Fiber - aka Optical Fiber,Fibre

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  • 310120110 - 480 I/O Receiver Interface / Signal, RF, Fiber & Pneumatic Receiver, G2, 2 Module with Keying Feature
    Virginia Panel
  • Fibre-optic Hydrophones The fibre optic hydrophone is the latest addition to our hydrophone range. Despite its 10um active diameter the sensitivity is similar to larger element needle hydrophones. This, coupled with, its immunity from electro magnetic radiation makes it particularly suited for high frequency measurements in hostile fields.
    Precision Acoustics
  • SCFIBLBTEST - Fiber Optics Loopback Tester with SC Connector Fiber Loopback Tester provides you with a looped signal from the source device to hardware for testing purposes. It allows you to easily test the Fiber connections for both transmitting and receiving functions. USA
  • APN0004 - Laser to Fiber Source Couplers Laser to Fiber Source Couplers. OZ Optics offers a complete line of fiber optic source couplers, designed to couple light from a collimated source into either multimode, singlemode, or polarization maintaining fibers. Source couplers are available for wavelengths from 180nm to over 2000nm, and for input powers of up to 100 Watts CW
    OZ Optics
  • FO Series - Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FO Series of Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems are computer controlled chassis designed to switch standard fiberoptic wavelengths of 850, 1310 or 1550 nm using passive, bidirectional Moving Fiberoptic Switches. Available as Individual Switches, Nx1 Multiplexers and NxM nonblocking Matrices. A variety of connectors are available. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN or Manual Keypad.
  • fcXplorer - Fibre Channel Simulator & Analyzer Test Software fcXplorer, AIT's Fibre Channel Simulator and Analyzer Test Software provides an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for AIT's Fibre Channel Simulyzer™ interface modules. fcXplorer troubleshoots, optimizes, plans and configures Fibre Channel traffic loading. Low- and High-level protocol analysis features provide capture, filter, time stamp and interpretation of Fibre Channel traffic and generation of advanced statistics. fcXplorer can alert engineers to potential performance and configuration problems allowing users to quickly identify and remedy any anomalous network condition.
    Avionics Interface
  • FX Series - Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FX Series of Fiber Optic Switching Systems are an optoelectrical switch available in non-blocking, full fan-out configurations from 1x8 to 16x16. A variety of different Transmitter/Receiver Modules allow for 850 or 1300 nm wavelengths, data rates to 622 Mb, and a variety of fiber and connector options. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN, USB or Manual Keypad.
  • S200111-635 - Fiber Checker The Fiber Checker is a very useful tool designed for checking the defects of a fiber cable. It emits a visible 635 nm or 650 nm wavelength red laser light through fiber optic cables, then if there are breaks or defects in the fiber will refract the light, creating a bright glow around the faulty area.
  • OFI-200D - Optical Fiber Identifier Rugged, hand-held, and easy-to-use fiber optic test instrument designed to detect optical signals transmitted through a single-mode fiber without disrupting traffic on that fiber. During installation, maintenance, rerouting, or restoration it is often necessary to isolate a specific fiber. By simply clamping an Optical Fiber Identifier onto a fiber, the unit will indicate if there is NO SIGNAL, TONE or TRAFFIC and the associated signal direction. It allows technical personnel to unambiguously identify a specific fiber and eliminates the risk of accidental disruption of revenue service. NOYES OLS7, OLS2, CSS1-SM and CSS1-MM Optical Light Sources are ideal companions for the OFI-200D.
  • OTDR-2100GOF-MU - High resolution optical fiber test instrument For various large core fiber Measure various optical fibers using external coupler Generally, OTDR incorporates a optical coupler. But, OTDR-2100GOF-MU uses external optical coupler. Therefore, it's possible to measure various optical fibers by one unit.
  • OFI400 - Optical Fiber Identifiers The OFI 200 model and OFI 400 model Identifiers are equipped with a unique two-position head design that can be configured to work with 250 μm, 900 μm, ribbon, or jacketed fiber in seconds, without tools or adjustments. When testing coated fibers, the slim design of the OFI 200 and OFI 400 models allows easier access on a splice tray where the amount of work space is limited. The clamping trigger is ergonomically designed to fit the natural motion of the operator’s hand. A high impact molded plastic case makes the OFI models suitable for use outside plant or in the central office.
    Shenzhen Tellid Communication
  • ST92 - Fiber Optic Viewing Scope This fiber optic viewing scope kit makes it simple to view ST/SC Pre-encapsulated FDDI, and the ends of the fiber before and after cleaving operations.
    Elenco Electronics
  • OFT-420D POF - Plastic optical fiber Indicator The OFT-420D POF Indicator is designed for POF – Plastic optical fiber network testing. It combines two optical test equipments – Light Source and Power Indicator in the same box. The optical Light Source sends optical light either into one or both fibers of duplex output inteface, available in working wavelength 650 nm. The optical Power Indicator is designed...
    Optokon A.s.
  • TM730 - Fiber Fusion Splicer TM730 Fiber Fusion Splicer is specifically designed for dispersion-shifted fiber (DS), non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZ-DS) and erbium-doped fiber (ED). It is suitable for single mode (SM), multi-mode (MM), DS and NZDS fiber optic applications. The single fiber fusion splicer detects the fiber end-face and adjusts parameters automatically.
    T&M Tools
  • RFTS - Remote Fiber Test System The test system installed at a fiber-optic cable termination station constantly monitors fibers in cable (in use or reserved), using OTDR for successive measurements.
    Sumitomo Electric
  • MW-200ME - Hand Held Fiber Microscope Universal adaptor accept most ST, SC and FC connector ferrules. - 3 built-in magnification 160X, 180X, 200X - ON/OFF switch, bulb rotation knob Focus wheel, designed with film ...
    Changzhou Myway Electronics
  • KSP4000 - Fiber Optical Spectrometer Fiber Optical Spectrometer is integrated with optical elements, an image sensor and a circuit. Light to be measured is guided into the entrance port of through an optical fiber and the spectrum measured with the built-in image sensor is output from the USB port to a PC for data acquisition.
    Hopu Optics Technology
  • Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) BaySpec's IntelliGain® and IntelliSense® Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to meet stringent Telcordia GR-1312 requirements for reliability and performance. A compete line of EDFA gain modules are available, designed to meet various amplification requirements for single-channel, narrowband, and DWDM transmission in metro, long-haul and ultra long-haul networks as well as test & measurement applications.
  • TM-OFI 401 - Optical Fiber Identifier TM-OFI 401 Optical Fiber Identifier Suitable for 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 3.0mm fiber, and no need to replace the clamp block, more convenient than others;
    T&M Tools
  • CLE-BOX - Fiber Optic Cleaner Box CLE-BOX is essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. It is the best non-alcohol cleaning method for various fiber optic terminations which is simply and swiftly used. Box tape replacement is offered to make sure low cleaning cost .Suitable for connector such as SC 、FC、MU、 LC、ST、D4 、DIN etc.
    Tongqi Telecom Technology
  • Fiber QuickMap™ - One-button multimode fiber troubleshooter One-button testing – can be used straight out of the box with no user-setup required Six-second test time, eliminating blind troubleshooting that can last hours Locate multiple incidents in the channel to provide full visibility of any potentially problematic links and connections Locate high loss incidents or breaks, the most common causes of multimode fiber failure Locate and measure high reflective incidents, which cause poor network performance with bit error rates Various kit configurations include additional diagnostics tools such as power meters, sources, and fiber inspection microscopes to facilitate Fiber Best Practices and to boost the troubleshooting capability of technicians Perfect data center cabling network tester
    Fluke Networks
  • PalmSense² - Portable, Handheld Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Systems PalmSense² is the next generation of portable, handheld fiber optic temperature measurement systems from Photon Control. Use PalmSense² in high temperature RF environments or EMI applications, labs and field service. Have the freedom to move around critical sensing points with up to 24 hours of battery life which is rechargeable via USB connection. Data is logged or downloaded via USB 2.0 from the system’s 4MB internal memory.
    Photon Control
  • 810 - Fiber Optic Use the 810 to perform non-invasive visual inspections of equipment including heat exchangers Small 0.26 inch tip diameter Hi-resolution 8,000 pixel image offers enhaned vision and clarity Obedient wand maintains position after adjustment and protects fiber optic bundle Sealed tip for use in non-corrosive liquids Super bright LED flashlight light source provides longer battery life Detect refrigerant dye with optional A813 blue light source
    Test Products International
  • EX-600A - Fiber Optic Microscope EX-600A fiber optic inspection microscopes are mainly use in optical component and equipment factories for female tips' inspection and analysis.It's the best choice for female(In adapter) inspection.With the special software,you can observe the realtime end-face and store the inspection images and videos as the proof of responsibility checking and analysing.
    Exfiber Optical Technologies

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Fiber - cylindrical dielectric waveguide, which transmits light through total internal refraction.


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