Microphone Calibrators - aka Microphone Calibration

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  • SM-CAL1 - Sound Meter Calibrator The Amprobe SM-CAL1 is a sound meter calibrator with two output levels of 94 dB and 114 dB. The calibrator generates these fixed sound level signals for calibration of sound level meters. The unit ships with a ½" adaptor installed to accommodate sound meters and microphones with ½ diameter.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • SV 31A - Acoustic Calibrator The SV 30A type 1, two levels acoustic calibrator is the State of the Art instrument. The design of this calibrator is based on the dedicated ½" condenser microphone and microprocessor controlled signal source including digital static pressure and temperature compensation. These both features assure excellent stability of the calibration levels and their frequency. The SV 30A calibrator offer exceptional price versus performance ratio on the world market.
    Svantek Sp. Z O.o.
  • Type IFC-1 - Infrasound Calibrator Infrasound Calibrator Ttype IFC-1 is designed for calibration of acoustical instruments intended to meter of low-frequency signals according to ISO 7196 :1995 "Acoustics - Frequency weighting characteristic for infrasound measurements". Measuring microphone of the tested instrument is tightly coupled to the acoustic actuator of the infrasound calibrator by a pressure chamber. Internal acoustical actuator produces a low-frequency sound pressure in the cavity.
  • CAL250 - Microphone Calibrator The Larson Davis Model CAL250 is an ultra precise microphone calibrator delivering a full 114.0 dB level output signal. Its accuracy has been verified against the reference issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly National Bureau of Standards).
    Larson Davis
  • Type WK-8 - Multichannel Sound Calibrator Calibrator Type WK-8: • is a portable device to use in laboratory or in field conditions, • allows to calibrate simultaneously up to 8 measuring channels equipped with ½" microphones, • is equipped with an output of electrical reference signal enabling to check phase shift between particular measuring channels.
  • 840005 - Sound Meter The two scales cover the 40-80dB and 80-120dB ranges, with an accuracy of ±3.0 dB. Simple to operate; one selection dial with battery test mode and easy-to-read results. Stable, reliable operation with signal oscillator calibration and a capacitance microphone. Based on the "A" decibel frequency weighting. CE Approved. Comes with a carrying case, instructions and a 9-Volt battery.
    Sper Scientific

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Microphone Calibrators - an accurate sound units of measure to facilitate comparison to and adjustment of instruments. Sound Calibrators