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  • xVu - IP Video Service Assurance Platform xVu, a fusion of IP video technology innovation and learned QoE Best Practices, offers Service Providers revolutionary capabilities such as non-intrusive, end-to-end service monitoring, task-purposed user portals, auto-diagnostics and self-healing, and the capture of viewing statistics.
    Mariner Partners
  • IQMediaStim™ - IP Video Traffic Generation System The IQMediaStim application is a complete solution for benchmark testing IP networks and components. IQMediaStim produces Gigabits of line-rate streaming media, literally hundreds to thousands of video over IP streams of your choice, with real-time simultaneous modification of IP packets and data payload, perfect for stress testing networks, and network components.
  • IPVS-1 - IP VIDEO SNIFFER The IP VIDEO SNIFFER is a hand-held meter used to check new installations and trouble shoot existing IP video installations. It instantly displays the communication status of both transmit and receive data lines and also indicates the status of Power Over Ethernet (P.O.E.) lines.
    FM Systems
  • PacketScan - SIP / H323 / Megaco / MGCP / RTP / RTCP / Video Analysis PacketScan™is a powerful software tool that features real-time capture and monitoring of live IP, VoIP, and IP based Video traffic. It Segregates, captures, and collects statistics on VoIP calls (H323, SIP, MEGACO, MGCP, T.38, and others), monitors QoS (quality of service) on voice and video calls, permits analysis of adherence to protocol standards for the system under test or observation, provides graphical presentation of analysis, including ladder diagrams of protocols.
    GL Communications
  • IQDVx - Digital Video Explorer IneoQuest IQDVx is a new class of hybrid IP/MPEG analysis software which offers a comprehensive solution for isolating and debugging complex IP Video quality problems that traditional MPEG analyzers can not address. 
  • DVStation-IP3 - Monitoring Engine for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial Providers DVStation-IP3 is a comprehensive monitoring engine for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial providers utilizing IP to transport and deliver video. It provides detailed IP and Transport Stream Analysis, complete service visualization and IP Headend Output verification for IP video delivery networks.
  • Abacus - Expert Voice & IMS Testing Solutions Abacus tests scalability, performance, interoperability, and quality for Voice and Video over IP prior to deployment. Spirent Communications' IP, voice and video test solutions use Abacus to enable conformance, functional and performance testing, eliminating the need for multiple test tools.
    Spirent Communications
  • Aenigma IP - Video Hub The Aenigma IP Video Hub is a purpose built wall-mounted enclosure housing a powerful video server PC with an independent on-board status monitor that provides auto-start and watchdog facilities. It has been specifically designed as a stand-alone network-based PC that may be accessed only by authorised users and administrators in order to protect it from casual or malicious misuse.
    NG Systems Ltd
  • SV8000 - Telecomm Services The UNIVERGE® SV8000 Series Communication Servers from NEC creates new ways of generating revenue and increasing customer responsiveness while simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing costs. This robust, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet your communications needs both now and in the future. Designed to be both versatile and scalable for your growing business needs, the SV8100 supports TDM, IP, video, wired or wireless.
    Advanced Technical
  • ADDERLink IP Gold - KVM Over IP The ADDERLink IP Gold adds support for digital video, audio over IP, USB keyboard and mouse and virtual media support to the ADDERLink IP family. Providing remote keyboard, video, mouse, and audio access via IP to your current KVM switch, the ADDERLink IP Gold allows management of your computers from anywhere in the world securely and remotely via the Internet, dial-up link or corporate network.
  • Streaming Video over IP Monitor - IQMediaMonitor IQMediaMonitor is a real-time Streaming Video over IP monitoring solution capable of monitoring all video streams simultaneously on a fully loaded GbE network. IQMediaMonitor enables visibility into the video at the router/switch for ensuring QoS on Converged IP networks.
  • CMS-3000 - Media Server The RadiSys Convedia CMS-3000 media server delivers carrier-class media processing capabilities for enterprise IP telecommunication services. Increased processing power, including I/O throughput upgrades, delivers significant performance improvement for VoiceXML-based IVR and messaging applications, while delivering multi-service versatility for numerous applications including IP PBX, instant video conferencing, IP contact centers, and unified communication solutions.
  • Geminus Family - 1Gb to 10Gb Digital Video Monitoring, Analysis The Geminus Platform from IneoQuest is a modular, scaleable, real-time Video over IP monitoring, analysis and test solution. Based on powerful FPGA technology the Geminus platform provides a complete solution for monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting a switched IP network for streaming Video quality over Gigabit Ethernet and 10GE rates.
  • R156002 - SignalTEK CT - Data Cable Transmission Tester For installers, this means having a cost-effective way to demonstrate that the copper cabling was installed correctly and is capable of supporting Ethernet applications. By proving real world performance, SignalTEK CT confirms a professional job - reducing the risk of call backs. SignalTEK CT also gives network owners the assurance that installed cabling will support bandwidth hungry services like VoIP, IP CCTV and video streaming following moves, adds and changes.
    Ideal Networks
  • ADDERLink IP - KVM Over IP The ADDERLink IP is also ideal to connect to any analog KVM switch adding reliable KVM over IP functions. Providing remote Keyboard, Video and Mouse access via IP to your current KVM switch, the ADDERLink IP allows management of computers from anywhere in the world securely and remotely via the Internet, dial-up link or corporate network.
  • CMS-9000 - Media Server The RadiSys Convedia CMS–9000 media server provides a standards–based Multimedia Resource Function (MRF) that can be shared across a broad range of IMS applications from multiple application suppliers. Increased processing power and I/O throughput results in dramatic performance improvements for XML–based IVR and messaging applications, while expanding multi–service versatility for numerous IMS applications, including multimedia conferencing, IP Centrex, ringback tones, IP contact centers, video communications, and complex audio/video transcoding.
  • TraceMon - VoIP, Video And IPTV Monitoring Tool TraceMon is a passive long-term monitoring solution for VoIP, video and IPTV applications. To ensure the smooth running of IT infrastructures, all components involved in the communication process must move within the network parameters required. TraceMon employs internationally accepted evaluation methods to analyse VoIP and video streams in IP networks, and to deliver extensive reports on and detailed assessments of the network’s speech and video qualities (QoS).
    Nextragen GmbH
  • Singulus® Family - G1-T Platform The Singulus G1-T platform is the ?Swiss Army Knife? test tool for field troubleshooting, engineering and debugging of Triple Play networks. The Singulus G1-T is a multifunctional tool providing Network Traffic Stimulus, Analysis and Monitoring. Supports 10/100/1000 Ethernet with Built in / inline Hardware Sniffer ideal for Video over IP applications. IQController and IQMediaMonitor are software applications which control Singulus G1-T.
  • ProLab - H.323 Test Solution ProLab H.323 Test Solution enables VoIP testing and provides a complete testing solution by simulating H.323 endpoints, full gatekeeper simulation, media analysis and media quality. The ProLab H.323 supports the latest version of the standard. The ProLab H.323 Test Solution also offers a comprehensive testing solution for voice and video over IP server developers and is fully compliant with the latest industry standards.
    Radvision Ltd
  • ProLab SIP - Test solution The ProLab SIP Test solution is a complete testing solution simulating SIP user agent, full SIP server, media analysis and media quality. The ProLab SIP supports the latest version of the RFC 3261 standard. The ProLab SIP Test Solution offers a comprehensive SIP testing solution for voice and video over IP server developers, and is fully compliant with the latest industry standards.
    Radvision Ltd
  • WinEyeQ - VoIP Monitoring and Analysis WinEyeQ version 1.5.0 raises the bar by further distinguishing itself from "VoIP-aware" protocol analyzers. By extending its VoIP-centric view outward, WinEyeQ brings a unique new picture of the relationship of Voice and Video over IP traffic to other data components of the network in true, "Triple-Play" fashion.
    Touchstone Technologies
  • IPTV - Copper Test For many fixed-line operators around the world, IPTV is no longer the future—it has become today’s reality. IPTV allows operators to offer high-quality TV services and opens new horizons to IP-based entertainment services, such as video-on-demand (VoD), subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) and other Internet services.
  • SQE - Portbale IP QAM Modulator Scivo's SQE is a portable multi-functional IP-QAM modulate device. It can receive digital video content over UDP/IP and modulate into a DVB compliant QAM signal. So DTV engineer could use SQE to do field development or establish a low-cost mini product demonstration system. The input data stream could be SPTS and MPTS. With powerful processing ability, SQE can multiplex SPTSs to MPTS and insert SI and EPG information. So it is also an ideal solution of compact and low cost for smaller cable operators running their digital video services.
    Scivo Technology
  • MSA-100 - Multi-Source Analyzer The new MSA-100 multi-source analyzer couples confidence monitoring with full testing of compressed video conformance, audio level, data services and ETR-290 on any terrestrial broadcast, cable headend, satellite or telco network. Cost-effective and compact, the entry-level MSA-100 is a powerful tool designed for today's video-over-IP infrastructures, while still supporting legacy delivery interfaces. A wide array of options allows it to scale from small stations to complex, multichannel operations.
    Imagine Communications

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