I²C - aka I2C

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  • EE301-I2C - I2C Interface for Digital I/O Control Cable can be used with EE301-I2C or EE301-DCMI Model Numbers only. Cable + Power for Loads & Control Modules / Connects to a PC Parallel Port / Supports (2) Electronics Loads & Control Modules / 6' Power cable & 5' Data cable 
    Executive Engineering
  • Model JI-300 - USB to I2C Adapter The JI-300 is a versatile, easy to use PC hosted adapter used to drive I2C communications to/from a target device. The desktop unit can be configured to interface a variety of I2C networks. Bus parameters such as clock frequency, duty-cycle, setup and hold times, bus voltage, and pull-up resistor values can be varied. JI-300’s diagnostic features including “excessive clock-stretch”, “bus-not-free”, and “bus contention” monitoring, as well as status reporting at the conclusion of each message transaction simplifies I2C trouble-shooting. A Windows software application manages the setup and control of the instrument. Communications and unit power is provided via a USB 2.0 connection.
    Jupiter Instruments
  • Tracii XL 2.0 - I2C High Speed Interface for USB Tracii XL 2.0 is the outstanding I2C Adapter featuring the I2C high-speed specification running the I2C bus with up to 3.33 Mbit/s. Additionally Tracii XL 2.0 can work as an I2C monitor.
    Telos EDV Systementwicklung
  • Model JI-216 - I2C Bus Monitor - USB The JI-216 I2C Bus Monitor is a low cost, easy-to-use PC hosted instrument specifically designed for troubleshooting and debugging I2C networks. The JI-216’s FPGA based architecture provides for the capture and display of all valid or invalid messages and I2C bus events. Captured I2C messages are available for display in two modes: real-time streaming, or triggered. These modes provide optimized data display for either hardware or software development. The SDA/SCL timing display aids in tracking down and solving hardware timing problems. JI-216’s broad bandwidth (DC – 3.4Mbits/s), wide input signal range (0 – 15.0V), and variable signal filtering provides flexibility in monitoring a variety of I2C bus systems. An intuitive Windows application manages instrument setup and control. Communications and unit power is provided via a USB 2.0 link.
    Jupiter Instruments
  • Tracii 400 - Fast Mode I2C Monitor and Interface Tracii 400 (it reads Tracy 400) is a hardware-based 400 kbit/s full-speed I2C bus interface featuring the I2C modes mult-master and slave. Additionally Tracii comes with powerful I2C analysing facilities.
    Telos EDV Systementwicklung
  • Scribe - I²C Bus Analyzer The Blackhawk Scribe is an entry level, yet feature-packed and robust I2C debugging tool. The Blackhawk Scribe allows engineers to save precious development time by providing low level visibility and control of an I2C bus. There is no longer a need to hook up a logic analyzer to capture traffic on the bus and then spend hours sifting through mountains of data in order to find that one particular bit.
  • 4802 - GPIB to I2C and 8-Bit Data Bus Interface Model 4802 GPIB to I2C and 8-Bit Data Bus Interface operates as a master I2C controller and drives I2C and SMB high power devices. The Model 4802 Interface Board also has an 8-bit Data Bus for communicating with external logic.
    ICS Electronics
  • I2C Bus Monitor Plus & Protocol Analyzer he I2C Bus Monitor Plus is our laboratory grade troubleshooting instrument for the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Bus, SMBus, and other derived protocols. When connected to an I2C or derived protocol bus and a host computer, the I2C Bus Monitor Plus captures, filters, and displays bus message data and timing information
  • MIIC-101GU/MIIC-101G - I2C Bus / SMBus Monitor Stand Alone or Remote I2C Bus, and SMBus Troubleshooting Tool. Real Time Trace to 100 kbit/s. Supports General Calls, and Multi-Master/Multi-Slave Addressing.
    Micro Computer Control
  • MIIC-101 - I2C Bus Monitor Protocol Analyzer The MIIC-101 I2C Bus / SMBus Monitor is a Stand-Alone and Remote Troubleshooting Tool for the I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) serial bus developed by Philips Semiconductor, or the System Management Bus (SMBus) developed by Intel, and other dervived protocols
  • telos Tracii XL - I2C High Speed Interface for USB Tracii XL is the outstanding I2C Adapter featuring the I2C high-speed specification running the I2C bus with up to 2 Mbit/s. Additionally Tracii XL can work as an I2C monitor.
    Telos EDV Systementwicklung
  • USB-I2C-Spy - I2C Bus Tracer & USB-I2C Adapter USB-I2C-Spy combines a I2C-Bus Tracer (100+ kHz) and a USB-I2C-Adapter (400+ kHz) on one single board. When it is connected to a I2C-Bus, then any I2C-Bus activities like Start, Stop, Slave address, READ/WRITE, Data, ACK- NACK- Bits will be non-invasively and without Clock stetching captured and immediately transfered via USB to the Host PC.
    Coptonix GmbH
  • Model JI-210 - I2C Bus Monitor The JI-210 is a PC hosted I2C bus monitor used to non-invasively monitor and analyze a variety of I2C networks. The desktop unit captures and stores up to 32KBs of bus activity including data and address values, stop/start, read/write, ACK/NACK, and frame error events. Data is displayed as both I2C messages and Timing Waveforms. A Windows software application manages captured I2C messages, trigger setup, and recording settings.
    Jupiter Instruments
  • Connii MM 2.0 - I2C Fast Mode Interface for USB 2.0, I2C Multimaster and Monitor Connii MM 2.0 is a small, compact, easy-to-use solution for a PC driven I2C transmitter and receiver. The I2C interface works as an I2C multimaster device. Thus, it is able to drive buses running multiple I2C bus masters. Additionally, Connii MM 2.0 is a limited I2C monitor for traffic up to 400kHz.
    Telos EDV Systementwicklung
  • EasyI2C - I2C Protocol Analyzer It's simple to find an I2C-style bus within arm's reach. Every computer, monitor, television and cell phone has it. Most microcontrollers directly support this protocol as well. Even so, the I2C protocol has many subtle nuances that are hard to grasp and easily forgotten. EasyI2C (TM) helps you to figure out exactly what is happening, without having to examine huge waveform trace capture files or set up complex tests.
    Xtreme Engineering
  • MB-SW3DN/SMB-SW3CD - I2C Bus / SMBus Analyzer Software Developers working with the I2C Bus, SMBus, or Smart Battery Systems no longer need to guess at bus traffic. In addition to seeing your Smart Battery messages in engineering units, this package allows you to see your data in ASCII or Hex, with options to control the display of Start, Stop, Read/Write, or Acknowledge events.
    Micro Computer Control
  • TL2036 - Acute 4GHz, 36 Channel, TravelLogic Series Logic Analyzer Small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, yet are truly sophisticated logic analyzers, capable of 4 GHz timing analysis, or 200 MHz state analysis, with up to 72 Mb total stackable memory for the 36 channels. UART, I2C, I2S, SPI H/W trigger. Connects to USB port
    Team Solutions
  • BusPro I2C - Bus Analyzer, Monitor, Debugger & Programmer The BusPro I2C™ has all the power, flexibility, and features you need to monitor and debug the I2C bus circuitry on your board. The BusPro I2C can be used to monitor and log I2C bus traffic in real-time, generate I2C transactions to communicate with peripheral components on the bus, and in-system program I2C compatible EEPROMs.
  • 75-113 - Experimental Board Connectivity to the CPU board for debugging and special functionality, such as UART, PWM, I2C, and SPI
    STeP Automation &
  • I2C - Negative Tester The most common use of an I2C interface is to send and receive data in compliance with the I2C specification. This implies that the device we are talking to is known to conform to the I2C standard, as well.
    Telos EDV Systementwicklung
  • UDEC-1 - programmable power supply One Box Multifunction product 4 Programmable Power Supplies from 0.8V to 5.2V@1A 7 Communication interfaces: RS232; RS422; RS485; I2C; CAN; SPI; UART
    Adcom Computers And
  • DV164122 - PICkit Serial Analyzer The PICkit Serial Analyzer is a low-cost USB-based tool used to direct communication between a PC and an external serial device. I2C™ - Master, I2C™ - Slave, SPI - Master, USART – Asynchronous, USART – Synchronous, LIN (external hardware required to meet electrical specifications), MICROWIRE.
    Microchip Technology
  • CAS-1000-I2C/E - Bus Analyzer, Exerciser, Emulator, & Programmer The CAS-1000-I2C/E™ has all the power, flexibility, and features you need to debug, validate, and test the I2C bus circuitry on your board. It is an advanced instrument used in the monitoring and testing of boards and systems incorporating one or more I2C integrated circuits.
  • BusBee - Serial Bus Monitor, Decoder & Analyzer Affordable Monitor, Decoder and Analyzer for I2C, SPI, Async, USB, CAN, 1-Wire, Sync Serial, I2S, and SMBus performs bus data streaming to disk. The BusBee will collect the raw data from Serial, I2C, I2S, Async, USB Full and Low Speed, SMBus, 1-Wire or CAN busses and store the data to disk in real-time.

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I²C - A slow Inter-Integrated Circuit bus protocol.