Magnetic Field - aka H-field

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  • EHP-50D - Electric and Magnetic Isotropic Field Analyzer Field analyzer for low frequency fields, selective and broadband measurements simultaneously of all three axis. Isotropic measurement with internal electric and magnetic sensors. Electric and magnetic low frequency field analysis up to 100 kHz.
    Narda Safety Test
  • Field Finder V2 - Electric and Magnetic Field Meter Field Finder Provides a picture of the electrical environment quickly and easily. For measuring exposure and variations in magnetic fields. Measures magnetic fields from three directions.
    EnviroMentor AB
  • PTG-8A - Magnetic Field Generator for IEC 1000-4-8 PTG-8A is the TESEO power generator that in combination with a loop allows the performance of the magnetic field immunity test in accordance with IEC 1000-4-8.
    TESEO S.p.A.
  • MP-1 - Magnetic Field Meter The handy and network-independent magnetic field meter MP - 1 is used for rapid determination of Restmagnetisimus to steel parts, especially for review of magnetized parts. To the device, an axial-field probe, carrying case and a certificate will be provided.
    List Magnetik GmbH
  • MFS 100 - Combined power frequency and pulse magnetic field test system up to 1200A/m field strength for pulse magnetic field. up to 100A/m field strength for frequency magnetic field. IEC/EN 61000-4-8 IEC/EN 61000-4-9 sturdy construction horizontal and vertical testing
    Haefely EMC Technology
  • ELF-MAG - Magnetic Field Meter Handy, pocket-sized magnetic field monitor with 10 coloured LED lights providing measurements in nanotesla, from 0 - 2400 nT. Ideal for all magnetic fields from electrical sources at operating at frequencies between 20-1200 Hz, which includes normal mains electricity at 50/60Hz
    Sensory Perspective
  • Model 692 - Magnetic Field Mapping System The Model 692 is developed for measurement of the strength and quality of multipole magnet fields, for magnetic centering, and for precise positioning of alignment targets on the magnets. The measurement system has been designed with the aim to perform precise, fast and reliable measurements of series of magnets.
    Danfysik A/S
  • MAGNETOSCOP 1.069 - Magnetic Permeability and Magnetic Field Strength Measurement A portable battery operated flux-gate magnetometer that is used for measurement of low-level magnetic permeability and magnetic field strength. The instrument can be used to measure absolute magnetic permeability and field strength, and also to verify that non-magnetic materials and components are indeed non-magnetic.
    Institut Dr. Foerster
  • AMPERES - Magnetic Field 3D Software Analyze magnetic fields in applications including motors, solenoids, magnetic recording devices, sensors and magnetrons. Static and phasor analysis modes. Simulate non-linear, permanent magnet and lossy magnetic materials.
    Integrated Engineering
  • MicroMag3 - 3-axis Magnetic Field Sensing Module The MicroMag3 is an integrated 3-axis magnetic field sensing module designed to aid in evaluation and prototyping of PNI Corporation?s technology. The MicroMag3 combines PNI Corporation?s patented Magneto-Inductive (MI) sensors and measurement circuit technology for unparalleled cost effectiveness and performance. The MI sensors change inductance by 100% over its field measurement range.
  • H-Field Rod Antenna The A.H. Systems' set of H-Field Rods provide an accurate standard for magnetic field testing. The rods are available individually or in a set of four to cover the frequency range of 100 Hz to 30 MHz.
  • TMR Magnetic Sensors - SpinTJ Magnetic Field Sensors The SpinTJ magnetic sensor family builds upon Micro Magnetics? in-house expertise developing low-field magnetic tunnel junction sensor products. Based on our proprietary fabrication processes, we have developed patented recipes for fabricating macroscopic, micron-scale, and submicron MTJ field sensors.
    Micro Magnetics
  • MP - 2000 - Magnetic Field Meter The new magnetic field meter MP - 2000 first used probes (tangential and Axialfeldsonden), in which an own microcontroller, the analog sensor signals are digitized and linearized directly in the probe. This new technique is extremely trouble-free and allows very precise measurements, especially at high magnetic field strengths, where Hall probes can not operate linearly.
    List Magnetik GmbH
  • MF300H+ - Magnetic Field Meter Our original meter which measures to 2 Tesla in 3 ranges. It captures using peak, average and RMS and features data logging with optional USB PC connection.
    Diverse Technologies
  • Magnetocomp MC4200 - Magnetic Field Scanner The Magnetocomp MC4200 is a high precise measuring device for measurements of the magnetic field strength on the surface of magnets and magnet systems (field mapping). The measurements will be done with a hall probe. The magnetization of encoders with magnetic tracks requires a validation of the result. Measuring equipment Magnetocomp MC4200 is built up of high precise linear and rotational axes, which allow an accuracy of positioning of ±3µm or ±0,01° .
    Magnet-physik Dr
  • Mag648/Mag649 - Low Power Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors Small sized three-axis magnetic field sensors enabling low noise magnetic field measurements with exceptional measurement sensitivity. With less than 15mW power consumption and high environmental protection, these instruments are ideal for battery powered applications and as part of multi-sensor perimeter arrays. Designed for surveillance and perimeter security applications, the Mag648 is available in variants suitable for use on land or underwater (submersible to 2000m). The Mag649 offers similar functionality but with bandwidth extended to 1kHz. Unpackaged versions can also be supplied. The Mag648U-60-NS1 is an unpackaged version with a narrow noise band between 10-15pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.
    Bartington Instruments
  • TM-192D - 3 axis Magnetic Field Meter 4 digits LCD, maximum reading 9999. - Range: 20/2000 mG, 2/20/200uT. - 30 to 2000Hz. - Triple Axis. - USB interface datalogger.
    Tenmars Electronics
  • MMS-1-RS - Magnetic Field Mapping System MMS-1-RS allows a user to do a fast and high resolution mapping of the magnetic field around an electromagnet or permanent magnet. The map of the magnetic field may be given in the form of color coded 2D or 3D isometric visual display on PC screen, as tables of the numerical values of the three components, as the total magnetic field, etc.
    SENIS Ag
  • MP - 1000 - Magnetic Field Meter The new magnetic field meter MP - 1000 first used probes (tangential and Axialfeldsonden), in which an own microcontroller, the analog sensor signals are digitized and linearized directly in the probe. This new technique is extremely trouble-free and allows very precise measurements, especially at high magnetic field strengths, where Hall probes can not operate linearly.
    List Magnetik GmbH
  • MGA 8000 - Magnetic field generator and analyzer The magnetic field generator and analyzer MGA 8000 allows susceptibility tests against magnetic fields from DC to 100 kHz according to the standard EN 55103-2 (product standard for proffesional audio, video and light control technics) and their measurement according to EN 55103-1. Besides that the MGA 8000 is designed to lead through susceptibility tests against magnetic fields with power frequencies according to IEC 61000-4-8 / EN 61000-4-8.
    Schlöder GmbH
  • Mag-03 - Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor These sensors offer excellent low noise performance and temperature stability in a small package, and are designed to provide precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes. Available with full scale ranges from ±70µT to ±1000µT and a frequency response of DC to 3kHz, the Mag-03 has three noise options – low noise (<6pTrms/?Hz at 1Hz), standard noise (<10pTrms/?Hz at 1Hz) and basic noise (<20pTrms/?Hz at 1Hz). A wide variety of cylindrical, square section and submersible enclosures can be supplied to suit many different applications.
    Bartington Instruments
  • Grad-03 - Three-Axis Magnetic Field Gradiometer This instrument contains two closely spaced three-axis fluxgate elements (300/500/750mm baseline options) on a stable support beam, with versions for land (L) or marine (M) use. The unit operates from a power supply of ±12V and provides analog outputs representing the field in each of the six sensing elements and the internal temperature. A bipolar signal input is provided which injects a test signal into each individual channel.
    Bartington Instruments
  • IEC 1000-4-8 - Magnetic Field Immunity Systems Magnetic fields generated at AC power mains frequently degrade residential, commercial, industrial and medical electronic equipment. These 50Hz and 60Hz magnetic fields produced in the vicinity of power transformers can cause problems for CRT's, Hall effect sensors and other electronic products. Electronics products can be tested for immunity to power frequency magnetic fields using Fischer Custom Communication, Inc. family of IEC 1000-4-8 magnetic field immunity test systems.
    Fischer Custom Communications
  • FoSmeter H - Magnetic Field Strength Meterc/w Loop Listener The FoSmeter H combines the functions of the FoSmeter magnetic field strength meter (as detailed in column two) and a loop listening device in one unit.
    SigNET AC Ltd

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Magnetic Field - A force field around magnets, electric current and atomic orbits.