Fiber - aka Fibre

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  • 310120110 - 480 I/O Receiver Interface / Signal, RF, Fiber & Pneumatic Receiver, G2, 2 Module with Keying Feature
    Virginia Panel
  • FX Series - Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FX Series of Fiber Optic Switching Systems are an optoelectrical switch available in non-blocking, full fan-out configurations from 1x8 to 16x16. A variety of different Transmitter/Receiver Modules allow for 850 or 1300 nm wavelengths, data rates to 622 Mb, and a variety of fiber and connector options. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN, USB or Manual Keypad.
  • FO Series - Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FO Series of Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems are computer controlled chassis designed to switch standard fiberoptic wavelengths of 850, 1310 or 1550 nm using passive, bidirectional Moving Fiberoptic Switches. Available as Individual Switches, Nx1 Multiplexers and NxM nonblocking Matrices. A variety of connectors are available. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN or Manual Keypad.
  • FPF1-00-0900 - Fiber Preparation Fluid Excellent cleaner for optical fiber prior to fusion splicing and for fiber connector cleaning. SAFE: Non-flammable, nonhazardous, Not Regulated for all modes of travel, including air cargo.

    Excellent for use with WFW fiber wipes, Kimwipes, and other optical wipes to clean fiber endface, fiber end face. Perfect for use with Fujikura Fusion Splicer, AFL FAST Connectors, FuseConnect Fusion Spliced Field Terminated Connectors, NOYES fiber optic test equipment, optical power meters, laser sources, and OTDR, connectors SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MPO, MTP, Sticklers

    NSN 6650013983296
  • CS225C - Single Fiber WDM Media Converter SC 25Km The Yamasaki CS225C Single Fiber Singlemode Media Converters operate Bi-directionally through a single optical fiber by using WDM on 1310nm / 1550nm wavelengths and can auto sense between 10 & 100Mbps.
    Yamasaki Optical
  • Optical Fiber Testing Equipment ToronTech™ offers a wide range of physical testing machines to evaluate mechanical properties of optical fibers including optical fiber cable impact tester, optical fiber cable repeated bend test, optical fiber cable tensile and crush test and optical fiber cable torsion tester.
    Torontech Group
  • NF-906A - Fiber Optical Power Meter 1.Measurement of the power of optical sender (dBm and W) 2.Loss test of optical fiber link 3.Insertion loss test of optical device 4.Installation and maintenance of fiber link 5.New REF user-defined. 6.User self-calibration function. 7.With FC/SC/ST general-purpose interfaces, free from any complicated transform. 8.With extra-long service life, a common 9V laminated battery serve200hrs' continuous operation. 9.Optional auto-off function and backlight switch.
    Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic
  • F-FRM Series - Fiber Optic Faraday Rotator Mirrors The F-FRM Series Fiber Optic Faraday Rotator Mirrors are polarization rotation mirrors designed for fiber optic networks and measurement applications. Upon reflection, the state of polarization (SOP) rotates 90° from that of the input light. 
  • Litewires - Fiber Optic Coupled Ammeters & Voltmeters The ultimate power quality tool from 120 volts to 40kV Determine frequency, power, harmonics, sags & swells, transients, and inrush Maintain power systems and troubleshoot power problems Download Waveforms to a scope or analyzer
  • DTS0063 - Laser Diode to Fiber Couplers - Pigtail Style Laser Diode to Fiber Couplers - Pigtail Style. OZ Optics offers a complete line of laser diode to fiber couplers, offering optimum coupling in a small, rugged package. They may be purchased prealigned, with the diode already in place, or as a kit that can be assembled by the customer using their own diode.
    OZ Optics
  • 510104227 - Fiber Optic 14 I/O Connector Module Fiber Optic Module, Receiver, 14 Position
    Virginia Panel
  • USB4000 - Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer The USB4000 is our next-generation flagship spectrometer, with a 3648-element Toshiba linear CCD array for increased signal-to-noise and enhanced electronics for controlling the spectrometer and accessories.
    Ocean Optics
  • Fiber NA Measurement System Instantly measures NA (Numerical Aperture) - basic parameter ofr communication optical fibers - in 2 dimensions. Compatable not only with single-mode but also with multimode fibers.
    Hamamatsu Photonics
  • WaveSource Series - Fiber Optic Light Sources WaveSource series fiber optic light sources offer the fiber optic professional a wide range of options for their testing needs. Many different combinations are available: multimode only, singlemode only, or both multimode and singlemode. Our quad-wavelength version (WS-MDSD) has all four wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, 1550) in one unit!
    Optical Wavelength
  • VT080 - USB 1.1 to Fiber Media Converter The VT080 converts the USB copper into a Fiber which allows the media convert extend the range of the USB beyond the USB 5 Meter limit. The VT080 in conjunction with VT081 or VT082 allows seamless connection between the Root Complex and the end point devices. The Fiber connection is LC style connector which allows the units to be connected using standard fiber cable.
  • 62.5/125 - Fiber Loop back Cable with SC,LC,FC and MTRJ Connectors L-com's 62.5/125 Multimode fiber loop back cables provide an economical solution for a number of fiber optic test applications.
  • DITEST DLIGHT - DYNAMIC FIBER OPTIC DISTRIBUTED STRAIN AND TEMPERATURE ANALYZER The DITEST D-LIGHT features full strain and temperature measurements along a sensing fiber with a fast acquisition rate in the 1 Hertz range while maintaining high strain resolution to meet the application requirement for dynamic strain and fatigue monitoring.
  • Fiber Shaker The fiber shaker reduces speckle by changing the differential path length of the various modes in the fiber. Part of the fiber is shaken continuously in each of three nominally orthogonal directions during the measurement to allow the speckle to be averaged out. This will ensure sufficient repeatability for the measurement of the Encircled Flux.
    Arden Photonics LTD
  • DTS0039 - High Power Laser to Fiber Couplers High Power Laser to Fiber Couplers With Temperature Control
    OZ Optics
  • VDB16-FO - Fibre Optic/Hotlink Video Cross Bar Switch The VDB16-FO is the latest addition to the GE Intelligent Platform’s video cross bar range. Building on the success of the VDB30 and the VDB15, the VDB16-FO is an oversized PMC module offering any input to any output video routing for HotLink and analog video signals. Primarily FPGA based, the unit is capable of 1 to 1 and 1 to many video routing and distribution. An internal video test pattern generator and programmable LUT on each video output provide additional user functions. In addition to the video routing capability the VDB16-FO Provides a digital video output that is compatible with the ADEPT60 and other GE Intelligent Platforms’ automatic video trackers. This allows the VDB16-FO to be used as a flexible video input module on these products.
    GE Intelligent Platforms
  • HD-1500 Series - Serial Digital Video Fiber Optic Transport for HDTV Designed to ease the engineering and financial difficulties associated with the migration to HDTV. An economical solution for the fiber optic transport of 19.4 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps HDTV signals. Supports the SMPTE 292M 1.485 Gbps standard. Supports the SMPTE 259M standards with operation from 143Mbps - 360Mbps. Supports the SMPTE 310M 19.4Mbps, M2S or DVB-ASI 270Mbps, SMPTE 344M 540Mbps and SMPTE 305M SDTi rates.
  • DTS0025 - Fiber to Photodiode Couplers OZ Optics provides packaging services of photodiodes at a low cost. Fiber to photodiode couplers are available for virtually any photodiode available, using either singlemode, multimode or polarization maintaining fiber.
    OZ Optics
  • CZ Series - RGB Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier RGB Digital Fiber Optic Type. RGB three-light source. Wide detection range of up to 70±20 mm. High-speed response of 300 µs. Water-resistant sensor head IP-67 rated 
  • DTS0037 - High Power Fiber Optic Patchcords High Power Fiber Optic Patchcords. OZ Optics produces fiber optic patchcords specifically for high power applications. These patchcords feature special high power fibers, carefully prepared fiber endfaces, and specially designed fiber optic connectors to ensure maximum power handling for your application.
    OZ Optics

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