RF Field Strength Meters

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  • BK2640 - 2 GHz Handheld RF Field strength meter The model 2640 is a battery operated, hand held RF Field Strength Meter with a measurable frequency range of 100kHz to 2000MHz. It is optimized to analyze signals from many different sources for multiple applications. The characteristic of frequency response of the B&K Precision 2640 is calculated by memorized calculation data from a "look up table", and so it enables the 2640 to measure accurate levels and makes easy analysis of a wide range of frequency bands.
  • PM1A Rev1212 - RF meter and Wide Dynamic Range Field Strength Meter Although, the other project, PM3 and FC3 are hot favorite among radio amateurs for RF Measurement, I wanted something smaller & more economical for measurement of RF Signals accurately using an LED Driver LM3914 and Log amplifier AD8307.
    Fox Delta
  • R-506 - Field Strength Meter The R-506 expands the Z Technology product line of cost effective test instrumentation with a rugged portable unit designed for the professional user. Accurate NIST traceable field strength measurement of RF signals.
    Z Technology
  • FSM1 - Signal Level Meter The FSM1 is a lightweight, battery operated, field strength meter. This unit is ideal for making signal test measurements of all standard broadcast (VHF and UHF) and CATV channel assignments. Visual or aural carrier level, and aural verification (using built-in speaker) measurements are available.
    Digicom Futuristic
  • FSG Series - Field Signal Generators The FSG series of Field Signal Generators complement Precision Test's FSM range of Field Strength Meters. The FSG series Field Signal Generators are synthesized units that will generate a CW signal over the +20 dBm to -20 dBm amplitude range. ten different models cover the 20 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range. The FSG (field signal generator) series are handheld, portable signal generators especially designed to cover the UMTS and GSM frequency bands.
    Precision Test Systems
  • FSM Series - Field Strength Meters This range consists of thirteen models covering the 20 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range. Each model covers a 100 MHz bandwidth. This meter range has the advantage of being able to operate with some digital signals such as GSM Cellular signals. Measure the strength of a RF signal appearing at its input from +20 dBm to -110 dBm for wide bandwidth models and +10 dBm to -120 dBm for narrow bandwidth models.
    Precision Test Systems
  • DIGI-FIELD - Field Strength Meter Measuring radio frequency and microwave radiation has never been easier! This unit covers the amazing range of DC - 12 GHz and will give you digital readout of the relative field strength of broadcast signals such as cellular phone, microwave oven leakage, TV station, CB radios using the (1MHz - 1GHz) telescoping antenna provided.
    I.C. Engineeering
  • RF1 - Sniff-It RF Detector Probe Very sensitive RF detector probe connects to any digital multimeter and provides a DC voltage output from weak RF signals. This allows very easy tracing of low level RF signals that a counter can not pick up. Wide frequency coverage of 100 KHz to over 1000 MHz lets you track down most any problem in transmitter chains, receiver stages, or even complex PLLs. Works great as a sensitive field strength meter, too. 
    RAMSEY Electronics
  • FM614 - DCF77 Field Strength Meter After connecting the antenna the best position for receiving the signal of DCF77 can be detected. The deflection of the FM150 depends on the position and the rotation of the antenna. Additionally the modulation of the DCF77 signal is indicated by LED and by buzzer. The pulses must be clearly identifiable to receive an interference-free DCF77 signal.
    Meinberg Funkuhren
  • SM-05 - Handheld Portable Satelite Signal Strength Meter Rigid METAL CABINET for field use. 13/18 V Power with LED indicator. 22 KHz signal generator for test of high band frequency. LNB voltage measurement up to 25 VDC, Voltmeter.
    Red Lemon Incorporation
  • Lizard Microcell Stimulus Transmitter The Lizard is a portable, battery-powered 1 watt CW (Continuous Wave) or modulated (available on certain models) stimulus transmitter used for indoor coverage testing. The Lizard is ideal for WLAN set-up and evaluating network performance. In a typical application, one or more Lizards are placed throughout an area of interest and set on different channels; while measuring and recording field strength using one of BVS's portable signal strength meters such as Champ, Fox, Mongoose or Ultra-Lite.
    Berkeley Varitronics

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RF Field Strength Meters - measure magnitude of electromagnetic field.

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