Fiber - aka Optical Fiber,Fibre

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  • ThermAsset®2 - Fiber Optic Hot Spot Monitor and Controller for Power Transformers The ThermAsset®2 is a much sought after addition to LumaSense's Luxtron product line, offering a primary controller to monitor hot spots, control cooling, and protection at a cost that is attractive to the apparatus engineers and system operators. Now available in your choice of 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel configurations, the ThermAsset2 offers full control with alarm status indicators for up to six customer-specific relay functions.
    LumaSense Technologies
  • FX Series - Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FX Series of Fiber Optic Switching Systems are an optoelectrical switch available in non-blocking, full fan-out configurations from 1x8 to 16x16. A variety of different Transmitter/Receiver Modules allow for 850 or 1300 nm wavelengths, data rates to 622 Mb, and a variety of fiber and connector options. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN, USB or Manual Keypad.
  • 510109294 - Fiber Optics Module Dust Cover, Fiber Optics Module, Receiver
    Virginia Panel
  • 310120110 - 480 I/O Receiver Interface / Signal, RF, Fiber & Pneumatic Receiver, G2, 2 Module with Keying Feature
    Virginia Panel
  • Optical Fiber NSOM Probes Nanonics holds the exclusive right to produce cantilevered optical fiber probes. In this pioneering probe technology, the fiber tip is bent and coated with metal. Therefore light can be transmitted to the aperture with the same efficiencies and polarization properties as those of conventional, straight near-field optical elements.
    Nanonics Imaging
  • FO Series - Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FO Series of Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems are computer controlled chassis designed to switch standard fiberoptic wavelengths of 850, 1310 or 1550 nm using passive, bidirectional Moving Fiberoptic Switches. Available as Individual Switches, Nx1 Multiplexers and NxM nonblocking Matrices. A variety of connectors are available. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN or Manual Keypad.
  • ST86 - Fiber Optics Polishing Pad SC Plastic pad that is tough, durale and low cost.
    Elenco Electronics
  • OVX131516LTS - FIS Advance Tri Fiber Optic OTDR Dynamic Range - 32 dB
    • One Button Testing
    • Loss Test Set and VFL
    • Short Dead Zone
    • Video Inspection Capability
    • Onboard Memory for 1,000 Traces
    • USB Flash Drive Port and Mini USB Port
    • Trace Overlay Capability
    • Interchangeable Adapters FC, ST, SC
    • Singlemode 1310/1550/1625nm
    Fiber Instrument
  • NF-906A - Fiber Optical Power Meter 1.Measurement of the power of optical sender (dBm and W) 2.Loss test of optical fiber link 3.Insertion loss test of optical device 4.Installation and maintenance of fiber link 5.New REF user-defined. 6.User self-calibration function. 7.With FC/SC/ST general-purpose interfaces, free from any complicated transform. 8.With extra-long service life, a common 9V laminated battery serve200hrs' continuous operation. 9.Optional auto-off function and backlight switch.
    Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic
  • Tunable Femtosecond Fiber Laser (1 micron and 1.55 micron) Broad wavelength tuning rang (C, L). Excellent power and wavelength stability. 1 micron wavelength band. Small form factor. Applications: Test and measurement, Fiber sensor systems, Monitor DWDM thin film coating.
    PolarOnyx Laser
  • Fiber Optic Matrices Dow-Key fiber optic matrices are designed to switch signals in pure optical domain with the use of MEMS switches. The systems are equipped with a touch screen for GUI control, Windows-based PC, removable HDD, Ethernet, and dual power supplies with LED indicators. Our fiber optic matrices vary by Input/Output configuration and bandwidth. These matrices are precision made and will continue to prove their quality, time and time again.
    Dow-Key Mircowave
  • DVM-2000 - 12 Bit Video & 24 Bit Audio Fiber Optic Multiplexer Exceeds RS-250C Short-haul and Broadcast Video specifications. 12 Bit Video with a Signal to Noise ratio greater than 75 dB and a Signal to Quantizing Noise ratio of 71 dB. Video Bandwidth of 8 MHz for support of NTSC, PAL, SECAM and video with diplexed audio carriers at 4.5 MHz, 5.8 MHz and 6.4 MHz Differential Gain and Phase of 0.3% and 0.3°, respectively.
  • Rayomatic 60 - Fiber Optic The fiber optic thermometer is designed when the ambient temperature is high (up to 200°C) or when the space is smaller for the standard IR thermometer.
  • NF-903 - Fiber Detector QW LD light source 2.Universal connectors 3.CW,MOD operating mode 4.Constant power output 5.Study and durable with the metal(alufer, stinless steel) body 6.NM technology and muoto-protection of static electricity
    Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic
  • FX300 - Multi-Functional Test Platform for Optical Fiber Networks The VePAL FX300 is a full featured Optical and Ethernet test solution for technicians installing, testing, troubleshooting and restoring FTTx/PON, mobile backhaul, and related converged network infrastructures.
  • TS1300A - Power LAN Dual-Wavelength Fiber Kit Precise metering and stable light source accurately measure power loss in passive optical components.
    Black Box
  • FOSTCDR - DIN Rail Serial/Fiber Converter Any two pieces of asynchronous serial equipment can communicate at half or full duplex over two fibers at rates up to 460 kbps for RS-422/485 or 115.2 kbps for RS-232 with a pair of these converters.
    B & B Electronics
  • FD400 - Fibre detector Bentham offers a range of detectors and optics for use with bare fibres. All of the following can also be supplied with FC/SMA/etc type connectors:
    Bentham Instruments
  • FU Series - Fiber Optic Sensor Head Variations 11 Fiber Optic Sensor Head Variations. Flexible Stainless Steel Jacket. Wide Area Detection. Hex-shaped Heads for Trouble-free Mounting. Heat resistant. Small Beam Spot. Thin-sleeve Thrubeams 
  • 9/125 - Fiber Loop back Cable with MU, LC, FC and MTRJ Connectors L-com's 9/125 Singlemode fiber loop back cables provide an economical solution for a number of fiber optic test applications.
  • ModCon - Modal controllers for multimode fiber The "ModCon" Modal Controller is designed to ensure that whatever source you use to test the loss and bandwidth of your multimode optical fiber network, LED, Laser, OTDR or white light, you launch the same distribution of modes into the fiber. As a result you can eliminate the variations due to the widely different modal characteristics of the sources commonly used in fiber optic measurements and networks.
    Arden Photonics LTD
  • AF-OLK5NNextGen Series - Fiber Optic Test Kits The AF-OLK5NNextGen series test kits are the latest addition to the AFS product family. This inexpensive optical test kit is the complete solution necessary for the installer to test and trouble shoot both multimode and single mode fiber optic systems. These test kits are designed to allow testing of all parameters of fiber optic networks, including output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable.
    Advanced Fiber Solutions
  • Telecom Fiber View The Telecom FIBERVIEW analogue probe which has an optical resolution down to 1.0 micron (Viewable Down To 0.5 Microns) connects to a battery powered 3.5" TFT screen with a display magnification of x200. The Telecom FIBERVIEW is supplied in a soft carry bag with shoulder strap and software that will allow you to capture images of the ferrule end-face onto a Laptop or PC.
    Senko Advanced Components
  • DTS0022 - U-bracket Assembly - Fiber Optic U-bracket Assembly - Fiber Optic. Fiber optic U-bracket assemblies are designed to transmit light from an optical fiber, across an air gap, and back into a second fiber with low losses
    OZ Optics

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Fiber - cylindrical dielectric waveguide, which transmits light through total internal refraction.


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