Magnetic Field - aka H-field

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  • Field Finder Lite - Magnetic Field Meter Measures magnetic and electric fields. Frequency range of 15-1500 Hz. For measurement of electric and magnetic alternating fields.
    EnviroMentor AB
  • EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 - Magnetic Field Probes The EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 Magnetic Field Probes operate in conjunction with any 50 ohm input impedance receivers. For optimum efficiency each probe covers a different RF band. The EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 matches RF Bands 1-5, 5-10 and 11-13 respectively. on the EM-2115 Interference Analyzer/Receiver.
  • MP - 1000 - Magnetic Field Meter The new magnetic field meter MP - 1000 first used probes (tangential and Axialfeldsonden), in which an own microcontroller, the analog sensor signals are digitized and linearized directly in the probe. This new technique is extremely trouble-free and allows very precise measurements, especially at high magnetic field strengths, where Hall probes can not operate linearly.
    List Magnetik GmbH
  • FLC3-70 - 3-axis Magnetic field Sensor Compact, low-power, 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer for the measurement of weak magnetic field down to nanoteslas. Due to its rugged design and extended operating temperature range suited for automotive and aerospace applications and for deep drilling tools.
    Stefan Mayer Instruments
  • MSURGE - Magnetic impulse field test system single turn coil up to 3000 A/m field strength IEC/EN 61000-4-9 sturdy construction horizontal and vertical testing
    Haefely EMC Technology
  • MicroMag3 - 3-axis Magnetic Field Sensing Module The MicroMag3 is an integrated 3-axis magnetic field sensing module designed to aid in evaluation and prototyping of PNI Corporation?s technology. The MicroMag3 combines PNI Corporation?s patented Magneto-Inductive (MI) sensors and measurement circuit technology for unparalleled cost effectiveness and performance. The MI sensors change inductance by 100% over its field measurement range.
  • Grad-03 - Three-Axis Magnetic Field Gradiometer This instrument contains two closely spaced three-axis fluxgate elements (300/500/750mm baseline options) on a stable support beam, with versions for land (L) or marine (M) use. The unit operates from a power supply of ±12V and provides analog outputs representing the field in each of the six sensing elements and the internal temperature. A bipolar signal input is provided which injects a test signal into each individual channel.
    Bartington Instruments
  • MAGNETO - Magnetic Field Solver MAGNETO is an easy-to-use 2D/RS magnetic field solver for applications like: Clutches, Solenoids, Motors, Sensors, Actuators. Choose the Boundary Element Method (BEM), Finite Element Method (FEM) or Hybrid Method Solver that combines the strengths of both BEM and FEM analysis.
    Integrated Engineering
  • Ae30-300 - H-field active loop antenna The principle of operation is that an RF voltage appears across the terminals of a loop when it is placed in an electromagnetic field. This voltage is proportional to frequency for a given field strength. Therefore at Very Low Frequencies, the voltage is very small, and requires greater amplification.
    Quartzlock (UK) Ltd
  • MF300H+ - Magnetic Field Meter Our original meter which measures to 2 Tesla in 3 ranges. It captures using peak, average and RMS and features data logging with optional USB PC connection.
    Diverse Technologies
  • MGC-1 - Magnetic Field Sensor The MGC-1 sensor covers the 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency band. It has lower noise than the MGCH-2 below 100 Hz. Noise at 10 Hz is < 0.5 pT/sqrt Hz and at 1 kHz is <20 fT/sqrt Hz.
    Macintyre Electronic
  • MAGNEOMAT® - Precise Magnetic Field Measurement MAGNETOMAT system consists of splash-water-proof or pressure-water-tight sensors with 1 to 3 measurement axes, sensor for earth's field fluctuations, electronic circuitry for measurement data acquisition, editing and further-processing and storage, power supply unit, cable connections between sensors and measuring station and interfaces for external communication.
    Institut Dr. Foerster
  • ELF-MAG - Magnetic Field Meter Handy, pocket-sized magnetic field monitor with 10 coloured LED lights providing measurements in nanotesla, from 0 - 2400 nT. Ideal for all magnetic fields from electrical sources at operating at frequencies between 20-1200 Hz, which includes normal mains electricity at 50/60Hz
    Sensory Perspective
  • MAGNETOSCOP 1.069 - Magnetic Permeability and Magnetic Field Strength Measurement A portable battery operated flux-gate magnetometer that is used for measurement of low-level magnetic permeability and magnetic field strength. The instrument can be used to measure absolute magnetic permeability and field strength, and also to verify that non-magnetic materials and components are indeed non-magnetic.
    Institut Dr. Foerster
  • AMPERES - Magnetic Field 3D Software Analyze magnetic fields in applications including motors, solenoids, magnetic recording devices, sensors and magnetrons. Static and phasor analysis modes. Simulate non-linear, permanent magnet and lossy magnetic materials.
    Integrated Engineering
  • EM-7530 - Magnetic Field Strength Meter Full operation from either front-panel controls or from computer via GPIB for maximum versatility. Special compact highly-sensitive magnetic sensors sharing EM-7530 frontend circuits for measurements previously not feasible.
  • MR-3 - Magnetic Field Cancelling System 3-axis magnetic field cancelling system for electron microscopes (SEM and TEM), electron and ion beam experiments, nanotechnology, biomagnetic investigations, etc. High reliability through rugged analog design. No tedious programming, no chrashs. More than 300 MR-3 systems sold worldwide.
    Stefan Mayer Instruments
  • S 2 - Magnetic Field Probe Set The magnetic field probes measure fast transient magnetic pulse fields and pulse currents in electronic devices and modules under the influence of extreme disturbances. The objective is to clarify magnetic field-related disturbance immunity phenomena which are triggered by burst or ESD processes.
    Langer EMV-Technik
  • MATS-2100RMT - Magnetic Field Tracer The apparatus is mainly to measure the distribution of the surface magnet of the multipole toroidal magnetic core, include the peak value, angle, area, width and half height of each magnetic pole. Auto determinate the number of poles of the toroidal magnetic core and the polarity of the magnetic pole, statistic and analyse the measuring result,
    Hunan Linkjoin Technology
  • Mag566 - Low Power Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor An unpackaged miniature three-axis sensor with a full-scale range of ±100µT and a frequency response of DC to 35Hz . Its 20mW power consumption, low noise and good temperature stability make this magnetic field sensor ideal for battery powered applications. With its low cost, the Mag566 is a good choice for use in multi-sensor arrays.
    Bartington Instruments
  • H-Field Rod Antenna The A.H. Systems' set of H-Field Rods provide an accurate standard for magnetic field testing. The rods are available individually or in a set of four to cover the frequency range of 100 Hz to 30 MHz.
  • TM-191 - Magnetic Field Meter 3½ digits LCD - 200/2000 mG,20/200µT. - 30Hz to 300Hz. - Single Axis.
    Tenmars Electronics
  • NUL-214 - Magnetic Field Logger Sensor This is a very sensitive magnetic fields sensor. It can measure a very low level of magnetic fields such as the magnetic field of Earth. The logger sensor measures the magnetic fields in milli Tesla (mT).
  • Mag678/Mag679 - Low Power Single Axis Magnetic Field Sensors ow power consumption of just 10mW, these products are well suited to battery powered operation and incorporation in multi-sensor arrays. Designed to meet the requirements of surveillance and perimeter security applications, the Mag678 can be supplied for use on land or underwater (submersible to 2000m). The Mag679 offers the same advantages but extends bandwidth to 1kHz. Unpackaged variants are also available.
    Bartington Instruments

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Magnetic Field - A force field around magnets, electric current and atomic orbits.