RF Field Strength Meters

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  • ST-5128S - Portable Field Strength Meter/Spectrum Analyzer The ST5128 hand-held field strength meter uses RF signal processing techniques and microprocessor technology to produce quick and accurate signal measurements. The meter provides the user a choice of viewing individual channel power readings, a single channel spectrum, a multiple channel spectrum, or an all channel spectrum.
    Holland Electronics
  • ED-15SA - Electrosmog Field Strength Power Meter, Build-in 2.4GHz Band Spectrum Analyzer Operation mode: Broadband power meter and Spectrum analyzer mode Frequency range: 100MHz to 3.0GHz useful range (broadband mode) 2.4GHz to 2.485GHz band (spectrum mode) High sensitivity: -55 dBm to 0 dBm (broadband mode) -100dBm to -10dBm (spectrum mode) Peak Power density: 0.0018mw/m-sq to 0.58 w/m-sq (broadband mode) Dynamic range: 60 dB (broadband) 90 dB (spectrum mode)
    Cornet Microsystems

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RF Field Strength Meters - measure magnitude of electromagnetic field.