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  • LB 96 H - Power Potentiostats Precision high-voltage laboratory potentiostat / galvanostat Wenking LB 96 H, current ranges 100 µA to 100 mA, current recording threshold < 10 nA, max. output voltage ± 190 V, max. output current ± 120 mA, max. output power 20 W, reference electrode input > 10¹² Ohms, slew rate 5 V/µs, 2 superimposing control inputs, current output 2 V full scale, 3 ½-digit current meter, 3 ¾-digit potential meter. Housing 540 x 155 x 380 mm (w x h x d), weight 10 kg.
    Bank Elektronik
  • MultiEmStat - Multi-Channel Potentiostat The MultiEmStat is a versatile multi potentiostat with 4, 8 or 12 independent EmStat potentiostats.

    The potentiostats can be used for (pulsed-) amperometric measurements as well as voltammetric measurements like linear sweep, cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse and square wave voltammetry.

    The MultiEmStat is controlled by means of a single USB connection and the dedicated software MultiTrace. With up to three USB connections it can become a shared user workstation. Depending on the EmStat version each potentiostat has eight or nine current ranges: 1 nA to 10 mA/100 mA with a resolution of 1 pA at the lowest current range and can automatically select the optimal current range.

    Standard packaging includes a shielded cable for each channel with connections for a working, a counter and a reference electrode by means of 2 mm banana connectors and mini-crocodile clips, a USB cable and an AC adapter. The four channel MultiEmStat comes in an optional smaller housing which is USB powered for extra mobility.
    PalmSens BV
  • EmStat MUX - Integrated Potentiostat and Multiplexer Based upon the EmStat range, there are two types of multiplexers to suit most types of sensor array work. The MUX8 is the most flexible offering the ability to connect arrays made of up to eight working electrodes in two or three electrode cell types and chips sharing a reference electrode and/or counter electrode. The MUX16 is suitable for sensor arrays or chips with sixteen working electrodes all sharing a RE and/or a CE. Both instruments are suitable for laminated layer corrosion analysis.

    The potentiostat is controlled and powered by USB and is used with PSTrace allowing for simultaneous sampling of each channel at a rate of 25 ms/channel. Standard packaging includes a shielded cable with connections for a working, a counter and a reference electrode by means of 2 mm banana connectors and mini-crocodile clips, a stripped end, Dsub-37 terminated flat cable and a USB cable. To make connections to chips simpler the Connection Terminal is an optional extra providing clearly marked screw terminals to the electrodes and can be directly joined to the ESMUX via their D-Sub connectors.
    PalmSens BV
  • PalmSens3 - Handheld Potentiostat / Galvanostat and impedance analyser Our flagship instrument, the PalmSens is a potentiostat, galvanostat and impedance analyser with low noise, a large potential range and high current resolution, over 9 current ranges. A complete laboratory instrument but with its rugged design it is ideal for field work.

    Standard packaging includes a shielded cable with connections for a working, a counter and a reference electrode by means of 2 mm banana connectors and mini-crocodile clips and a USB cable.

    PalmSens can be extended by a multiplexer, BiPot and other accessories.
    PalmSens BV
  • Model 2325 - Bi-Potentiostat for RRDE-3A The user-friendly interface is designed for supporting wide applications. Model 2325 can be applied in various experiments, such as RRDE, sensor development and spectroelectro-chemical measurements, etc. It can be not only applied for research purpose, but also for student experiments and industrial applications due to the low- price and high-performance.
    ALS Co. Ltd
  • WaveNow - USB Potentiostat / Galvanostat WaveNow potentiostat system features a convenient USB interface, a fully functional potentiostat and galvanostat, and our powerful AfterMath instrument control and data analysis software.
    Pine Research Instrumentation
  • HP 400 and HC 400 - Power Potentiostats HP 400 is our high power potentiostat especially developped for operating cells for deposition of ceramic coatings and electrophoresis. HC 400 is a high power potentiostat for high currents upto 40 A for energy conversion and storage research.
    Bank Elektronik
  • EmStat 3 and 3+ - USB Potentiostat EmStat is the smallest potentiostat available in the market. It has eight current ranges from 1 nA to 100 mA (EmStat3+) full scale, with a minimum resolution of 1 pA.

    The potentiostat is controlled and powered by USB. It provides the most relevant electroanalytical measurement techniques and is used with the PSTrace software.

    The instrument is delivered with a cable with 2 mm bananaconnector, with mini crocodile clips for the working, reference and counter electrodes. The supplied testsensor is used to test the performance of the instrument.

    EmStat can be extended with a multiplexer with 8 or 16 channels. The EmStat and multiplexer boards are available as OEM potentiostat for other companies for instance for use in an QCM or SPR instrument.
    PalmSens BV
  • MSTAT - Multiple Channels Potentiostat/Galvanostat MSTAT is a series of independent multi-channel, multi-electrode potentiostat/galvanostat system.  It has the capability to perform various electrochemical analyses independently on each electrode in a multi-working-electrode cells.  The fields of use are numerous such as in electrosynthesis, electrochromics, electroplating, and energy storage devices.
    Arbin Instruments
  • PARSTAT MC - Multi-Channel potentiostat/galvanostat The PARSTAT MC is the most modular and robust multi-channel electrochemical testing platform on the market. It builds on our industry-leading 50+ years of experience in the potentiostat development and software user-interface design.
    Princeton Applied
  • EZstat Series - Potentiostat/Galvanostats High performance potentiostat/galvanostats ideally suited for electroanalysis, including voltammetry, chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry, pulse techniques, and complex battery charge discharge cycling. External outputs are available for control of liquid feed pumps, stirrers, etc. Versatile menu driven operation facilitates fuel cell, electrochemical sensor and battery research and development.
    NuVant Systems
  • VSP - Modular potentiostat The VSP is a modular potentiostat with research grade specifications
    Bio-Logic USA
  • PG580RM - Multi - Channel Potentiostat - Galvanostat The Uniscan PG580RM is a high quality, digital scanning multi-channel potentiostat system. The design provides a user configurable instrument for demanding research applications. Research laboratory performance. From 2 channel to 14 channel operation.
    Uniscan Instruments
  • 1100B - Power Potentiostat/Galvanostat The Model 1100B series power potentiostat/galvanostat is designed for electrochemical applications that require relatively large current and high compliance voltage, such as battery studies, corrosion, electrolysis, and electroplating. The current range is ±2 A, and the compliance voltage is ±25 V. The instrument contains a high speed digital function generator, a fast data acquisition system, filters for current signals, iR compensation circuitry, a potentiostat, and a galvanostat (Model 1140B). The potential control range is ±10 V.
    CH Instruments
  • Scholar - Low Power Potentiostats The new economic potentiostat/galvanostat Scholar is designed for electrochemical education and training. An internal voltage source for constant polarisation and an input for external control sources as well as analog outputs for current and potential connect the Scholar to most AD/DA-converters or data loggers to perform polarisation curves, CV, Chrono-potentiometry, Chrono-Amperometry etc.
    Bank Elektronik
  • Series G 300 - Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA The Series G™ 300 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA is a research grade instrument that can be used in desktop or notebook computers. It runs all Gamry software packages.
    Gamry Instruments
  • VersaSTAT3 - Potentiostat / Galvanostat Combining advanced measurement technology with user-friendly, yet powerful modular PC software, the all-new VersaSTAT3 potentiostat/galvanostat is a cut above for performance, versatility and value. High speed DC measurement and experiment sequencing (e.g. for step/pulse analysis).
    Princeton Applied
  • MultiWE32 - Multi-potentiostat Module The MultiWE32 is a multi-potentiostat module that controls up to 32 WE's simultaneously vs. 1 CE and 1 RE! It is designed especially for applications with low power/current requirements, such as nanotechnology, sensor development, analytical electrochemistry, biotechnology, medical research, etc.
    Ivium Technologies
  • 1480A - Multichannel Potentiostat The 1480 MultiStat" has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of electrochemists and material scientists to enable the rapid generation of high quality, accurate and repeatable data. The 1480A is ideal for research, development and quality assurance of new sensors, corrosion/coatings, battery materials and fuel cells.
    Solartron Analytical
  • 1000B - Multi-Potentiostat The model 1000B series is a computerized 8 channel potentiostat. The system contains a digital function generator, multiplexed data acquisition circuitry, and a multi-potentiostat that can work with eight independent cells or eight working electrodes in the same solution with common reference and counter electrodes. The potential control range is ±10 V for all channels, which can be set at independent potentials or the same potential as the primary channel, so that they can sweep or step potentials together with the primary channel.
    CH Instruments
  • PARSTAT 2273 - Potentiostat/Galvanostat/FRA The 2273 is designed to be the most comprehensive potentiostat/galvanostat/FRA in your laboratory. Since no one can predict how research needs will evolve over the years, we've designed the ultimate electrochemical tool to satisfy your need not only for today, but for tomorrow. The PARSTAT 2273 is the combination of renowned reliability, high current, and high compliance voltage of the 273A with the exceptional impedance capability, resolution, speed, and latest software techniques of our new PARSTAT family.
    Princeton Applied
  • MP 04 - Low Power Potentiostats Mini - potentiostat Wenking MP 04T, max. current 400 mA, max. voltage 25 V, output power 10 W, reference electrode input 1012 Ohms, slew rate 10 V/ µs, 1 control input, floating current output, buffered potential output, control range ± 10 V external, internal control voltage source ±2 V, rise time constant (closed loop, ohmic load) 1 µs typ., dimensions 165 x 105 x 165 mm (w x h x d), weight 1.4 kg
    Bank Elektronik
  • Three-Amp Reference 3000 - Potentiostat! The Gamry Instruments Reference 3000 is a high-performance high-current Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA similar to Gamry’s popular Reference 600. Building on the success of the Reference Family of Gamry Potentiostats, the Reference 3000 was engineered to meet the demands of higher current applications
    Gamry Instruments
  • WaveNowXV - Potentiostat/Galvanostat The WaveNowXV portable USB potentiostat is the extended voltage version of our WaveNow potentiostat product line. The extended voltage range (+/-10V) makes the WaveNowXV the ideal choice for researchers involved in lithium ion battery research or other higher voltage applications.
    Pine Research Instrumentation

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Potentiostats - Maintain the electrical current potential of a working electrode in congruence with that of a reference electrode.