acquisition and control product, the open system includes proven drivers for seamless integration with best-in-class testing components, such as power process systems, air coolant systems, battery ECUs, chiller systems and environmental chambers.
    A&D Technology
  • NI TestStand Development System National Instruments TestStand is a ready-to-run test management environment for organizing, controlling, and executing your automated prototype, validation, or manufacturing test systems. TestStand is completely customizable, so you can modify and enhance it to match your specific needs, including customizing the operator interface, generating custom reports, and modifying sequence execution requirements.
    National Instruments
  • FlexATE - Functional Test System FlexATE Functional Test System for Low-Volume High-Mix Production and Design Validation Test. The FlexATE Mixed-Signal Functional Test System Platform is a complete integrated test solution designed to test common electronic device functions using state-of-the-art measurement hardware, test fixtures and test execution software.
    Cal-Bay Systems
  • NI TestStand Debug Deployment Environment Using the National Instruments TestStand debug deployment environment, you can deploy TestStand sequences to your validation and production test systems. Using one of the operator interfaces provided or a customized interface, you can open and run any TestStand sequence and generate test reports. In the debug deployment environment, you can install the TestStand sequence editor and LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI for complete debugging of test code, including monitoring variable values and stepping into test code directly from the TestStand sequence.
    National Instruments
  • NI Test Stand - Test Management Enviroment NI TestStand is a ready-to-run test management environment for automating your test and validation systems. NI TestStand is used to develop, manage and execute sequences, which integrate test modules written in any programming language, and specify sequence flow, reporting, database logging and connectivity to other enterprise systems. NI TestStand is designed to maximize test-code reuse through built-in language adapters and simplify maintenance by using a modular fully customizable test-system framework.
    National Instruments
  • TLA7SA00 - Logic Protocol Analyzer for PCI Express The TLA7SA00 Series logic protocol analyzer modules provide an innovative approach to PCI Express validation that spans all layers of the protocol from the physical layer to the transaction layer. Feature rich software provides improved information density for viewing statistical summary and protocol analysis using innovative Transaction and Summary Profile windows. Hardware capabilities including hardware acceleration, OpenEYE, ScopePHY, and FastSYNC provide fast access to data and helps shorten the time it takes to build confidence in the test system. Powerful trigger and filtering capabilities provide the ability to quickly focus on the data of interest. A complete suite of probing solutions targeted for various form factors and applications.

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