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  • NI SMA-2164 - Accessory for LVDS Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzers Accessory for NI 6562 and 6561 LVDS digital waveform generator/analyzers SMA connectors for easy access to data and control signals Quick connection to other devices for testing and prototyping
    National Instruments
  • MSK 33/TM - Signal meter Signal meter Sat/Terr/DVB-T; TFT colour screen 5,5"; graphic, QPSK, MPEG and DVB-T cards; Echo software; LVDS interface
    Kathrein Group
  • LTCX Video Probes - Accessories for FlexMedia A-Series Products Completing the FlexMedia A-Series family, Alfamation's LTCX video probes offer:

    * Maximized signal integrity along 30 ft (10 m) of coaxial cabling
    * Optimal solution for LVDS test through RF shielded boxes
    * Reduced LVDS test solution cost
    * Wide variety of proprietary and open standard LVDS probes
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • MSK 33/TMR - Signal meter Signal meter Sat/Terr/DVB-T; TFT colour screen 5,5"; graphic, QPSK, MPEG, DVB-T and return path cards; Echo software; LVDS interface
    Kathrein Group
  • K-277A - Multi Signal LCM Tester TMDS Signal output (8Bit, 25~165MHz) LVDS Signal output (6, 8Bit) - Single : 25 ~ 87.5MHz - Dual : 25 ~ 165MHz
  • K-270/K-270M - Programmable Video Signal Generator K-270 is Video Signal Generator for high resolution LCD, PDP Module as supporting LVDS, TMDS mode that is Serial transfer mode.
  • IA-Series - Interface conversion adaptor "IA-series" is an adapter BOX for converting LVDS, PANELLINK output from a video generator to either LVDS, PANELLINK or analog signals. There are five types of adapters. Conversion adapter ON/OFF power function allows connecting or disconnecting hot line without turning PC power off when using a type VG PCI board.
  • StreamStor® LVDS - Mezzanine Board for StreamStor® Amazon Digital Data Recorders The StreamStor® LVDS mezzanine board can be used with compatible StreamStor® controllers to provide a direct data port for low voltage differential signal (LVDS) data. When combined with a StreamStor® controller such as Amazon or Amazon Express this interface provides recording or playback rates up to 600 MB/s.
  • K-7000 - PCBA Auto Test System Analyze LVDS Quad signal Input signal data bit : Max. 10bits Analog audio input range : 200mVpp to 10Vpp Analog audio test : Speaker, Ear phone Digital audio test : Optical, Coaxial Digital audio sampling frequency : 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz
  • YAV90058 - Data Communications MUX Suitable for 1GigaBit Ethernet, LVDS, RS232, USB and Telephony switching applications • CAN bus controlled wide differential Bandwidth multiplexer for Differential Signals • 100R Differential Impedance • Requiered Quadrapaddle Module 510 151 105 (ITA) or ITA Interface boards
    6TL Engineering
  • VTG-4108 - Test Pattern Source for small mobile displays The VTG-4108 supports the need for testing small sized color and monochrome panels. It combines a flexible and user friendly test signal source and a fully configurable LVDS and TTL output. A wide variety of data signal confugations and timing modes can programmed to the device.
    Unigraf Oy
  • 27011 - LCM Tester To meet the high accuracy and low price requirements for LCM test device, Chroma 27011 that integrates the signal and power source provide a complete test solution for LCD Module. Its LVDS / TTL signal source fully complies with the digital signal standard, meanwhile with the 12V/5V/3.3V DC source output it is able to supply power to VDD/ Backlight for LCM test without obtaining external power source
    Chroma ATE
  • GP card - Interfaces with NI PXI 6509 The S49Z0950A – GP Card interfaces the NI PXI-6509 and ITA connected to MacPanel SCOUT platform. The card is powered by 5VDC from SCOUT ITA input connector. 3.3VDC LDO supports the on board buffers and translators. The GP Card translates signals from TTL to LVDS and to RS422 and vice versa. Flexible assembly mix of LVDS/RS422 devices can be supported by request.
    Adcom Computers And
  • LVDS-MOD5 - Low Voltage Differential Signalling The LVDS-MOD5 is a high density LVDS module which offers the benefits of simplified cable connectivity by using two digital I/O headers suitable for ribbon cables. The LVDS-MOD5 can be used for a mixture of 2.5V and 3.3V input and output signals depending upon the VCCO settings on the FPGA on any particular I/O bank. The LVDS-MOD5 provides two 80 way ERNI IDC front panel connectors, each supporting 26 differential pairs (each pair can be used as two single ended signals). All impedances, data flow and timing are defined by the host FPGA. The signals are routed out to a high-density connector with a compliant pin-out
    Curtiss-Wright Controls

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