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  • PDCR/PMP 4300 - Transducer/Transmitter The PDCR/PMP 4300 is the latest in the range of products that for many years has been "fine tuned" in design to suit all chassis and engine pressure measurement requirements.
    GE Measurement &
  • TA300 - Smartach D: Digital Diesel Engine Tachometer The TA300 is a tachometer specially designed for use in diesel engines equipped with fuel injection pump and individual fuel injection lines. It uses a piezoelectric transducer clamp which is placed on one of the fuel lines for sensing the pulses caused by the surge of fuel pressure in it, and using these pulses to measure the RPM of the engine.
    General Technologies
  • A2106 - Advent Diesel Engine Tachometer The A2106 is an ideal test Tachometer for most diesel engine applications, it functions with all types of Diesel engines (where exposed injector pipes exist). The speed is sensed by a transducer clamped around an injector pipe, the correct size sensor is required for each pipe diameter.
    Compact Instruments
  • Aerospace Pressure Sensors These pressure transducers are used for applications involving dynamic and static pressures measurements requiring high frequency response and are industry standards for rocket engine testing and jet engine testing. The major design feature is a fully cleanable pressure cavity with replaceable stainless steel diaphragms.
    Stellar Technology
  • 1093002 - Portable Leakage Tester w/o Pressure Transducer (0-10 SCFM) This tester is housed in a rugged suitcase-style enclosure, and is certified for usage in civil and military maintenance operations. Designed for easy operation and maximum portability, this unit provides a convenient means to accurately and quickly check air leakage across jet engine seals during assembly and inspection.

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Transducers - convert one form of energy into another.