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  • FX Series - Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FX Series of Fiber Optic Switching Systems are an optoelectrical switch available in non-blocking, full fan-out configurations from 1x8 to 16x16. A variety of different Transmitter/Receiver Modules allow for 850 or 1300 nm wavelengths, data rates to 622 Mb, and a variety of fiber and connector options. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN, USB or Manual Keypad.
  • 310120110 - 480 I/O Receiver Interface / Signal, RF, Fiber & Pneumatic Receiver, G2, 2 Module with Keying Feature
    Virginia Panel
  • ST3820 - Optical Fiber Identifier OverviewST3820 is an handheld Optical Fiber Identifier which is designed for optical fiber installation and maintenance. It combines OFI with VFL into one tester. It can not only identify the optical fiber, but also used as the visual fault locator. The appearance is simple and small.
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • ST3110B - Optical Fiber Cleaver Optical Fiber Cleaver
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • FO Series - Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FO Series of Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems are computer controlled chassis designed to switch standard fiberoptic wavelengths of 850, 1310 or 1550 nm using passive, bidirectional Moving Fiberoptic Switches. Available as Individual Switches, Nx1 Multiplexers and NxM nonblocking Matrices. A variety of connectors are available. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN or Manual Keypad.
  • ST3110C - optical fiber cleaver Specification ST3110C Optical Fiber CleaverSuitable fiberSingle fiberCoating
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • ST3110A - Optical Fiber Cleaver Specification ST3110A Optical Fiber CleaverSuitable fiberSingle fiberCoating
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • Pyrofiber Industrial - Fiber Optic Automatic Emissivity Correcting IR Thermometer The Pyrofiber® Industrial Automatic Emissivity Measurement System (AEMS) infrared thermometer uses the latest fiber optic sensor and pulsed laser technology to precisely measure the true target non contact temperature measurement. While all non contact infrared thermometer instruments measure a target radiance temperature, the Pyrofiber® Industrial dynamically determines a targets emissivity value resulting in unmatched temperature control accuracy to ±3° C.
    Pyrometer Instrument
  • 1120 - Bare Fiber Aligner The Photon Kinetics 1120 Bare Fiber Aligner makes it possible to reduce test setup time to seconds, thereby reducing overall testing cost. Just strip the fiber, scribe and break it (or use a more precise fiber cleaver, if desired) and then insert the prepared end into the 1120. In an instant, the fiber is coupled to your OTDR or chromatic dispersion test system with low optical loss and low reflectance. The 1120's compact, ergonomic industrial design is well-suited for low to moderate volume fiber and cable testing applications where automated fiber alignment systems are less economical. It is particularly useful as part of an in-process or finished cable test station employing either the 8000i or 8000 OTDR, and the OTDR Automation Software.
    Photon Kinetics
  • 5670-SC - Multimode Fiber Optic Test Set w/SC Interface Insertion loss test set for multimode fiber. 850/1300nm loss measurements. Connector for FC, SC, or ST.
    Greenlee Textron
  • S200111-635 - Fiber Checker The Fiber Checker is a very useful tool designed for checking the defects of a fiber cable. It emits a visible 635 nm or 650 nm wavelength red laser light through fiber optic cables, then if there are breaks or defects in the fiber will refract the light, creating a bright glow around the faulty area.
  • OFM-500 - Optical Fiber Mapping Software OFM-500 Optical Fiber Mapping Software addresses the state of the network directly from the desktop. This powerful automated mapping (AM), facilities management (FM), and geographic information system (GIS) software consolidates data entered manually or through other applications
  • miniAVIT - Fiber End Face Inspection The miniAVIT system is a benchtop version of the AVIT for automatically inspecting fiber end faces directly on the polishing plate or fixture. Engineers can use the miniAVIT in post-polishing, in-process, and final inspection stages of manufacturing.
  • RGB-2000 - 500 MHz RGB & VGA Extender and Fiber Optic Media Converter Transport RGB and XVGA signals plus various configurations of H and V sync over 3 fibers. 1600 x 1200 Resolution. Horizontal Frequency 15-130 KHz. VGA, SVGA & UXGA RGB, YUV & YcrCb. Enables remoting of a monitor from the video source. System bandwidth of up to 500 MHz, 165 MHz per component. Supports all possible horizontal and vertical synch configurations.
  • MODEL 215 - For GI and SM Fiber Wavelenghts 850nm(GI), 1300nm(GI), 1310nm(SM), 1550nm(SM) Relative value mesurement Auto zeroing Data hold function
    PHOTOM Hakuto Co
  • Remote Fiber Testing System For the manufacturers of fiber optic measurement equipment we offer a robust and proven solution to set up your fiber line testing and monitoring system based on your equipment.
  • Litewires - Fiber Optic Coupled Ammeters & Voltmeters The ultimate power quality tool from 120 volts to 40kV Determine frequency, power, harmonics, sags & swells, transients, and inrush Maintain power systems and troubleshoot power problems Download Waveforms to a scope or analyzer
  • DTS0080 - Tapered Lensed Fiber Tapered Lensed Fiber. Tapered and lensed fibers offer a convenient way to improve coupling between optical fibers and waveguide devices, laser diodes or photo diodes.
    OZ Optics
  • SERIES 3000 - Multimode Fiber Optical Switch Tray The Polatis Series 3000 family of multimode optical switch trays utilizes the DirectLight beam-steering technology, delivering high performance in a compact, fully non-blocking, multimode product. The Series 3000 multimode switch can form the integral part of a resilient network, for connection management in a business continuity setting or as part of a shipboard communication system. Since there is no regeneration, no signal monitoring and no signal modulation is introduced, the Series 3000 is a secure node for carrying sensitive communications. With its low loss, very high repeatability and low crosstalk, the Series 3000 multimode is a perfect fit for testing of Fibre Channel and GigE interfaces as part of an automation strategy. Available in both symmetric (NxN) and asymmetric (MxN) port configurations
  • CTV-2000-FTX - 110 Channel CATV Fiber Optic Transmitter Low noise high linearity Ortel cooled DFB laser GaAs Technology up to 1000MHz (typical 862MHz) RF power digital automatic process technology control the laser driving RF power level automatically, according to RF signal level and channels, ensuring the best C/N, CTB and CSO. Excellent pre-distortion technology improves CTB, CSO and C/N. Built-in microprocessor accurately monitor laser output power and temperature.
  • ADAM-6541 - Ethernet to Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Converter This pair of Ethernet media converters can be the answer. A converter on each end of the fiber takes the Ethernet signal from copper to fiber and from fiber back to copper, but with each end transmitting single-mode on a slightly different frequency.
    B & B Electronics
  • FOS-79800F - WDM DFB Fiber Optic Source Modules The FOS-79800F Series WDM DFB Fiber Optic Source Modules are designed for the most demanding WDM system and component test applications. This reliable source module platform provides picometer resolution, high power, excellent stability, coherence control, optional source shutter, optional PM alignment and accurate attenuation. 
    ILX Lightwave
  • 5680-FC - Single mode Fiber Optic Test Set w/FC Interface Includes: Optical power meter, 1310/1550nm Laser source w/FC connector, FC/PC SOC adapter, and carrying case
    Greenlee Textron
  • FIBERTEK MMP - FIBERTEK Multimode Fiber Certifier Premier Kit Measures signal loss length and delay over Multimode fiber. 850 nm VCSEL light source enables Gigabit Ethernet certification on Multimode fiber. Enables bi-directional dual wavelength measurements for Multimode fiber. Talkset capability available for enhanced communications. Premium kit also includes TRACETEK, IDEAL's advanced fault and event locator.
    IDEAL Industries

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