Magnetic Field - aka H-field

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  • Ae30-300 - H-field active loop antenna The principle of operation is that an RF voltage appears across the terminals of a loop when it is placed in an electromagnetic field. This voltage is proportional to frequency for a given field strength. Therefore at Very Low Frequencies, the voltage is very small, and requires greater amplification.
    Quartzlock (UK) Ltd
  • FH 51 + FH 54 - Magnetic Field Strength Meter Gaussmeter / Teslameter A particular feature of both the Gaussmeter FH 51 and the Gaussmeter FH 54 is the easy handling and the multitude of functions. They enable measurement of the magnetic flux density or field strength in Tesla (T), Gauss (G) or Ampere per meter (A/m). The Gaussmeter FH 51 is the favourably-priced introductory model to the Magnet-Physik Gaussmeter range.
    Magnet-physik Dr
  • Mag670 - Compact Single Axis Magnetic Field Sensor The Mag670 is a low cost, small footprint general purpose sensor, offering exceptional performance for its size and price. This analogue sensor has a frequency response of DC to >1kHz and measuring ranges of ±100, ±500 or ±1000µT. Highly versatile and supplied packaged or unpackaged, it can be integrated into an OEM system or applied directly to provide magnetic field measurements.
    Bartington Instruments
  • MFM 2000 - Dual Band Magnetic Field Meter Dual Band Magnetic Field Meter frequency range 5 Hz - 2 kHz and 2 kHz - 400 kHz according to MPR 2 and TCO certification specifications. Real time dual band spectrum analysis.
    Combinova Marketing
  • Grad-03 - Three-Axis Magnetic Field Gradiometer This instrument contains two closely spaced three-axis fluxgate elements (300/500/750mm baseline options) on a stable support beam, with versions for land (L) or marine (M) use. The unit operates from a power supply of ±12V and provides analog outputs representing the field in each of the six sensing elements and the internal temperature. A bipolar signal input is provided which injects a test signal into each individual channel.
    Bartington Instruments
  • Pace-Alert DCM - DC Magnetic Field Detector The Pace-alert DCM detects strong DC magnetic field that may interfere with the functioning of cardiac pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. Upon detection of such field, the Pace-alert DCM warns recipients with a visual alarm so they can quickly move from potential causes of interference.
    Osun Technologies
  • EM-7530 - Magnetic Field Strength Meter Full operation from either front-panel controls or from computer via GPIB for maximum versatility. Special compact highly-sensitive magnetic sensors sharing EM-7530 frontend circuits for measurements previously not feasible.
  • MGCH-2 - Magnetic Field Sensor he MGCH-2 sensor covers the 10 Hz to >100 kHz frequency band. Its noise performance in the 10 kHz to 100 kHz band is superior to any other sensor on the market. Noise at 10 kHz is <10 fT/sqrt Hz and at 100 kHz is <3 fT/sqrt Hz.
    Macintyre Electronic
  • Magnetocomp MC4200 - Magnetic Field Scanner The Magnetocomp MC4200 is a high precise measuring device for measurements of the magnetic field strength on the surface of magnets and magnet systems (field mapping). The measurements will be done with a hall probe. The magnetization of encoders with magnetic tracks requires a validation of the result. Measuring equipment Magnetocomp MC4200 is built up of high precise linear and rotational axes, which allow an accuracy of positioning of ±3µm or ±0,01° .
    Magnet-physik Dr
  • MSURGE - Magnetic impulse field test system single turn coil up to 3000 A/m field strength IEC/EN 61000-4-9 sturdy construction horizontal and vertical testing
    Haefely EMC Technology
  • EMFSafeRange - Electro magnetic Field Meter Measure the EMF (Electro magnetic Field) strength of every electrical device in your home, workplace or school; outdoor power lines, underground lines and even when you travel and shop for appliances.
    K-II Enterprises
  • MF300B+ - MAGNETIC FIELD METER This instrument measures the level of magnetism inside steel material. Its novel flux steeling probe diverts flux from the material into the sensor. This unit is ideal for NDT use providing confirmation that minimum flux levels have been reached in the material under test.
    Diverse Technologies
  • Field Finder V2 - Electric and Magnetic Field Meter Field Finder Provides a picture of the electrical environment quickly and easily. For measuring exposure and variations in magnetic fields. Measures magnetic fields from three directions.
    EnviroMentor AB
  • F-301-1 - H-Field Loop Sensor This small shielded loop sensor can be used with a spectrum analyzer or receiver to detect emissions over a wide frequency spectrum. The sensor is capable of detecting radiation from currents on surface as well as wires and holes in shields. The loop area is ideal for resolving changes over small distances, making it useful for diagnostic testing of circuitboards, cabling and shielded structures.
    Fischer Custom Communications
  • TMR Magnetic Sensors - SpinTJ Magnetic Field Sensors The SpinTJ magnetic sensor family builds upon Micro Magnetics? in-house expertise developing low-field magnetic tunnel junction sensor products. Based on our proprietary fabrication processes, we have developed patented recipes for fabricating macroscopic, micron-scale, and submicron MTJ field sensors.
    Micro Magnetics
  • MAGNETIC EYE - Easy and portable magnetic field visualization in microscopic resolution The MagneticEye is a small, portable handheld microscope with high resolution camera and MOIF (read more about MOIFs and the faraday effect) for microscopic investigations. There is no need to provide external illumination sources since all necessary electronic components are housed within the system. Whenever your application involves fields in the minimum range of 0.05mT, the MagneticEye is capable of providing a magnetic field map instantly.
    Absolute Magnetic
  • MGC-1 - Magnetic Field Sensor The MGC-1 sensor covers the 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency band. It has lower noise than the MGCH-2 below 100 Hz. Noise at 10 Hz is < 0.5 pT/sqrt Hz and at 1 kHz is <20 fT/sqrt Hz.
    Macintyre Electronic
  • MP-1 - Magnetic Field Meter The handy and network-independent magnetic field meter MP - 1 is used for rapid determination of Restmagnetisimus to steel parts, especially for review of magnetized parts. To the device, an axial-field probe, carrying case and a certificate will be provided.
    List Magnetik GmbH
  • PTG-8A - Magnetic Field Generator for IEC 1000-4-8 PTG-8A is the TESEO power generator that in combination with a loop allows the performance of the magnetic field immunity test in accordance with IEC 1000-4-8.
    TESEO S.p.A.
  • Mini Helmholtz coils for Characterization of Magnetic Field Sensors Mini Helmholtz Coils generate high magnetic fields with very high frequency bandwidth in a small volume.
    SENIS Ag
  • Magnetic Field Regulation A complete system with electromagnet, power supply, nmr gaussmeter, pre amplifier, probe, regulation controller and cables.
  • EMDEX II - Magnetic Field Measurement System EMDEX II is a powerful magnetic field measurement system based on EPRI's original power frequency recording magnetic field exposure meter. The EMDEX II and its EMCALC software package can be used for exposure assessment, research projects, and general measurements of power frequency magnetic fields. The EMDEX II's on-board computer records field levels based upon user-defined parameters and can download results to a PC for easy analysis.
    Enertech Consultants
  • CMOS-MAGVIEW - Flux distribution observation and magnetic field visualization The CMOS-MagView is a magneto-optical readout device for fast and precise visualization of magnetic field structures, flux distribution and stray fields based on Magneto Optical Indicator Films (read more about MOIFs and the Faraday effect).
    Absolute Magnetic
  • E- and H-field Probes The SAR probes measure the fields in liquids or in the air, as defined in the standards.

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Magnetic Field - A force field around magnets, electric current and atomic orbits.