Multiplexers - aka MUX

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  • EmStat MUX - Integrated Potentiostat and Multiplexer Based upon the EmStat range, there are two types of multiplexers to suit most types of sensor array work. The MUX8 is the most flexible offering the ability to connect arrays made of up to eight working electrodes in two or three electrode cell types and chips sharing a reference electrode and/or counter electrode. The MUX16 is suitable for sensor arrays or chips with sixteen working electrodes all sharing a RE and/or a CE. Both instruments are suitable for laminated layer corrosion analysis.

    The potentiostat is controlled and powered by USB and is used with PSTrace allowing for simultaneous sampling of each channel at a rate of 25 ms/channel. Standard packaging includes a shielded cable with connections for a working, a counter and a reference electrode by means of 2 mm banana connectors and mini-crocodile clips, a stripped end, Dsub-37 terminated flat cable and a USB cable. To make connections to chips simpler the Connection Terminal is an optional extra providing clearly marked screw terminals to the electrodes and can be directly joined to the ESMUX via their D-Sub connectors.
    PalmSens BV
  • CXAR/128 - Coaxial Switch Matrices & Multiplexers The CXAR Series are Computer Controlled Coaxial Switching Systems for 50 or 75 ohm signals from DC to 1.3 GHz and consists of pre-wired Mainframes into which can be plugged selected Switch Modules that provide the required Matrix or Multiplexer configurations
  • 40-612-002 - Very High Density Versatile Multiplexer The 40-612 Very High Density Versatile Multiplexer module features a wide range of software selectable switching configurations. It is especially useful where a number of high density multiplexers are required with the option of easily altering the channel count as a test system evolves. Typical applications include signal routing in ATE and data acquisition systems.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • DIPLEXERS, TRIPLEXERS, MULTIPLEXERS & COMBINERS LBA Technology custom engineered diplexers, triplexers, and multiplexers provide broadcasters the ability to transmit two or three different AM signals for one series-fed antenna. Diplexers include an antenna tuning unit and rejection filter section for each frequency. Triplexers include an antenna tuning unit for each frequency and two rejection filter sections for each frequency.
    LBA Group
  • JX Series - High Density Switches, Switching Systems & Multiplexers The JX Series of Matrix/Multiplexers provides a cost effective solution for large 1xN Multiplexers, 2xN Matrices, discreet switch points, or combinations of these. 5.25" high, standard 19" rack mount chassis accepts up to 16 switch modules which slide into card guides from the rear for ease of configuration and maintenance. Modular system using high quality reed relays allows expansion to almost any size and covers an enormous variety of applications.
  • 40-834-002 - Dual 8 to 1 RF MUX SMB 75 Ohm The 40-834 is a 75Ω 8 to 1 RF MUX available with 1 or 2 banks in a single PXI slot. All versions have been designed to exhibit low insertion loss and VSWR through the use of modern RF relay technology at an affordable cost. Each MUX has been carefully designed to ensure excellent and repeatable RF characteristics to frequencies of 3GHz with each path having a nominally equal insertion loss.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • M408/M416 - 408 and 416 multiplexers for optical strain gages M408/M416 - Connecting up to a factor of 4 more sensor chains: 408 and 416 multiplexers for optical strain gages
  • DVM-2000 - 12 Bit Video & 24 Bit Audio Fiber Optic Multiplexer Exceeds RS-250C Short-haul and Broadcast Video specifications. 12 Bit Video with a Signal to Noise ratio greater than 75 dB and a Signal to Quantizing Noise ratio of 71 dB. Video Bandwidth of 8 MHz for support of NTSC, PAL, SECAM and video with diplexed audio carriers at 4.5 MHz, 5.8 MHz and 6.4 MHz Differential Gain and Phase of 0.3% and 0.3°, respectively.
  • 1260-134 - High Density Multiplexer Plug-In The 1260-134 is a sixteen, 1x4 multiplexer plug-in card for the Adapt-a-Switch platform. It installs, easily and directly from the front panel, into the Adapt-a-Switch VXIbus Carrier, Model 1260-100.
    Astronics Test Systems
  • 7710 - 20-Channel Solid State/Long-Life Differential Multiplexer w/Automatic CJC ( The Model 7710 plug-in module offers 20 channels of 2-pole or 10 channels of 4-pole relay input that can be configured as two independent banks of multiplexers. The relays are solid state, providing long life and low maintenance. Solid state relays usually have 100 times longer life than mechanical relays.
    Keithley Instruments
  • 40-635-001 - 2 Amp MUX, Single 64-Channel 1-Pole The 40-635 2 Amp Multiplexer module is available in 9 standard configurations as well as 9 half density configurations, all using high quality electro-mechanical signal relays allowing each channel to switch current up to 2A and voltage up to 300VDC/250VAC. The module is suitable for signal routing in ATE and data acquisition systems. Connections are made via a front panel 78-way D-type connector.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • 9565-32 - RS232/422 Strobe Mux III Card & Panel 32 serial port ISA compatible card connected by 4.8 ft (1.5m) cable and terminated as male DB25 connectors on external panel 14.5" high x 13" wide x 1" deep (645 x 330 x 25 mm).
    Strobe Data
  • 9565-32CPP - 20mA/RS232/422 Strobe Mux III Card, Panel & Power Supply 32 serial port ISA compatible card connected by 4.8 ft (1.5m) cable and terminated as male DB25 connectors on external panel 14.5" high x 13" wide x 1" deep (645 x 330 x 25mm).
    Strobe Data
  • 1260-131A/B - High Density Multiplexer Plug-In Racal Instruments 1260-131A/B is a general-purpose 220VDC/250VAC, SP4T binary tree with a 200MHz bandwidth (-3dB). The 1 Amp "A" version is for lower density/cost. It has 10 channels of SP4T and uses a low cost IDC style DIN connector, so the interface cabling can be either crimp and poke or ribbon style. 
    Astronics Test Systems
  • 7015-S - Quad 1x10 Solid-State Mux Card w/ Detachable Screw Terminal Connector The Model 7015 40-channel solid state multiplexer is designed for multipoint measurement applications that require high reliability and increased scanning speeds. With an MTBF of more than 30,000 hours, the 7015 can handle applications that require continuous use over longer periods of time
    Keithley Instruments
  • GT6040 Series - Scanner/Multiplexer Card The GT6041/6042 are high-density switching cards that provide 200 MHz bandwidth. The GT6042A has four groups of 1x4 multiplexer scanners; the GT6041B/6042B have eight groups of 1x4 multiplexer scanners. The GT6041B/6042B's eight groups of multiplexer scanners can be software configured to provide switch paths that maintain 200 MHz bandwidth.
    Marvin Test Solutions
  • YAVHF2X4 - Multiplexer 2 trees of 1x4 NO relays • SMB connectors • Module prepared to convert to 1x8 tree • CAN bus interface available
    6TL Engineering
  • PD-MXT - Partial Discharge Multiplexer x channels avaibel -linearity 5% of range -for PD4 and PD5
  • MCD video - Video Multiplexer The MCD video multiplexer is suitable for all fields of image processing, particularly for HDTV-systems. Up to eight video sources can be multiplexed on one or two outputs each. Cascading of the multiplexer is also possible. Continuously, connected cameras are vertically and horizontally adapted to synchronization, if supported by an image processing card.
    MCD Elektronik GmbH
  • 7701 - 32-Ch, Diff Mux Module The Model 7701 plug-in module offers 32 channels of 2-pole or 16 channels of 4-pole multiplexer switching. Its 32 channels can be configured for common-side 4-wire ohms. They can also be configured as two independent banks of multiplexers. It is ideal for RTD or thermistor temperature applications.
    Keithley Instruments
  • NI AMUX-64T - Analog Multiplexer Front-end analog multiplexer that quadruples the number of analog input signals that can be digitized with National Instruments 60xxE (E Series) multifunction DAQ products.
    National Instruments
  • 3462E - Dual 32 Channel Multiplexer The RS62E is a dual station pin programmable multiplexer. Each station in the RS62E (side 1 and side 2) has the capability to multiplex. the main test systems resources (three Kelvined device leads plus a 4th lead and ground) to up to 32 output pins. The 3462 consists of the combination of a 3400E test system with a PC-AT computer and a RS62E Dual Station Multiplexer housed in a single cabinet.
  • 1260-136 - High Voltage Multiplexer Plug-In The Model 1260-136 series plug-ins are high-voltage relay multiplexers for the Adapt-a-Switch platform. These quickly and easily plug into the front of an Adapt-a-Switch Carrier, Model 1260-100. 
    Astronics Test Systems
  • NI PXI-2527 - 32-Channel (2-Wire), 300 V Multiplexer Switch The NI PXI-2527 and PXIe-2527 are high-voltage multiplexer switch modules designed for medium- to high-density automated test systems.
    National Instruments

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Multiplexers - Combine multiple signals into one signal.