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  • Tanto2 - CAN / FlexRay Analyzer & Recorder Hitex in cooperation with Mixed Mode is offering a new product family of bus-analyzers for automotive applications. The first product for recording and analyzing of CAN- and FlexRay bus signals, the Tanto2 Multibus tool, supports one FlexRay bus (with A and B channel) and two CAN buses. The bus signals are captured with a passive adapter and buffered in a frame memory up to 1 GByte
    Hitex Development
  • 1.02.0241.00000 - Multibus Analyser for FlexRay The Multibus Analyzer is operating together with the FlexRay CCM PC interface and provides functions for receiving, transmitting as well as tracing and the interpretation of FlexRay and CAN messages.
    IXXAT Automation
  • TTX-Optical Link –EMC Testing of FlexRay ECUs The TTX-Optical Link is a device to convert FlexRay signals to optical (fiber cable) and vice versa. It enables optical transmission of dual channel FlexRay signals for EMC testing while ensuring minimum influence on the FlexRay signals timing. With its shielded housing and built-in accumulator it fulfills all the requirements for EMC testing of a FlexRay network.
    TTAutomotive Software
  • FRCC2100 - NXP FlexRay eVC Kit To complement our FRCC2100 FlexRay implementation IP, IPextreme now offers a comprehensive FlexRay eVC verification environment developed by NXP (formerly Philips) Semiconductors. It enables engineers to validate their System-on-Chip (SoC) designs in a FlexRay network, testing all corners of the FlexRay protocol and ensuring interoperability.
  • DL7440/DL7480 (/F9 Option) - FlexRay Signal Analyzer Now, physical layer waveform observation and protocol analysis of FlexRay bus signals are available in a single measuring instrument. Easily trouble-shoot voltage surges, noise, level fluctuations, and other sources of FlexRay bus errors.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • FlexRay Test System FlexRay is a fast, deterministic and fault-tolerant bus system for automotive use, based on the experience of well-known OEMs with the development of prototype applications and the byteflight communication system . Byteflight was developed especially for use in passive safety systems (airbags). In order to fulfill the requirements of active safety systems, byteflight was further developed by the FlexRay consortium in particular in relation to time-determinism and fault tolerance. Today, the automotive manufacturers BMW, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen as well as the companies Bosch, Motorola and Philips Semiconductors are represented in the FlexRay consortium as Core partners.
    J. Eberspächer GmbH
  • samDia FlexRay - basis module FlexRay is a fast, deterministic and fault tolerant bus system used in automobiles. The purpose of FlexRay is to fulfil the enormous requirements of futuristic in-vehicle networks. The increasing deployment of driver assistance systems requires drive train and body control systems to have a high data throughput and fulfil hard real time conditions
    Samtec Automotive
  • TTXConnexion - Connexion - Network Testing The new TTXConnexion, a universal gateway tool combines data manipulation, on-line viewing, and logging for FlexRay and CAN networks. TTXConnexion is a small, portable, autonomous test device, an ideal solution for analysis and system integration.
    TTAutomotive Software
  • WaveBPS Software and PicoScope - Portable Low Level Analog Serial Data Analysis In the real world, things often go wrong to the point where CAN bus, LIN bus, or FlexRay tools do not show enough information - one has to understand what is going on at a lower level. Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce WaveBPS, an advanced tool for capturing and analyzing serial data analog waveforms like FlexRay, CAN Bus, UART (J1708, K-Line, SCI, GM CGI), J1850, SPI, I2C or LIN Bus. Besides general purpose monitoring, WaveBPS can quickly capture infrequent or intermittent protocol violations.
    Intrepid Control
  • CANalyzer and DENalyzer 7.2 - Universal Analysis Tool CANalyzer is the universal analysis tool for ECU networks and distributed systems. CANalyzer makes it easy to observe, analyze, and supplement data traffic in CAN, LIN, MOST, or FlexRay systems. With powerful functions and user-programmability, all needs are covered from simple network analysis to advanced troubleshooting of complex problems.
    Vector Informatik
  • CANape 9.0 - Analysis Tool for ECU Networks and Distributed Systems The primary application area of CANape is in optimizing parameterization (calibration) of electronic control units. Calibrate parameter values and simultaneously acquire measurement signals during system runtime. The physical interface between CANape and the ECU might be made via the CAN bus with CCP, for example, or via FlexRay with XCP.
    Vector Informatik
  • LE-8200-E - Multi Protool Analyzer The LE-8200 is the top-level model of battery-powered portable data communications analyzers.

    5.7-inch TFT color display
    Supports TTL, I2C, SPI, IrDA,
    CAN, LIN, FlexRay, LAN and USB
    Giga Byte Long Hour Record
    Mega Speed Mesurement
    Supports Logic Analyzer Analysis and Analog Waveform Analysis
    Lineeye CO. LTD
  • NETCAR-Analyzer Timing Analysis and resource usage optimization for in-vehicle networks. Worst-case response times / jitters on CAN
    with and without frame offsets. NETCAR-Analyzer implements a set of proprietary optimization algorithms that typically enable doubling the bus load on Controller Area Network (CAN), which may defer the need for additional CAN networks and FlexRay technology.
  • SB5000 - VEHICLE SERIAL BUS ANALYZER The SB5000 Vehicle Serial Bus Analyzer is an invaluable tool for engineers involved in the development and use of in-vehicle communication buses. It can analyze FlexRay, an emerging bus technology employed by advanced ECU's and electronic vehicle control applications. Because it can measure logic signals of up to 32 bits simultaneously, a single SB5000 offers measurement and analysis of parallel bus signals from microprocessors and other sources.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • I/O Cards Concurrent offers a wide-range of PCIe, PCI and VME form factor real-time data acquisition I/O cards on its iHawk systems. These I/O cards are supported by RedHawk Linux drivers, and are fully integrated and tested in iHawk solutions tailored to application needs. Supported I/O cards include: Analog input and output, Digital input and output, Serial AFDX/ARINC 664, ARINC 429, CANbus, FlexRay, EtherCAT, MIL-STD-1553, RVDT /LVDT, Resolver, IRIG-B, Counter/timer, Reflective memory, Resistor Simulator, Pulse generator.
    Concurrent Computer

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FlexRay - Protocol with data rate of 10Mbit/sec on two channels resulting in a rate up to 20Mbit/sec.