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  • OL 771 - Spectroradiometers The OL 771 is based on our successful OL 770-LED Test & Measurement System but designed specifically for high brightness sources such as today's innovative, high performance LEDs. The OL 771's electronics are housed in one rugged, portable enclosure and features highly intuitive Windows-based software.
    Gooch And Housego
  • Spectroradiometers These instruments are calibrated to measure the spectral irradiance in units of watts m-2 (watts per meter2) over the wavelength range in nanometers (nm) provided by the selected spectrometer model.
  • specbos 1201 - VIS Spectroradiometer specbos 1201 is one of the smallest VIS spectroradiometers available worldwide (download datasheet). Its easy-to-use software has the full complement of radiometric and colorimetric functions requisite for research, diagnostic, and quality control applications. Several special calculations and features are implemented in the software JETI LiVal e.g. the calculation of RGB, PAR and circadian values, pass/ fail functions and a LED Ranker (Ranking of LED's and other light sources; see applications).
    JETI Technische Instrumente
  • FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res - Spectroradiometer Ideally suited for support of multispectral remote sensing studies and analysis of materials with broad spectral features,the FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res spectroradiometer offers dramatically improved speed, performance and portability over previous models. The full-range (350-2500 nm) remote sensing Vis/NIR spectroradiometer features enhanced capabilities in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions, as well as double the signal-to-noise ratio performance. This allows you to cover twice the ground in half the time without any loss of data quality.
  • OL 770-DMS - Spectroradiometers The OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System provides a complete solution for modern display measurement requirements. Capable of performing all critical measurements, it was developed to meet the needs of R&D, production, and quality assurance. The OL 770-DMS's features, high sensitivity, and powerful, adaptable software make it ideal for performing measurements on ALL display types.
    Gooch And Housego
  • OL 770-LED - Spectroradiometers The OL 770-LED Test and Measurement System is a high-speed, CCD-based spectroradiometer that can be customized to any LED measurement application. Lightweight and portable, it provides high-precision, fast, and accurate research-grade measurements to meet demanding product applications within your budget without compromising quality, consistency, and precision. Available in the VIS, UV/VIS, and VIS/NIR, it features a wide variety of accessories.
    Gooch And Housego
  • LMS-9000 - High Speed and High Array Spectroradiometer LMS-9000 LED Test & Measurement System is an automated test system for identifying the performance of LEDs by measuring the photometry, colorimetry and electricity. It is characterized by low operation cost and convenient operation. It's an advanced and powerful package version of the LMS-8000 LED Test System.
    Lisun Electronics
  • SR-5000 - Remote Sensing Spectroradiometer The SR-5000, the gold standard for remote sensing radiometry-based testing, has been recently upgraded to meet today?s testing needs. It includes Windows XP based software, fully integrated imaging options, and a spectral range extension into the UV. With proven results from its 20 years on the market, it is the industry workhorse for a wide range of applications, including scientific research, the military, and industry.
    CI Systems
  • LS-100 - Grating Spectroradiometer The LS-100 grating spectroradiometer is specially designed for use in measuring the spectral irradiance of solar simulators that are used for the measurement of photovoltaic cells.
    EKO Instruments Co
  • SR9910-v7 - Double Monochromator Spectroradiometer Macam's first double monochromator spectroradiometer was produced in 1990 to meet the growing requirement to measure ultra violet radiation and in particular the UVB content of sunlight and artificial sources. Since then the SR9910 spectroradiometer has be enhanced to it's latest version, V7 where it now boasts a small light weight package, a TEC cooled PMT detector, fast scanning and parallel monitoring with an external detector. The latter now enables the measurement data to be compensated during a scan to reduce the effect of constantly changing sources.
    Irradian Ltd
  • FieldSpec 4 - Spectroradiometer deally suited to meet the needs of today’s researcher, the FieldSpec®4 Standard-Res portable spectroradiometer offers ASD’s state-of-the-art remote sensing technology with dramatically improved speed, performance and portability over previous models.
  • LMS-8000 - CCD Spectroradiometer LMS-8000 LED Measurement System is an automated measurement system for identifying the performance of individual LED. It is designed to have a capability of producing any visible spectral distribution, mimicking various light sources in the visible region by feedback control of the radiant power emitted by individual LEDs. This LED test system will be used as a transfer standard for photometric, colorimetric and radiometric applications.
    Lisun Electronics
  • CMS-7000 - UV-VIS-nIR SPECTRORADIOMETER FOR PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SAFETY ANALYSIS UV-VIS-nIR SPECTRORADIOMETER FOR PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SAFETY ANALYSIS has characteristic of wide dynamic range, very low stray light noise,high accuracy. It is suitable for application with high requirements like photobiological safety analysis and it meets international and national standards requirements
    Inventfine Instrument
  • HPS5000 - High Precision Spectroradiometer This spectroradiometer is based on an innovative fast scanning grating monochromator for accurate and fast measurements with high dynamic range. It's suitable for photometry and colorimetry measurement of light source with demanding.
    Hopu Optics Technology
  • Spectroradiometer This spectroradiometer measures the spectral irradiance of sunlight and solar simulators. It includes an optical pickup head with a diode-array spectrometer to measure light, a calibration lamp to ensure accurate measurements, and a notebook computer for portability.
    PV Measurements
  • IMSPEC - Imaging Spectroradiometer The IMSPEC infrared imaging spectroradiometer is used for measurement of spatial and spectral signatures of fixed or moving objects. IMSPEC offers up to 15 different wavelengths for each image
    HGH Systèmes Infrarouges
  • specbos 1401 - Spectroradiometer specbos 1401 is a compact luminous intensity meter, especially for the measurement of the averaged intensity according to the CIE127 publication (download datasheet). It is delivered with a measuring head for CIE cond. B and an extension tube for cond. A. Its easy-to-use software JETI LiVal has the full complement of radiometric and colorimetric functions requisite for research, diagnostics, and quality control applications.
    JETI Technische Instrumente
  • PR-705/715 - Spectroradiometers The PR-705/715 is the next generation of sophisticated, lab grade, fast scanning spectroradiometers. It is a stand-alone instrument that maintains the exceptional performance that has made the SpectraScan series the industry standard for accurate spectroradiometry in the industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Computer, Lighting and Display Manufacturing.
    Photo Research
  • OL Series 756 - Portable UV-VIS Spectroradiometer The OL 756 High-accuracy UV-VIS Spectral Measurement System is our newest state-of-the-art compact, double monochromator system for spectral measurements over the 200 ? 800 nm wavelength range.
    Optronic Laboratories
  • SR-2500 - Spectroradiometer # Direct Optical Lens, Fiber Optic, or Integrating Sphere Input # 350 - 2500 nm # 512 element Si PDA and a 256 element extended InGaAs arrays # USB and Bluetooth Wirelss communications # Switchable Entrance Optic Options: Lens systems, Fiber Optic, Integrating Sphere and diffusers available
    Spectral Evolution
  • specbos 1301 - Spectroradiometer with Integrating Sphere specbos 1301 is an easy to use VIS spectroradiometer for fast radiant flux measurements of light sources (download datasheet). The included easy-to-use software JETI LiVal has the full complement of radiometric and colorimetric functions requisite for quality control applications and selection of samples. This new class of precision spectroradiometers is easy to handle, reliable and compact. The basic instrument can also be used without the sphere as a standard specbos 1201 unit.
    JETI Technische Instrumente
  • specbos 1211 - Broadband Spectroradiometer specbos 1211 is a miniaturized and fast broadband spectroradiometer covering the wavelength range from VIS(UV) to NIR (download datasheet). It can be used for various applications both in lab as well as in production. The instrument is available in a standard version for the wavelength range of 350 ... 1000 nm and in an extended UV version (specbos 1211 UV) with 250 ... 1000 nm. specbos 1211 can be delivered with various interfaces.
    JETI Technische Instrumente
  • FieldSpec® 3 Hi-Res - Portable Spectroradiometer The FieldSpec® 3 Hi-Res is ideally suited for mineralogy research, as well as other applications that require high spectral resolution in the Short Wave Infrared regions. With the power and reliability of the standard FieldSpec® 3, the Hi-Res offers the added benefit of 8.5 nm resolution in the 1000-1800 nm range and 6.5 nm resolution in the 1800-2500 nm range.
    Analytical Spectral
  • HPS3000 - Integrated Spectroradiometer System This test system is widely used to photometric, colorimetric and electric measurement for led lighting, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp and halogen lamp etc. It has self-correction and calibration function to make the system working at the best status. All the testing is intellectually controlled by software, easy to operate. It's the best selection for luminary industries.
    Hopu Optics Technology

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