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  • Bus Doctor RX - SD/SDIO/MMC/CE-ATA Protocol Analyzer The Bus Doctor™ RX SD/SDIO pod protocol analyzer allows storage, silicon, and design engineers working with this technology to capture, decode and analyze bus states, command tokens, and response tokens, and to measure bus performance. The Bus Doctor's interface is intuitive and employs the Bus Doctor legendary easy-to-use GUI software, making it the ideal analyzer for anyone developing SD/SDIO hosts, devices, drivers, and consumer electronic products
  • ComProbe® SD - Protocol Analyzer : SD/SDIO/SPI/MMC With the proliferation of portable electronic devices and the need for greater storage capacity came the Secure Digital (SD) memory card, a non-volatile data storage format that has gained widepread popularity for its small size, ease of use and low power consumption. Today, the SD format is found in thousands of product models representing a wide variety of consumer applications, from cameras to game consoles to mobile phones.
    Frontline Test Equipment
  • AMC Tester An automated software tool for testing the hardware management software in Module Management Controllers (MMC) for AMCs. The AMC Tester is an automated test suite for testing the hardware-management software implementation in Module Management Controllers (MMC) and Carrier Managers essential for MMCs.
    Polaris Networks
  • MMCA Sleuth Pro - MMCA Bus protocol Analyzer MMCA Sleuth Pro is one of the Protocol Analyzers of the wide range of Sleuth Pro product line. It is a very productive tool designed for debugging, testing and validating MMC, MMCA and SD technology related applications and products. MMCA Sleuth Pro provides features with great accuracy and is designed for high performance, intelligent data buffering and analyzing flexible data flows between SD/MMC host and SD/MMC Card.
    Jinvani Sysech
  • Mitsubishi MUT-3 In accordance with releasing new products that introduce CAN communications systems, MMC has developed the MUT-III as a next generation diagnosis tester for servicing these new and future vehicles.
    China Century Technology
  • MMC 220 Extended Range - Moisture Meter This meter is the same as the MMC210 with the exception of the Extended Range Specify Gravity (SG) allowing settings of .20 - 1.0 to accommodate exotic woods. Like the MMC210, one of the features of this meter that makes it great for measuring MC in ?hard-to-get-to? places is the Press and Hold feature. This allows the user to take a reading in a place they cannot see such as behind a toilet, refrigerator, etc.
    Wagner Electronics
  • STP-01Q STP-01QE - Snubber Capacitors Protecting Thyristor against transient voltage and current -Applications where high dv/dt is encountered -SMPS Snubbering circuit - MMC Ca p a c ito r s / Multi-Mini Capacitors m od u le
    HK Film Capacitor
  • P08TH - Small Thermometer Hygrometer Measuring range: 0C to 50C / 32F to 122F Resolution: 0.1C/0.2F Accuracy: +/-1C at 15C to 35C, +/-2C at other range Unit Size: 64x47x12.5mm Display Size: 46x20mmC/F can be choice by button MAX/MIN Memory Clear Memory
  • NMC - Modulation Measurement System This connector panel is used to bring test signals from the rear side of a rack up to the front side of the rack so that measurements can be made without climbing in behind the rack. Each MMC has an "F" type (female) connector for a cable combiner sample, and "F" type (female) connectors for both the Video and Audio I.F. loops.
    FM Systems
  • MP300 MC1 - Smart Card Tester Its versatility (support of ISO7816-3, USB 2.0, MMC/SC, SWP protocols) makes it the right tool available today, compatible with the smartcards you will have to produce tomorrow (SIM, U-SIM, Mega-SIM). The powerful hardware design will offer you the highest production speeds, and this, for a very friendly price.
  • MP300 TPC1 - Smart Card Tester This reader/writer will allow the chip or smartcard manufacturer to electrically check his chips, before proceeding to personalization and pre-personalization, using the ISO 7816-3 protocol, or any high speed interface of his choice (both USB 2.0 and MMC/SD are supported), making it the most complete tester available today for new generation SIM chips.
  • MMC4015 - Wide Cardioid Microphone Capsule The MMC4015 capsule is part of the flexible DPA Reference Standard series. The 4015A with the MMP-A preamplifier suits acoustic instruments and voices with rich and open sound, where the 4015C with the MMP-C compact preamplifier is an excellent spot mic as a fill-in between an omni and a cardioid – and easier to position.
    DPA Microphones
  • MMC2006 - Twin Diaphragm Omni Microphone Capsule The overall distinctive sound image from the DPA miniatures is so well balanced that it meets the high demands of the DPA Reference Standard league. In an MMC2006 capsule two opposite facing miniature capsules are custom re-built into a double diaphragm, one-capsule composition. This combines the advantages of small capsules (fast impulse response and large frequency bandwidth) with lower inherent noise achieved from a larger diaphragm area.
    DPA Microphones
  • MMC4017 - Shotgun Microphone Capsule The MMC4017 capsule is part of the flexible DPA Reference Standard series. Equipped with a highly directional supercardioid pickup pattern, obtained using a supercardioid design with an interference tube that provides excellent off-axis rejection, the DPA 4017B combined with the MMP-B preamplifier is a short and exceptionally lightweight shotgun microphone that truly measures up to DPA's impressive reputation for accuracy, clarity, and musicality.
    DPA Microphones
  • MMC4006 - Omni Microphone Capsule The MMC4006 capsule is part of the flexible DPA Reference Standard series. The 4006A with the MMP-A preamplifier is a legendary recording classic with natural tone and dynamics, where the 4006C with the MMP-C compact preamplifier provides neutral sonic and visual design for reproducing acoustic environments.
    DPA Microphones
  • SD Designer - SD Card Modeling And Verification Software SD Designer is a highly advanced functional verification tool that includes compatibility testing for SD / SDIO / MMC technology product development. It provides small easy to use windows based GUI to test SD compliance cards. It provides a complete set of APIs and support for windows WDM architecture. SD Designer targets hardware developer & ASIC designers to test SD device interface communication and provides flexibility to check wide variety of test conditions.
    Jinvani Sysech
  • MMC4011 - Cardioid Microphone Capsule The MMC4011 capsule is part of the flexible DPA Reference Standard series. The 4011A with the MMP-A preamplifier is the worldwide reference standard for extreme sound level handling, where the 4011C with the MMP-C compact preamplifier is excellent for compact and precise close-miking of the majority of instruments.
    DPA Microphones
  • SD Card Next Generation SD / MMCA Extender Card Jinvani Systech Inc has developed highly advance and fast performing SD EXTPC , supporting both Mini SD Form Factor and Regular SD card Form factor along with MMC, MMCA(1/4/8 bits), RSMMC and other dual mode cards. With its complete 9 pin access as well as Card Found Signal, Jinvani Extender card gives unique solution for buffered probing. With its 4 layered board, the SD EXTPC provides low noise and highly sensitive probing in the range of 1mV.
    Jinvani Sysech
  • CT1000 - Smart Card - HF - UHF Testers The CT1000 testers are open and configurable to test any kind of communication protocols used on smart cards, and to be updated for new technologies. The systems can test devices that use common standard protocols (as ISO 18000, EPC Global Gen 2, ISO 14443, ISO 15693, MIFARE™, DESFIRE™, FeliCa™, ISO 11784/85, ICode™, Hitag™, ISO 7816, ISO 7813), and are ready to test also the next generation of cards protocols, such as: USB-Keys, MMC, Micro-SD (with and without CPU inside), M-SIM, HD-SIM, SIM-WAVE, and I2C.
    SPEA Italy S.p.A.
  • SAMA5D36 - ARM Cortex-A5 Processor with ARM v7-A Thumb2® The SAMA5D3 Xplained board is built around the integration of a Cortex ®-A5-based microcontroller (BGA 324 package) with external memory, dual Ethernet physical layer transceiver, two SD/MMC interfaces, two host USB ports and one device USB port, one 24-bit RGB LCD interface and one debug interface. Eight headers, compatible with Arduino R3, are available for various shield connections.
    Embest Info&Tech
  • SD Sleuth Pro - SD Bus Protocol Analyzer SD Sleuth Pro is revolutionizing SD protocol testing technology. It is a very productive tool designed for debugging, testing and validating SD / SDIO and MMC technology related applications and products. SD Sleuth provides features with great accuracy and is designed for high performance, intelligent data buffering and analyzing flexible data flows between SD host and SD Card. SD Sleuth facilitates engineers to develop & design their faster than ever, while maximizing quality to ultimately create industry-winning products developments.
    Jinvani Sysech

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