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  • ST3110C - optical fiber cleaver Specification ST3110C Optical Fiber CleaverSuitable fiberSingle fiberCoating
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • 910121170 - Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
    Virginia Panel
  • FO Series - Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FO Series of Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems are computer controlled chassis designed to switch standard fiberoptic wavelengths of 850, 1310 or 1550 nm using passive, bidirectional Moving Fiberoptic Switches. Available as Individual Switches, Nx1 Multiplexers and NxM nonblocking Matrices. A variety of connectors are available. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN or Manual Keypad.
  • FOCIS PRO - Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System The NOYES Family of FOCIS PRO automatic fiber inspection solutions provide network personnel with the capability to automatically document fiber connector cleanliness and integrity. FOCIS PRO combines a palm-sized FOCIS Touchscreen Tablet, a FOCIS Digital FiberScope and AFL SimpleView PRO analysis software to provide the inspection and analysis power of current laptop and probe solutions and the ergonomics, ease of use, ruggedness and ownership costs of basic "live only" viewers.
    AFL Telecommunications
  • F411L17415 - Optical Fiber The F411L17415 of Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver module is specifically designed for high performance integrated duplex data link over single mode optical fiber. The high-speed laser diode and photo diode are provided as a light source and a detector, respectively. An EEPROM contained the detailed product information for the host equipment is accessed by the 2-wire serial CMOS EEPROM protocol. It complies with SFP MSA, SONET/SDH standards, Class 1 laser products, EN60825, and EN60950.
  • C500 - Fiber Cleaver The CARY-F600H optical fiber cleaver easy to use, convenient, rotating blade, no position limited, high-precision cutting. Optical fiber cleaver light weight. Cleave angle: < 1 degree . Replaceable blade cleave blade with 16 cleave spots.
    UC Instruments
  • ST3110B - Optical Fiber Cleaver Optical Fiber Cleaver
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • ST3110A - Optical Fiber Cleaver Specification ST3110A Optical Fiber CleaverSuitable fiberSingle fiberCoating
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • ST3820 - Optical Fiber Identifier OverviewST3820 is an handheld Optical Fiber Identifier which is designed for optical fiber installation and maintenance. It combines OFI with VFL into one tester. It can not only identify the optical fiber, but also used as the visual fault locator. The appearance is simple and small.
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • TAC-2000 - Tactical Fiber Optic Cabling and Spool Custom military grade, tactical fiber optic cable assemblies with up to 12 fibers. Delphi-Packard Hughes Hermaphroditic, US Army TFOCA II® or ITT Industries Cannon FOMC multi-channel tactical fiber optic connectors. Standard lengths include 500, 1000 and 2000 feet. Custom lengths available. Crush-resistant and resilient with a thick layer of Aramid Strength Members. Polyurethane jacketed for abrasion, cut and chemical resistance. Re-enforced Kevlar jacket strong enough to withstand the weight of a truck.
  • 310120110 - 480 I/O Receiver Interface / Signal, RF, Fiber & Pneumatic Receiver, G2, 2 Module with Keying Feature
    Virginia Panel
  • FX Series - Fiber Optic Switching Systems CYTEC's FX Series of Fiber Optic Switching Systems are an optoelectrical switch available in non-blocking, full fan-out configurations from 1x8 to 16x16. A variety of different Transmitter/Receiver Modules allow for 850 or 1300 nm wavelengths, data rates to 622 Mb, and a variety of fiber and connector options. Control options include RS232, IEEE488, LAN, USB or Manual Keypad.
  • ST-1100D - Fiber Optic Sources The 1100 series of Fiber Optic Sources are microproc- essor controlled laser diode sources, capable of providing up to 500 mW of power at user- specified wavelengths includ- ing WDM C-Band and L-Band wavelengths. Designed for component testing, power meter calibration, and general laboratory use. Plus, each 1100 comes equipped with a standard RS232 remote interface for easy incorporation into production automated test system or computer controlled laboratory test.
    Wuhan Sunma Technologies
  • VDB16-FO - Fibre Optic/Hotlink Video Cross Bar Switch The VDB16-FO is the latest addition to the GE Intelligent Platform’s video cross bar range. Building on the success of the VDB30 and the VDB15, the VDB16-FO is an oversized PMC module offering any input to any output video routing for HotLink and analog video signals. Primarily FPGA based, the unit is capable of 1 to 1 and 1 to many video routing and distribution. An internal video test pattern generator and programmable LUT on each video output provide additional user functions. In addition to the video routing capability the VDB16-FO Provides a digital video output that is compatible with the ADEPT60 and other GE Intelligent Platforms’ automatic video trackers. This allows the VDB16-FO to be used as a flexible video input module on these products.
    GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Multi-Fiber Switch and Polarity Tester OptiConcepts Multi-Fiber Switch and Polarity Tester is designed to quickly test insertion loss and polarity of multi-fiber assemblies, modules, and truck cables employing MTP and MPO connectors. The small package size frees up valuable bench space in the lab, yet is lightweight enough for field applications.
  • OFI-400C - Optical Fiber Identifier The OFI-400C is a rugged, hand-held and easy-to-use fiber optic test instrument designed to detect and measure the core power levels of optical signals on single-mode optical fiber without disrupting traffic on that fiber. The OFI 400C is designed and calibrated for use with 2 mm and 3 mm jacketed optical fibers.
    AFL Telecommunications
  • MS6820 - FIBER TESTER The Fiber Tester is a small hand-held tool for verifying and troubleshooting and quickly diagnose problems during Fiber cable installation.
    Shanghai Yi Hua V&A
  • Optical Fiber AFM Probes Nanonics AFM glass probes are used for imaging surface topography with nanometric resolution and better characteristics than silicon atomic force sensors. Contact, non-contact, and intermittent contact probes are available for a variety of surfaces and for a range of materials and structures.
    Nanonics Imaging
  • FS-V30 - MEGA POWER Fiber Optic Sensor World's Most Powerful Beam (64x conventional Model). World's Highest Response speed of 33μs. World's First Automatic Value Tracking Function. World's First Power Booster Switch. Stable Detection over a Long Lifetime
  • DVM-1700 - 2 Channel, Video, Audio & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer The DVM-1700 Video and Fiber Optic Transport offers state-of-the-art performance exceeding RS250C Medium-haul and Professional Specifications. The system will support 2 video, up to 10 audio and 4 simplex data channels. The video Signal to Noise ratio is greater than 64 dB and a Signal to Quantizing Noise ratio of greater than 64 dB.
  • Xgig Fibre Channel 1/2/4/8 Gb/s Load Tester - Fibre Channel Load Tester The Xgig Fibre Channel Load Tester brings essential Fibre Channel traffic generation capabilities to the Xgig Unified Protocol Analysis and Test platform, the industry's only complete protocol testing suite supporting multiple protocols and analysis functions in a single chassis.
  • LCFIBLBTEST - Fiber Optics Loopback Tester with LC Connector Fiber Loopback Tester provides you with a looped signal from the source device to hardware for testing purposes. It allows you to easily test the Fiber connections for both transmitting and receiving functions. USA
  • Fiber Optic Test Kits & Sets mphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) has selected test equipment that is ideal for the field technicians who install and test our products. We offer a wide range of test equipment that meets our customers needs, including the periodic installer to the rugged field requirements for the US Army and USMC deployed or depot maintenance personnel to the advanced requirements of the Navy Shipboard installer requiring Navy approved test sets.
    Amphenol Fiber Systems
  • LS09 - Fiber Optic Light Source Fiber optic light source is a fiber optic test equipment to measure the fiber optic loss for both single mode fiber cable and multimode fiber cables; usually the fiber optic light source is used with the fiber optic power meters. This fiber optical light source can provide 1 to 4-wavelength output according to the specific requirements including the 650nm red source, 1310nm/1550nm wavelength for the single mode fiber and 850nm/1300nm wavelength for the multimode fiber.
    Huihong Fiber

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