Magnetic Field - aka H-field

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  • MGCH-2 - Magnetic Field Sensor he MGCH-2 sensor covers the 10 Hz to >100 kHz frequency band. Its noise performance in the 10 kHz to 100 kHz band is superior to any other sensor on the market. Noise at 10 kHz is <10 fT/sqrt Hz and at 100 kHz is <3 fT/sqrt Hz.
    Macintyre Electronic
  • E- and H-field Probes The SAR probes measure the fields in liquids or in the air, as defined in the standards.
  • CMOS-MAGVIEW - Flux distribution observation and magnetic field visualization The CMOS-MagView is a magneto-optical readout device for fast and precise visualization of magnetic field structures, flux distribution and stray fields based on Magneto Optical Indicator Films (read more about MOIFs and the Faraday effect).
    Absolute Magnetic
  • H-Field Rod Antenna The A.H. Systems' set of H-Field Rods provide an accurate standard for magnetic field testing. The rods are available individually or in a set of four to cover the frequency range of 100 Hz to 30 MHz.
  • Magnetocomp MC4200 - Magnetic Field Scanner The Magnetocomp MC4200 is a high precise measuring device for measurements of the magnetic field strength on the surface of magnets and magnet systems (field mapping). The measurements will be done with a hall probe. The magnetization of encoders with magnetic tracks requires a validation of the result. Measuring equipment Magnetocomp MC4200 is built up of high precise linear and rotational axes, which allow an accuracy of positioning of ±3µm or ±0,01° .
    Magnet-physik Dr
  • TMR Magnetic Sensors - SpinTJ Magnetic Field Sensors The SpinTJ magnetic sensor family builds upon Micro Magnetics? in-house expertise developing low-field magnetic tunnel junction sensor products. Based on our proprietary fabrication processes, we have developed patented recipes for fabricating macroscopic, micron-scale, and submicron MTJ field sensors.
    Micro Magnetics
  • EMFSafeRange - Electro magnetic Field Meter Measure the EMF (Electro magnetic Field) strength of every electrical device in your home, workplace or school; outdoor power lines, underground lines and even when you travel and shop for appliances.
    K-II Enterprises
  • H-Field Probe APREL have developed the H-Field probe for Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) testing which utilizes scientifically developed sensor arrangement and was developed for magnetic near field measurements of wireless devices to support specific requirements of ANSI C63.19.
  • MicroMag3 - 3-axis Magnetic Field Sensing Module The MicroMag3 is an integrated 3-axis magnetic field sensing module designed to aid in evaluation and prototyping of PNI Corporation?s technology. The MicroMag3 combines PNI Corporation?s patented Magneto-Inductive (MI) sensors and measurement circuit technology for unparalleled cost effectiveness and performance. The MI sensors change inductance by 100% over its field measurement range.
  • MR-3 - Magnetic Field Cancelling System 3-axis magnetic field cancelling system for electron microscopes (SEM and TEM), electron and ion beam experiments, nanotechnology, biomagnetic investigations, etc. High reliability through rugged analog design. No tedious programming, no chrashs. More than 300 MR-3 systems sold worldwide.
    Stefan Mayer Instruments
  • Grad-03 - Three-Axis Magnetic Field Gradiometer This instrument contains two closely spaced three-axis fluxgate elements (300/500/750mm baseline options) on a stable support beam, with versions for land (L) or marine (M) use. The unit operates from a power supply of ±12V and provides analog outputs representing the field in each of the six sensing elements and the internal temperature. A bipolar signal input is provided which injects a test signal into each individual channel.
    Bartington Instruments
  • Model 692 - Magnetic Field Mapping System The Model 692 is developed for measurement of the strength and quality of multipole magnet fields, for magnetic centering, and for precise positioning of alignment targets on the magnets. The measurement system has been designed with the aim to perform precise, fast and reliable measurements of series of magnets.
    Danfysik A/S
  • FoSmeter H - Magnetic Field Strength Meterc/w Loop Listener The FoSmeter H combines the functions of the FoSmeter magnetic field strength meter (as detailed in column two) and a loop listening device in one unit.
    SigNET AC Ltd
  • Field Finder Lite - Magnetic Field Meter Measures magnetic and electric fields. Frequency range of 15-1500 Hz. For measurement of electric and magnetic alternating fields.
    EnviroMentor AB
  • Magnetic field sensor ENB Standard-compliant measurement according to EN 62233
    For use with the measurement system UMS4
    Suitable for all signal forms due to measuring with reference procedure
    Isotropic sensor with 3 x 100 cm² coil surface
    Frequency range 10 Hz to 400 kHz
    Fauser Elektrotechnik
  • HM525 - Active H-Field Measurement Antenna The Active H-Field Measurement Antenna HM525 is a loop antenna. The voltage at its output is proportional to the amplitude of the alternating magnetic field applied. For overview measurements, the antenna can be operated in broadband mode in the total frequency range from 100 Hz to 30 MHz. To obtain maximum sensitivity, the antenna can be locally or remotely switched to the subrange mode. In this case the frequency range is divided into five subranges with different amplifier concepts in the active antenna part. For a functional check the antenna can be operated in the test mode. The antenna is individually calibrated by comparison and comes with a calibration report.
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
  • MSURGE - Magnetic impulse field test system single turn coil up to 3000 A/m field strength IEC/EN 61000-4-9 sturdy construction horizontal and vertical testing
    Haefely EMC Technology
  • Magnetic Field Sources The MEDA magnetic field sources generate accurate and uniform magnetic fields in a control volume. The sources use Helmholtz coils driven by control currents to produce stable magnetic fields from 1 nT to 200,000 nT. The accuracy of the field in the control volume is better than 0.05% of the setting.
    Macintyre Electronic
  • D-MAGNETIC FIELD MAPPER, The recently improved version of the SENIS Magnetic Field Mapping System MMS-1-RS allows a user to rapidly do a mapping of the magnetic field around an electromagnet or permanent magnet.
    Absolute Magnetic
  • Magnetic Field Regulation A complete system with electromagnet, power supply, nmr gaussmeter, pre amplifier, probe, regulation controller and cables.
  • FLC3-70 - 3-axis Magnetic field Sensor Compact, low-power, 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer for the measurement of weak magnetic field down to nanoteslas. Due to its rugged design and extended operating temperature range suited for automotive and aerospace applications and for deep drilling tools.
    Stefan Mayer Instruments
  • EHP-50D - Electric and Magnetic Isotropic Field Analyzer Field analyzer for low frequency fields, selective and broadband measurements simultaneously of all three axis. Isotropic measurement with internal electric and magnetic sensors. Electric and magnetic low frequency field analysis up to 100 kHz.
    Narda Safety Test
  • E 1 - Magnetic Field Sources The magnetic field sources are fed by the SGZ 21 generator and generate pulse-shaped magnetic fields through induction coils. The probes are guided by hand over the module to systematically search for magnetically susceptible circuit structures. 
    Langer EMV-Technik
  • MF300H+ - Magnetic Field Meter Our original meter which measures to 2 Tesla in 3 ranges. It captures using peak, average and RMS and features data logging with optional USB PC connection.
    Diverse Technologies

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Magnetic Field - A force field around magnets, electric current and atomic orbits.