Magnetic Field - aka H-field

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  • NSG 5600 - Complex Voltage Variations, Magnetic Field Test, Sinusoidal Burst Based on a function generator/amplifier combination, the NSG 5600 includes features for simulation of vehicle voltage starting profiles, dips and drops, transformer coupled and other sine wave noise and magnetic field immunity testing.
    Teseq AG
  • MMS-1-RS - Magnetic Field Mapping System MMS-1-RS allows a user to do a fast and high resolution mapping of the magnetic field around an electromagnet or permanent magnet. The map of the magnetic field may be given in the form of color coded 2D or 3D isometric visual display on PC screen, as tables of the numerical values of the three components, as the total magnetic field, etc.
    SENIS Ag
  • MAG 100 - AC Power Frequency magnetic field generation single turn coils up to 110A/m field strength different coil sizes available exactly as defined in IEC 1000-4-8 EN 61000-6-1, 61000-6-2 sturdy construction horizontal and vertical testing.
    Haefely EMC Technology
  • DX-2100R - Multipolar Magnetic Field Distribution Tester DX-2100R multipolar magnetic field distribution tester is developed and designed by Xiamen Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd, combining with the the actual needs of magnet ring manufacturers and motor companies, after years of unremitting efforts. It is high-tech product, specially used for the measurement and analysis of multipolar magnet ring surface magnetic field distribution. For magnet ring manufacturers and related motor enterprises, it is an indispensable tool for designing magnet ring and quality inspection.
    Dexing Magnet Tech
  • FD 3 - Portable Magnetic Field Logger / Dosimeter in the ELF (20-2000Hz) range System FD 3 is a powerful and easy to use tool for data collection and analysis of low frequency magnetic field exposure in industrial, office and residential environments. System FD 3 is a combined dosimeter and direct-reading magnetic field meter.
    Combinova Marketing
  • EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 - Magnetic Field Probes The EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 Magnetic Field Probes operate in conjunction with any 50 ohm input impedance receivers. For optimum efficiency each probe covers a different RF band. The EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 matches RF Bands 1-5, 5-10 and 11-13 respectively. on the EM-2115 Interference Analyzer/Receiver.
  • FD1 - Handheld Magnetic & Electric Field Meter in the ELF (20-2000Hz) range Field Detector 1 is a combined instrument for electric and magnetic field measurements. FD 1 can be used for measurements on all kinds of electric equipment that generates low frequency electric and magnetic fields in the band I (20 - 2000Hz). It is also suitable for band I measurements of Video Display Units.
    Combinova Marketing
  • FD2 - Handheld magnetic and electric field meter in the VLF (2-400kHz) range Field detector 2 is a combined instrument for electric and magnetic field measurements. It is designed for quick and easy measurements in different work and home environments. The instrument is equipped with a large and easily read thermometer type LED-display with max-hold indication, making it easy to find different field sources.
    Combinova Marketing
  • MAGNEOMAT® - Precise Magnetic Field Measurement MAGNETOMAT system consists of splash-water-proof or pressure-water-tight sensors with 1 to 3 measurement axes, sensor for earth's field fluctuations, electronic circuitry for measurement data acquisition, editing and further-processing and storage, power supply unit, cable connections between sensors and measuring station and interfaces for external communication.
    Institut Dr. Foerster
  • FH 51 + FH 54 - Magnetic Field Strength Meter Gaussmeter / Teslameter A particular feature of both the Gaussmeter FH 51 and the Gaussmeter FH 54 is the easy handling and the multitude of functions. They enable measurement of the magnetic flux density or field strength in Tesla (T), Gauss (G) or Ampere per meter (A/m). The Gaussmeter FH 51 is the favourably-priced introductory model to the Magnet-Physik Gaussmeter range.
    Magnet-physik Dr
  • PTG-8A - Magnetic Field Generator for IEC 1000-4-8 PTG-8A is the TESEO power generator that in combination with a loop allows the performance of the magnetic field immunity test in accordance with IEC 1000-4-8.
    TESEO S.p.A.
  • Mini Helmholtz coils for Characterization of Magnetic Field Sensors Mini Helmholtz Coils generate high magnetic fields with very high frequency bandwidth in a small volume.
    SENIS Ag
  • MAGNETO - Magnetic Field Solver MAGNETO is an easy-to-use 2D/RS magnetic field solver for applications like: Clutches, Solenoids, Motors, Sensors, Actuators. Choose the Boundary Element Method (BEM), Finite Element Method (FEM) or Hybrid Method Solver that combines the strengths of both BEM and FEM analysis.
    Integrated Engineering
  • Model 692 - Magnetic Field Mapping System The Model 692 is developed for measurement of the strength and quality of multipole magnet fields, for magnetic centering, and for precise positioning of alignment targets on the magnets. The measurement system has been designed with the aim to perform precise, fast and reliable measurements of series of magnets.
    Danfysik A/S
  • FLC3-70 - 3-axis Magnetic field Sensor Compact, low-power, 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer for the measurement of weak magnetic field down to nanoteslas. Due to its rugged design and extended operating temperature range suited for automotive and aerospace applications and for deep drilling tools.
    Stefan Mayer Instruments
  • V2Xe - 2-axis Compass and Magnetic Field Sensing Module The V2Xe is an integrated 2-axis compass and magnetic field sensing module featuring an on-board microprocessor for control and interfacing. The V2Xe combines PNI Corporation?s patented Magneto-Inductive (MI) sensors and measurement circuit technology for unparalleled cost effectiveness and performance. The MI sensor changes inductance by 100% over its field measurement range.
  • Ae30-300 - H-field active loop antenna The principle of operation is that an RF voltage appears across the terminals of a loop when it is placed in an electromagnetic field. This voltage is proportional to frequency for a given field strength. Therefore at Very Low Frequencies, the voltage is very small, and requires greater amplification.
    Quartzlock (UK) Ltd
  • Magnetocomp MC4200 - Magnetic Field Scanner The Magnetocomp MC4200 is a high precise measuring device for measurements of the magnetic field strength on the surface of magnets and magnet systems (field mapping). The measurements will be done with a hall probe. The magnetization of encoders with magnetic tracks requires a validation of the result. Measuring equipment Magnetocomp MC4200 is built up of high precise linear and rotational axes, which allow an accuracy of positioning of ±3µm or ±0,01° .
    Magnet-physik Dr
  • Mag-03RC - Marine Range Magnetic Field Sensor A three-axis magnetometer designed primarily for use in marine magnetic ranges (signature analysis) and surveillance, but also suitable for any application involving magnetic field measurement underwater. Capable of continuous operation at a depth of up to 200m, with connecting cable lengths of up to 1000m.
    Bartington Instruments
  • NUL-214 - Magnetic Field Logger Sensor This is a very sensitive magnetic fields sensor. It can measure a very low level of magnetic fields such as the magnetic field of Earth. The logger sensor measures the magnetic fields in milli Tesla (mT).
  • Mag690 - Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor This low cost sensor is designed for general purpose measurements of static and alternating fields. It is available with measuring ranges of ±100µT, ±500µT and ±1000µT, and has a frequency response from DC to 1kHz. The Mag690 has two connector options and can be supplied with flying leads or unpackaged.
    Bartington Instruments
  • GAX 1030 - Magnetic Field Generator/Analyzer Magnetic field test system for the following standards: SO 11452-8, SAE J1113-22, ISO 11452-10, MIL-STD 461E (CS101, CE101, RE101, RS101 and CS109), EN 55103-1/2, EN 61000-4-16 and further Automotive Standards
    Dr. Hubert GmbH
  • Grad-03 - Three-Axis Magnetic Field Gradiometer This instrument contains two closely spaced three-axis fluxgate elements (300/500/750mm baseline options) on a stable support beam, with versions for land (L) or marine (M) use. The unit operates from a power supply of ±12V and provides analog outputs representing the field in each of the six sensing elements and the internal temperature. A bipolar signal input is provided which injects a test signal into each individual channel.
    Bartington Instruments
  • TM-191 - Magnetic Field Meter 3½ digits LCD - 200/2000 mG,20/200µT. - 30Hz to 300Hz. - Single Axis.
    Tenmars Electronics

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Magnetic Field - A force field around magnets, electric current and atomic orbits.