Microwave Meters

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  • HI-2790B - Microwave Oven Survey Meter The Holaday HI-2790B Calibration Comparison System complies with US Government (CDRH/FDA) requirements for evaluating calibration consistency of microwave oven survey meters used by oven manufacturers in compliance testing.
  • HI-1600 - Microwave Oven Survey Meter The model HI-1600 Microwave Meter measures microwave leakage from microwave devices operating at 2450 MHz or 915 MHz.
  • HI-1801 - Microwave Oven Survey Meter A durable, compact and portable instrument, the HI-1801 meter is especially suited to appliance service applications.
  • HI-1501 - Microwave Oven Survey Meter The HI-1501 Microwave Oven Probe is the most popular Holaday Microwave Oven Leakage Meter.
  • HI-1710A - Microwave Oven Survey Meter The HI-1710A combines the proven and reliable diode sensing technology of the Holaday Microwave Survey Meters with the digital processing techniques developed for automatic oven scanning.
  • HI-2651 - Microwave Oven Survey Meter The Holaday HI-2651 is a revolutionary system designed to minimize the time-and labor-intensive processes involved in microwave oven leakage measurement.
  • 72-6530 - High Voltage Probe with Meter Built in meter measures voltages up to 40KVDC ?Factory calibrated at 25KV (±2% accuracy); full scale ±3% accuracy ?Input impedence: 600Mohm ?Meets IEC1010 safety requirements ?35" ground lead ?Positive polarity only, not for microwave ovens
  • PCE-EM 29 - radio frequency meter The radio frequency meter comes with a spherical triaxle sensor for detecting electro-magnetic radiation. The radio frequency meter can be used for measuring transformers, as well as for evaluating magnetic fields produced by computer screens, televisions, industrial installations including electromotor and soldering behind protective screens. It radio frequency meter is also capable of detecting radiation emitted by wireless systems such as wireless LAN, GSM or for determining the radiation of microwave ovens. With a frequency range of up to 3.5GHz, it can be used for high frequencies. Thanks to its triaxle sensor, it can avoid the need for doing conversions for each axis. The small electronic smog meter is useful in the industrial field as well as in laboratories. Easy to use, quick and accurate.
    PCE Instruments
  • TM-194 - Microwave Leakage Detecter Microwave oven leakage detection. - Radio transmitter power output meter. - Wireless camera detection. - Office and personal Living environment EMF safety evaluations.
    Tenmars Electronics

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Microwave Meters - Measure microwaves - electromagnetic waves having a wavelength from 300 mm to 10 mm (1 GHz to 30 GHz).