Energy Meters

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  • GF102A-80A - single phase energy meter calibration test bench Voltage Test voltage output (Phase-Neutral) 0V – 264V Power of the voltage output Max. 30VA , 15VA Resolution 0.01% Accuracy 0.1% , 0.2% Stability 0.02%/120s , 0.05%/120s Distortion factor < 0.3% for linear resistance load Current Test current output 1mA – 80A Power of the current output Max. 100VA , 30VA Resolution 0.01% Accuracy 0.1% , 0.2% Stability 0.02%/120s Distortion factor < 0.3% for linear resistance load Phase angle Range 0 -- 360° Resolution 0.1° Accuracy 0.2° Frequency Range 45Hz – 65Hz Resolution 0.005Hz Pulse output High frequency output(CH) 1.666×105 Hz Low frequency output(CL) 5×10-5×CH Pulse input Input channel 3 Input frequency Max. 20Hz Other Voltage Supply 220V±10% 50/60Hz±2Hz Ambient temperature -10°C -- +40°C Relative humidity 35% -- 85% Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 445×440×180 , 410×220×150 Weight (kg) 18 , 9.5
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • DDS999 - Single Phase Energy Meter Single phase energy meter type DDS999 is used to measure 50HZ AC active energy, it is new and high-tech products adopting special large-scale IC, latest micro-electronic technology and SMT production crafts. It is designed for rough working condition and components selection as foundation, so it can ensure the long-term stable operation.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • RT1018 - Single Phase Din-rail Energy Meter The RT1018 Single Phase Din-rail Energy meter is a kind of new style single phase electronic watt-hour meter, the meter completely accord with relevant technical requirements of class 1 and class 2 single phase energy meter stipulated in National standard GB/T17215-2002 and international standard IEC61036.
    Rowwin Test Technologies
  • EM130 - Energy Meter Energy monitor and consumption tracking. Maximum current load and wattage readings. Energy cost calculation. Energy usage time. Overload warning.
    UPM Marketing
  • HTDN-H - Energy Meter Calibrator This device applies to calibrate the accuracy of all kinds of single phase electric energy meter on site, also can test the frequency AC parameters.
    Wuhan Huatian Electric
  • GF112-5 - Onsite Single Phase Energy Meter Calibrating Equipment It is suitable to test various types single phase meters on site and can also be used to test alternating current parameters.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • DTS27E-A - Two-phase Smart Energy Meter DTS27A-A is a two-phase three-wire energy meter with multi-functions, high reliability and long life.
    Shenzhen Star Instrument
  • SK1640 - Window Energy Meter Preferred Sales Kit The SK1640 Sales Kit includes the Window Energy Meter which allows you to demonstrate the SHGC performance of your glass right in front of your customers' eyes! Simply slide glass samples into the opening of the meter and the UV Transmission %, Visible Light Transmittance, and SHGC performance will be immediately displayed. The kit also includes glass samples to compare against your window product as well as a temperature gun and heat lamp for simple temperature demonstration.
  • 4omega - Laser Energy Meter Energy Meter. This digital energy meter sets the standard for high repetition rate, pulsed laser energy measurements with its ability to accurately capture pulses at up to 4000 pps. The large, bright LCD touch-panel display provides exceptionally flexible and simple operation.
    Coherent Instruments
  • ZSTPPEC - Three Phase Power / Energy Meter Calibrator Digital AC Voltmeter, Digital AC Ammeter , Universal meter to indicate PF, W, VA, VAr of each phase. Also average of all phases, WHr Programmable current display to accommodate any CT ratio
    ZEAL Services
  • 11QE25-LP-S-MB - Energy Detector Laser Energy Meters 11QE25-LP-S-MB energy detector provides a unique combination of high damage resistance and high speed. It also offers very good linearity with power and a versatile mounting system. It is right for many pulsed lasers. It is right for many OEM, manufacturing and laboratory uses.
  • SHARK 100 Meter - Multifunction Power and Energy Meter Electro Industries/GaugeTech introduces industry leading metering technology. Designed to address the most demanding applications, the Shark 100 surpasses others providing advanced performance metering in a low cost, compact, panel meter design. Based on an all new platform, this meter significantly outperforms other devices many times its price.
    Electro Industries
  • DTS SKT and DTS SKTD - Socket Energy Meter with Modbus Communications and Multiple Form Factors “Smart” submeter replacement for existing electro-mechanical meters Class 0.5 Energy Meter** (ANSI C12.20) - “Revenue grade” Bi-directional for renewable systems (NET metering) Socket Form Factors
  • DTS SMX - Surface Mount 3 Phase Energy Sub-meter Line powered single / three phase energy sub-meter Class 0.5 Energy Meter** (ANSI C12.20) - “Revenue grade” NEMA 4x weather-proof surface mount enclosure Bi-directional for renewable systems (NET metering) Interfaces with “safe” mV, RopeCTs or 1/5A CTs Fused Voltage Terminals included for quick installation Easy access voltage and current terminations Embedded Ethernet connectivity - Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, SNMP or DNP 3.00 RS-485 connectivity - Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP Communications setting via DIP switches for Modbus RTU LonWorks FT-10 communications Pulse output standard 2 digital status/counter inputs OR digital outputs - optional
  • OSM Energy Meter - .NET based Energy Meter A meter developed for the flexible user in-mind. The Open Source Meter is designed to integrate into Ethernet and WiFi networks to provide an online metering solution yet it has enough memory and processing power to provide an autonomous solution for demanding integration needs.
    Open Source Meter
  • DTS27A-B - Two-phase Energy Meter(Register) DTS27A-B is a two-phase three-wire energy meter with low price, small volumn, light weight, high reliability and long life.
    Shenzhen Star Instrument
  • SY 3610 - Portable Single Phase Energy Meter Test Set Virtual Value of Voltage (U). Rated Range (Un): 220V. Measuring Range: 165~242V. Basic Error: 0.5% Un. Virtual Value of Voltage (I). Rated Range of Current Clamper (Ib): 5A, 20A, 40A, 50A, 100A   
    Hong Kong Songyang
  • ION 7550 - Energy and Power Meter The intelligent, web-enabled RTU option of the ION 7550 provides an economical all-in-one solution for integrating facility-wide operations data into an energy management system. The RTU is ideal for commercial or industrial sub-metering, as well as transducer and equipment monitoring at utility substations. The ION 7550 with RTU option features a large graphical display, high accuracy measurements, 17µs setpoint response, communications protocol support, web compatibility and control capabilities
    Power Measurement
  • CDT - Remote, Three-Phase MV/LV Electronic Energy Meters CDTs are three-phase, communicating sub-meters equipped with a pulse transmitter. They are designed for energy measurement and management applications for three-phase LV/MV electricity networks, transmitting data via their digital RS485 output to an energy supervision or management system.
  • Caltest 10 - Portable Energy Meter Tester The Caltest 10 is a single phase portable device class 0,5 designed for electricity meter testing on site.
    MeterTest Ltd
  • SD2400 - "Spectrum Detective" Energy Transmission Meter Any salesperson can open up their own product literature and give statistics about their window, but the Spectrum Detective will help you stand apart from other salespeople and shed a positive light on your window product. The SD2400 allows you to demonstrate the energy performance of your window in front of your customers' eyes with a live demonstration.
  • MK-30-DC - Energy meter Electronic energy meter of direct current for DIN rail mounting, 2 modules, max. 30 A
    Circutor Sa
  • GF102A - Portable Single-phase Energy Meter Test Equipment Applied in the measurement and test center of power grid company, power consumption management department of power supply company, national electricity measurement utility at all levels, industrial and mining enterprises and meter manufacturers as well as being regarded as power source with high standard accuracy. Features Conduct auto and one-step manual testing on basic error, no-load, startup and standard deviation of single-phase energy meter in accordance with meter testing regulations Fast and stable power source output; max. output of AC current can reach 120 A Adopt colorful and large screen LCD display with Chinese menu and fully realize "one-button" control for common functions and basic load point of current Each meter position will provide a standard and standalone RS485 port for energy meter to conduct multi-functional experiments like communication test External polarity of pulse input port for each meter position can be configured freely to adapt to the energy meter with pulse of common cathode and anode output
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • PR3400 - "BeamSplitter Pro" Energy Transmission Meter The PR3400 instrument is designed for use in areas where you need to draw attention, such as SHOWROOMS, TRADE SHOWS or large presentation meetings. Just like the Spectrum Detective, this line-powered instrument allows a user to simultaneously demonstrate UV, Visible, and Infrared transmission values for a given product. The BRIGHT LED displays on the BeamSplitter Pro will draw attention and can be seen from a greater distance. Simply slide the glass sample into the opening and watch the resulting values be displayed.

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