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  • CZ Series - RGB Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier RGB Digital Fiber Optic Type. RGB three-light source. Wide detection range of up to 70±20 mm. High-speed response of 300 µs. Water-resistant sensor head IP-67 rated 
  • RGB-2000 - 500 MHz RGB & VGA Extender and Fiber Optic Media Converter Transport RGB and XVGA signals plus various configurations of H and V sync over 3 fibers. 1600 x 1200 Resolution. Horizontal Frequency 15-130 KHz. VGA, SVGA & UXGA RGB, YUV & YcrCb. Enables remoting of a monitor from the video source. System bandwidth of up to 500 MHz, 165 MHz per component. Supports all possible horizontal and vertical synch configurations.
  • H500 - RGB Color Analyzer The model H500 is an RGB Color Analyzer that can measure the amount of Red, Blue and Green as well as the Hue, Saturation and Luminance of items such as Paints, Plastics, Fabrics, or just about anything you might need to know the color of.
    Anaheim Scientific
  • PCI900 - RGB Video Driver The PCI900 is a PCIe form factor module that has dual RGB analog video receiver inputs. It outputs two analog RGBs that provide the capability to drive UXGA video up to 110 feet over Coax cable.
  • DTS0105 - RGB (Red/Green/Blue) Combiner and Delivery Systems RGB (Red/Green/Blue) Combiner and Delivery Systems. A common application today is the combination of visible laser light of different wavelengths into a single fiber. Such systems are used in a variety of applications where one wants to produce full color images. By combining red, green and blue light and varying the intensities of the signals, one can reproduce practically any color desired.
    OZ Optics
  • CrossPoint 300 Series - Wideband RGB & Stereo Audio Matrix Switchers The Extron CrossPoint 300 Series of wideband RGB matrix switchers provide a convenient single box solution for most common high resolution video and audio routing system designs. A total of 15 models in 8 I/O sizes are available for general use in a wide range of signal distribution applications where reliable switching is required.
    Extron - US
  • OZT9100 - RGB upgrade kit This simple kit allows an experienced test and repair engineer to upgrade the Teletest video test pattern generators from PAL only output to PAL & RGB out.
  • BL-CBG400 - Board Level RGBS Color Bar Generator The CBG400 is a 2 inch by 2 inch board that will generate RGB & composite sync (sync on green can be optionally selected) with a SMPTE style color bar pattern. Designed for OEMs, this board has been a popular inclusion in many systems as a stable test signal source. Operates with: RGBS, NTSC only
    MicroImage Video
  • RGB-5000 Series - Single Fiber, Digital, RGB & VGA Fiber Transport Systems Transport RGB, XVGA, SVGA and UXGA signals plus various configurations of H and V sync over ONE fiber. 1900 x 1600 @ 75 Hz CWDM 18 Channels of RGB/UXGA on one fiber, RGB-5000-FTX-7-xxxx Daisy-chain or Drop and Repeat one UXGA Source to Multiple Monitors, RGB-5000-FTX/FRX-DC Ethernet & Data option available, RGB-5000-FRX/FRX-ET Lower Cost, RGB/SXGA on ONE fiber, RGB-5000-SXGA
  • DTS0117 - White Light (RGB: Red/Green/Blue) Laser Sources White Light (RGB: Red/Green/Blue) Laser Sources. A common application today is the combination of visible laser light of different wavelengths into a single fiber. Such systems are used in a variety of applications where one wants to produce full color images
    OZ Optics
  • AMC900 - AMC VGA to RGB Video Driver The AMC900 is a AMC form factor module that has dual VGA analog video receiver inputs. It outputs two analog RGBs that provide the capability to drive UXGA video up to 110 feet over coaxial cable. It also provides the Sync on Green.
  • CZ-V20 Series - RGB Digital Fiberoptic Amplifier SUPER HIGH POWER RGB sensor Industry's best color differentiation. High resolution amplifier for triple 16-bit calculation. New Luster Detection Sensor Head. Dual digital display & Direct access. New UV sensor head for fluorescent Detection. Three detection modes for every target [Super I / C' / C+I] 
  • PR0126 - RGB Color Sensor The RGB Color Sensor PR0126 acts as a fast color detection system with integrated light source. Parameterization and evaluation of the color takes place in the Chromaticity color space.
    Premosys - Progressive
  • BL-CBG400N-01 - RGB Color Bar Generator The MicroImage model BL-CBG400N RGB Color Bar Generator Board produces a an RGB and Sync test signal. Standard and custom signal are available. This product is designed as an embedded test reference for OEM applications. The output signals are standard 0.7Vpp for RGB and 1Vpp for sync. The board will also produce sync on the green channel by removing a single jumper.
    MicroImage Video
  • DVI-RGB 150 - DVI to Analog RGB Video Interface The Extron DVI-RGB 150 converts single link DVI-D signals to analog RGB signals for convenient integration of digital video sources into conventional analog A/V systems. It is compatible with high resolution computer-video signals up to UXGA (1600x1200) and HDTV up to 1080p.
    Extron - US
  • RGB-1002 - COLOR ANALYZER, probe + meter COLOR ANALYZER, probe + meter, Model : RGB-1002 * Measuring sample : no lighting sample(textiles, paper, leathers...). * Measurement value : RGB value, HSL value (Hue/Saturation/Luminance).
    Lutron Electronic
  • Phase Difference Measurement System This is "Phase Difference Measurement System" with LED(RGB three colors) light source. It contains also "Transmission Measurement" function.
    FiveLab Co. Ltd
  • Extender System Skew Calibrator The RGB Skew Calibator provides perfect skew delay correction. This delay or skew is a result of transmitting RGB signals over CAT5 cables and causes color distortion and improper alignment. Skew become significant when using CAT5 over longer distances. The calibrator features 62ns total delay with 2ns delay step increments, memorize & button lock function, and RGB up/down buttons.
  • RGB-1000/RGB-1700 - Rigid Borescopes Portable, rugged design enables user to view critical components in high resolution through access holes as small as .160” (4mm). RGB-1000 Utilizes a high intensity tungsten halogen light source operated by 2 AA batteries. RGB-1700 Utilizes a Super bright LED Light source operated by 3 AA Batteries Built-in light source affords user extreme versatility anywhere in the shop.
    Phase II Plus
  • PCE-RGB - colour meter The PCE-RGB colour meter is based on a very accurate and modern micro system technology which operates according to the spectral method. A defined source of light illuminates the sample. The light is reflected by the surface and is measured spectrally. The result is shown on the display of the PCE-RGB 2 colour meter. With this device you can also take a relative measurement of a luminous surfaces, such as LCD. The results taken by the PCE-RGB 2 colour meter are shown on the display and can also be transferred to a computer for further analysis by using the optional software and RS-232 connector. The application range of the device is quite wide. It can be used in quality control for colours in production, for the measurement and identification of colours received by shipping in QM systems according to DIN EN ISO 9000, for checking colour distances in colour tests and for colour standards such as in measuring an absolute colour value.
    PCE Instruments
  • FLV-1000 - Vacuum-Ultraviolet Spectrofluorometer The plasma display panel (PDP) is expected to dominate the flat panel display market due to an improved viewing angle, faster update speeds, and a crisper picture quality. Gas discharge excitation of RGB photoluminescent phosphors is used by the plasma display panels to produce the displayed picture.
    Jasco Analytical
  • CE-TCR 200 - Colour Device The PCE-TCR 200 colour device carries out an analysis of the color using CIE Lab* color space. This color device also allows you to determine the colours in the RGB colour range. By means of a source of internal normalized white light the surface is illuminated.
    PCE Instruments
  • CalMAN RGB - Computer Monitor Calibration Software CalMAN RGB is the most advanced software on the market for computer monitor calibrations. It's faster, more accurate, and more customizable than any other monitor calibration solution, and has a number of calibration processes involved that ensure accurate results.
  • Zenith LiTE - Pre-reflow AOI Minimizes Shadow Problems with 4way projection
    Easy Programming with parametric approach
    Real time defect diagnosis and root cause removal
    rortified 2D features using 9 channel RGB lights
    100% 3D measurement inspection.
    Koh Young Technology

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RGB - Red, Green and Blue video signal.