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  • SR-UL1R - Spectroradiometer The previous model SR-UL1 made it possible to measure very low luminance as low as 0.005cd/m². This product inherits high quality from the SR-UL1 and its operability is enhanced with USB interface and motorized aperture angle. Latest grade up make SR-UL1R to extend guaranteed accuracy range to 0.001 cd/m²
    TOPCON TechnoHouse
  • MS-710 / 712 - Spectroradiometer The unique combination of MS-710 and MS-712, called "WISER system", operates as a set to extend the spectral measurement range and maximize resolution. From a single PC, the stand alone units are controlled by an integrated software which combines the individual measurement spectra into one file.
    EKO Instruments Co
  • SR-1900 - Spectroradiometer * Direct Optical Lens, Fiber Optic, or Integrating Sphere Input * 350 - 1900 nm * 512 element Si PDA and 256 element extended InGaAs arrays * USB and Bluetooth Wirelss communications * Switchable Entrance Optic Options: Lens systems, Fiber Optic, Integrating Sphere and diffusers available
    Spectral Evolution
  • OL 750 - Spectroradiometers The OL 750 is an extremely versatile spectroradiometric measurement system capable of performing a variety of highly accurate optical radiation measurements under computer control in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared. The modular approach of the OL 750 coupled with an extensive selection of accessories and powerful application software packages enables the user to tailor a turn-key system to their exact requirements as well as ensure expandability in the future. Both single (OL 750S) and double (OL 750D) grating monochromator versions are available. The basic system, along with an extensive selection of optional items and accessories, enables the OL 750 to measure over all or part of the entire 200 nm to 30 mm wavelength range.
    Gooch & Housego PLC
  • OL 770-DMS - Spectroradiometers The OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System provides a complete solution for modern display measurement requirements. Capable of performing all critical measurements, it was developed to meet the needs of R&D, production, and quality assurance. The OL 770-DMS's features, high sensitivity, and powerful, adaptable software make it ideal for performing measurements on ALL display types.
    Gooch & Housego PLC
  • FieldSpec® 3 Hi-Res - Portable Spectroradiometer The FieldSpec® 3 Hi-Res is ideally suited for mineralogy research, as well as other applications that require high spectral resolution in the Short Wave Infrared regions. With the power and reliability of the standard FieldSpec® 3, the Hi-Res offers the added benefit of 8.5 nm resolution in the 1000-1800 nm range and 6.5 nm resolution in the 1800-2500 nm range.
    Analytical Spectral
  • SP-100F - Spectroradiometer The SP-100F Multifunctional Spectroradiometer features a versatile "swap-and-go" design that utilizes interchangeable head attachments to allow measurement of spectral radiance, irradiance and flux. The SP-100F senses which measurement head is attached and automatically switches measurement units and calibration files, making this the most versatile, cost-effective spectroradiometer available.
    ORB Optronix
  • LED Phosphor Spectroradiometer The Gamma Scientific LED Phosphor Spectroradiometer takes precise measurements throughout the UV, visible and near IR spectrum to quickly obtain detailed fluorescence data for samples, including LED phosphors.
    Gamma Scientific
  • OL Series 750-NVG - NVIS Spectroradiometer The OL Series 750-NVG, an NVIS spectroradiometer, is a specially configured version of the OL Series 750 Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System for spectroradiometric and photometric certification of night vision compatible lighting devices
    Optronic Laboratories
  • LMS-7000 - UV-VIS-IR Spectroradiometer UV-VIS-IR Spectroradiometer has characteristic of Wide Dynamic Range, Very Low Stray Light Noise, High Accuracy. It suitable for application with high requirements like photobiological safety analysis and it meets international and national standards requirements.
    Lisun Electronics
  • AIRIS - Adaptive Infrared Imaging Spectroradiometer AIRIS is PSI's patented multispectral infrared imaging technology, U.S. Patent 5,461,477. In contrast to other approaches to multispectral and hyperspectral infrared imaging, e.g., pushbroom spectrometers and FTIR spectrometers, AIRIS may be commanded to collect data at only those wavelengths which facilitate target detection. This capability can reduce data volume and data processing requirements for many multispectral imaging applications.
    Physical Sciences
  • SVC HR-768 - Field Portable Spectroradiometers Precise spectral measurements across the 350nm to 2500nm spectral range are acquired in seconds. Small, lightweight & easily operated by one person. Incorporates 100% linear array technology and cooled InGaAs detectors, providing superior wavelength and radiometric stability.
    Spectra Vista
  • SP-100 - Spectroradiometer The SP-100 Multifunctional Spectroradiometer features a versitile "swap-and-go" design that utilizes interchangeable head attachments to allow measurement of spectral radiance, irradiance and flux. The SP-100 senses which measurement head is attached and automatically switches measurement units and calibration files, making this the most versatile, cost effective spectroradiometer available.
    ORB Optronix
  • specbos 1211 - Broadband Spectroradiometer specbos 1211 is a miniaturized and fast broadband spectroradiometer covering the wavelength range from VIS(UV) to NIR (download datasheet). It can be used for various applications both in lab as well as in production. The instrument is available in a standard version for the wavelength range of 350 ... 1000 nm and in an extended UV version (specbos 1211 UV) with 250 ... 1000 nm. specbos 1211 can be delivered with various interfaces.
    JETI Technische Instrumente
  • OL 771 - Spectroradiometers The OL 771 is based on our successful OL 770-LED Test & Measurement System but designed specifically for high brightness sources such as today's innovative, high performance LEDs. The OL 771's electronics are housed in one rugged, portable enclosure and features highly intuitive Windows-based software.
    Gooch & Housego PLC
  • OL 750-NVG - Spectroradiometers The OL 750-NVG is a specifically configured version of the OL 750 Spectroradiometer for NVG compatibility measurements. This complete turnkey system exceeds the requirements of MIL-L-85762A and incorporates direct viewing imaging optics. An optional built-in photometer is available, and as with all of our spectroradiometers, all calibration software is provided. Its modular design accommodates expansion to other applications, such as detector spectral response (DSR) and source spectral analysis (SSA) from 200 nm to 30 µm.
    Gooch & Housego PLC
  • RadOMA GS-1220 - Spectroradiometer RadOMA GS-1220 spectroradiometers are optimized for quality control and high speed LED testing applications, with up to 1 ms optical integration time.
    Gamma Scientific
  • SR-UL2 - Spectroradiometer This product moves up sensitivity and measuring speed compared with current model SR-UL1R. This SR-UL2 is the measuring instrument suitable for measuring Mega-contrast FPD, whose measuring range from 0.0005 to 300,000 cd/m² and lowest measurable luminance up to 0.0005cd/m². The measuring time is about 17sec at 0.005cd/m², which is the fastest level in the measuring instrument field. This product can be used for not only design and development department but also quality control in the production line.
    TOPCON TechnoHouse
  • MCG-1000 - Scientific Spectroradiometer MCG-1000 is a scientific spectrometer developed by SENSING together with Germany well-known optical company, made in Germany. Patented ceramics structure of Zeiss and the holographic concave grating are used in inner optics system. Highest accuracy scientific grade back-thinned CCD area image sensor is used as the detector. With wide spectral range (200nm~980nm), low stray light, milliseconds measurementspeed and scientific grade measurement accuracy, it is widely applied in the quick measurement of spectral power distribution, CCT, chromaticity coordinates, dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, color purity, color tolerance, CRI, luminous flux, radiant power etc.
    Sensing Instruments
  • SVC HR-1024 - Field Portable Spectroradiometers Provides the highest spectral resolution of any field portable spectroradiometer operating across this full spectral region Incorporates 100% linear array technology and cooled InGaAs detectors, thus providing superior wavelength and radiometric stability Internal CPU allows measurements to be made without an external computer
    Spectra Vista
  • USB2000+RAD - Spectroradiometer for Irradiance Measurements The USB2000+RAD Spectroradiometer is a preconfigured combination of a powerful 2-MHz analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, programmable electronics, a 2048-element CCD-array detector, a high-speed USB 2.0 port, and cosine corrector. This innovative combination produces our fastest spectrometer yet and provides resolution to 0.35 nm (FWHM).
    Ocean Optics
  • GS-1290-NVIS - RadOMA NVIS Spectroradiometer The GS-1290-NVIS is an advanced, high-speed spectroradiometer that combines the leading-edge sensitivity of backside-thinned CCD detector technology with Gamma Scientific’s industry-renowned RadOMA opto-electrical platform.
    Gamma Scientific
  • FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res - Spectroradiometer Ideally suited for support of multispectral remote sensing studies and analysis of materials with broad spectral features,the FieldSpec 4 Wide-Res spectroradiometer offers dramatically improved speed, performance and portability over previous models. The full-range (350-2500 nm) remote sensing Vis/NIR spectroradiometer features enhanced capabilities in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions, as well as double the signal-to-noise ratio performance. This allows you to cover twice the ground in half the time without any loss of data quality.
  • SP-2C - Real-time Spectroradiometer The SP-2C is a compact and fast spectroradiometer, which is primarily designed for real-time chromaticity measurement. It features a single diffraction grating and CCD array arrangement, so that the entire spectrum is acquired in a single scan of the CCD array.
    Photometric Solutions

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