PXI Multiplexers

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  • 1260-1138A - PXI High-Density, 64-Channel, MUX (Multiplexer) Switch Module Model 1260-1138A, a PXI scanner/MUX switch, is an innovative, seamless integration of an Off-the-Shelf Adapt-a-Switch MUX module on a Racal Instruments PXI carrier. The module installs easily in any PXI/cPCI chassis without the need for use supplied software or hardware to install or operate
    Astronics Test Systems
  • PXI-7921 - PXI Switch - 24-CH 2-Wire Multiplexer Module ADLINK PXI-7921 is a relay multiplexer which consists of 24 2-wire relays (DPDT, 2 Form C). As a multiplexer, the PXI-7921 provides 48x1 1-wire, 24x1 2-wire and 12x1 4-wire configurations. Users could choose one of the configurations by software. PXI-7921 typically connects one instrument, such as a DMM, a digitizer or a signal source, with many points which need measurement or excitation.
    ADLINK Technology
  • NI MCX-BNC Cables - 50 Ω Coaxial Cables 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables; used with the NI PXI-2593 and NI SCXI-1193 500 MHz multiplexer switch modules
    National Instruments
  • NI PXI-2576 - 128-Channel Multibank Multiplexer The National Instruments PXI-2576 is a multibank multiplexing module with 16 banks of 4x1 2-wire multiplexers
    National Instruments
  • NI PXI-2576 Cable - LFH160 Cable for PXI Switches # Terminates PXI-2576 multibank multiplexer channels in four 50-pin D-Sub connectors # Mating TBX-50 D-Sub connector block available for screw-terminal signal connectivity
    National Instruments
  • NI MCX-SMB Cables 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables; used with the NI PXI-2593 and NI SCXI-1193 500 MHz multiplexer switch modules
    National Instruments
  • NI TB-2605 Front-mounting Includes an analog bus plug for easy multiplexer expansion On-board cold-junction compensation sensor Screw terminal block for PXI switches
    National Instruments
  • GX6264 - 128-Channel Scanner/Multiplexer Card The GX6264 is a 64 differential or 128 single-ended channel scanner or multiplexer that plugs directly into an PXI or CompactPCI backplane. The GX6264 provides either differential or single-ended scanning capability, configurable via software commands or DIP switches.
    Marvin Test Solutions
  • PXI Switches The PXI switch modules deliver modular, high-performance signal connections in the standard PXI platform. Keysight offers a wide selection of performance such as high-speed, 500 usec multiplexer relays, high-power, 300W general purpose switches and high-density 256 2-wire cross point matrix modules. Additionally, RF and microwave switch technology delivers low insertion loss and VSWR for excellent RF signal integrity and dynamic range when routing RF signals into your measurement equipment.
    Keysight Technologies
  • NI PXI-2527 - 32-Channel (2-Wire), 300 V Multiplexer Switch The NI PXI-2527 and PXIe-2527 are high-voltage multiplexer switch modules designed for medium- to high-density automated test systems.
    National Instruments
  • B1301/B1302 - Electronic Multiplexers The BI301/BI302 are 9/18-Channel electronic MUXs with comparator inputs. The inputs can be defined to be single-ended or differential, and have programmable threshold levels and termination voltages. The input signals can be square waves or any other waveform. The output edges are based on the threshold crossings of the input signal. PXI Interface.
    Brilliant Instruments
  • P580 - 34-Channel Relay Multiplexer The P580 is a double width 3U PXI module that functions as a multiplexer. The P580 incorporates two independent differential analog paths that can be connected to any of 34 differential signal paths through the 68-position front panel mounted SCSI connector. Also, each path can be routed to any of the four SMB front panel mounted connectors.Switching sequences can be executed via individual calls to the Plug and Play Driver, or via the use of the Scanner Memory.
  • GX6062 - RF Switching Card The GX6062 is a high-density 6U PXI RF switching card that provides 200MHz bandwidth and multiple switching configurations. The GX6062 has 12 groups of 1x4 differential, non-terminated RF multiplexers. 
    Marvin Test Solutions
  • GX6021 - 20 Channel RF Multiplexer/Scanner Card The GX6021 is a high-density 3U PXI switching card that provides 200 MHz bandwidth and offers four groups of 1x4 multiplexer scanners.
    Marvin Test Solutions
  • NI SH68-68-S - Shielded Cable The National Instruments SH68-68-S shielded cable is designed for use with the NI TBX-68S DIN-rail mountable terminal block, CB-68LP digital and trigger I/O terminal block, SCB-68 shielded I/O connector block, and PXI-2501 and PXI-2503 low-voltage multiplexer/matrix switches, as well as USB-62x5 M Series devices.
    National Instruments
  • 7000 - PXI™ Modules Series 7000 PIXIE switches are PC controlled switch modules that offer high quality, low noise designs for both the PXI user and the CompactPCI user. The Series 7000 product line incorporates coaxially shielded relays in all of the different matrices and multiplexer configurations. Additionally, every Series 7000 card design includes separate analog and digital ground planes.
  • NI MCX-SMA Cables 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables; used with the NI PXI-2593 and NI SCXI-1193 500 MHz multiplexer switch modules
    National Instruments

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