Energy Analyzers

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  • DTSk2 - High Accuracy Energy Meter, Power Monitor and Power Quality Analyzer Over 500 electrical parameters displayed On-board SD memory card for logging (up to 2GB) One display can monitor up to 32 meter modules Display can be mounted separately from meter module Flexible communications capabilities (Modbus TCP, RS485 with Modbus protocol, PROFIBUS) 3 expansion slots for optional digital and analog I/O Incorrect connection detection Flexible mounting options including 4” round ANSI, 96x96mm, 144x144mm as well as DIN rail 300 x 240 pixel (1/4 VGA) graphic LCD, back-lit display Waveform displays 4 quadrant measurements Universal AC/DC power supply
  • PHOIBOS 100/150 - Hemispherical Energy Analyzer SPECS continues to set new standards with the PHOIBOS series of hemispherical energy analyzers. This instrument combines excellent performance and highest reliability for the largest possible variety of experimental conditions. The most advanced and sophisticated computer simulations were used to fully characterize and optimize the electron optical properties of the analyzer and transfer lens.
    SPECS Technologies
  • ComProbe BPA® - Low Energy Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer In an increasingly mobile world, it's more important than ever that developers' tools are just as mobile as the devices and technologies they're creating. Frontline puts problem-solving literally in the palm of your hand with the ComProbe BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer.
    Frontline Test Equipment
  • PS3000 - Energy Analyzer. The PS3000 provides simplicity and reliability in the analysis of electric power. Complete power/energy/cost analysis. Measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWH, elapsed and estimated cost, and duty cycle. Complete logging and manual waveform capture ability.
    Summit Technology
  • 101A Single - 3 Phase Power/ Energy Analyzer The 101A is suitable for measurements on electronically switched loads. Because of its DC-coupling capability correct rms- and power values result at all times. Take the case of line voltage multiplied by half wave rectified current. AC-coupling yields wrong rms current and power, DC-coupling yields correct values. 600mA-60A, 30V-1000V, DC-50kHz. Accepts 100A start-up current.
    Infratek AG
  • 434 Series II - Energy Analyzer The Fluke 434 II Energy Analyzer is the ideal tool for energy logging. Utilizing the new Energy Loss Calculator function, the 434 II measures the fiscal cost of energy wasted due to poor power quality. This energy monetization capability allows you to identify the most energy-wasteful areas of your facility so you can determine potential energy saving solutions. Add basic power quality measurements to the package and you're got yourself one powerful troubleshooting tool.
  • 3030A - Energy Analyzer Datalogger he Valhalla 3030A capability includes: single and three phase voltage, current, power (watts), energy (KWHrs), cost, power factor (p.f.), total harmonic distortion, transients (spikes), frequency, duty cycle, and power cycles. It also stores in non-volatile memory two complete sets of waveforms (saves 14 signals- 3Ø) as standard. The Valhalla 3030A also measures 3Ø delta voltages – (i.e. phase to phase voltages) and current levels as standard. Primary/secondary ratios for current transformers (CT¹s) and potential transformers (PT¹s) can be entered into the unit for recording of primary values when monitoring secondary outputs, to provide automatic scaling for energy measurements (i.e. Kilowatt Hours).
    Valhalla Scientific
  • Nanovip3 - Power Quality & Energy Analyzer NanoVIP3 is the new handheld three phase power quality & energy analyzer, able to combine a high level of performance with an extremely competitive price. What makes it unique is its small size, however, the instrument has all the features normally found so far only in high-end products.
    Duncan Instruments
  • 437 Series II - 400Hz Power Quality and Energy Analyzer The Fluke 437 Series II 400Hz Power Quality and Energy Analyzer is designed specifically for the defense and avionics industries. Capable of measuring up to 400 Hz, the 437 II is a must-have for those working in submarines, aircrafts, and other transport applications.
  • EnergyPro EP600 - 6 channel Energy Analyzer Easy to use interface - setup and record data without even looking at the manual! Records voltage, current, power, frequency, THD, harmonics and unbalance. True RMS - V&I - KW - KVA - KVAR - KWHr.
    Candura Instruments
  • Energy Platform - Demand & Energy Analyzer In today’s environment of rising energy costs and opportunities for green initiatives, understanding your energy profile is more important than ever. Where and when electricity is consumed is an essential part of any energy management program - “What gets measured gets done”. Energy Platform EP1 from Dranetz-BMI is an innovative and essential tool for any electrical energy monitoring application. Whether you want to understand your utility costs, improve efficiency, install energy savings devices, explore alternative energy solutions or even determine your carbon footprint, Energy Platform provides the essential monitoring tools to meet your energy monitoring needs. Energy Platform’s 1⁄4 VGA color touch display, automatic setups, easy to read reports and EPRW report writer software provide a simple to use, yet powerful tool for any application.
  • 458 - UV Energy Analyzer for Steppers with Computer Interface for Model 358 The microprocessor based Model 458 Exposure Analyzer System accurately profiles exposure energy (dose) to assess the performance of the stepper. It is designed for use with the ASML High Intensity, Canon, Nikon, and Ultratech High Intensity Wafer Steppers.
  • 435 Series II - Power Quality and Energy Analyzer Think of the Fluke 435 II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer as your insurance policy. No matter what goes wrong in your facility, with the 435 II you will always be prepared. Equipped with advanced power quality functions and energy monetization capabilities, there is no electrical issue this model can't handle.
  • 6300 - Three Phase Energy Analyzer / Data Logger AC Voltage - Trms to 600V AC Current - Trms to 1000A (3000A CT Optional) Power – Active, Apparent & Reactive Energy – Active, Apparent & Reactive Power Factor (Cosø ) Frequency (40 – 70 Hz) Demand Measurement Neutral Current (Only on 3 Phase/4 Wire measurement)
    Duncan Instruments
  • EnergyTrace™ - MSP430 Energy-based Code Analyzer EnergyTrace™ technologyfor MSP430 microcontrollers is an energy-based code analysis tool that measures and displays the application’s energy profile and helps to optimize it for ultra-low-power consumption.
    Texas Instruments
  • PS3000 Energy Analyzer - Energy Analyzer Complete power/energy/cost analysis. Measures voltage, current KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWH, elapsed and estimated cost, and duty cycle. Complete logging and manual waveform capture ability.
  • PHOIBOS 225 - Hemispherical Energy Analyzer SPECS sets a new standard with the PHOIBOS 225 energy analyzer. Innovative approaches and technical solutions lead to an instrument that combines excellent performance with highest reliability for the largest possible variety of experimental conditions.
    SPECS Technologies
  • CVM-K2 - High Accuracy Energy Meter, Power Monitor and Power Quality Analyzer Flexible mounting options including 4? round ANSI, 96x96mm, 144x144mm as well as DIN rail 300 x 240 pixel (1/4 VGA) graphic LCD, back-lit display. 128 samples per cycle measuring accuracy. Certified energy meter (Class 0.5 and 0.2 options available) with up to 9 tariffs
  • 2801/2802 - Advanced Single and Two Channel Power Analyzers With an extended measurement range from micro-amps to hundreds of amps and milli-volts to kilovolts, the XiTRON 2801 and 2802 are ideal analyzers for standby power or Energy Star testing. Numeric results and waveforms can be displayed, read via the communication ports (RS-232, GPIB, USB, and Ethernet), or sent directly at full resolution to a USB printer.
    Xitron Technologies
  • 2030 - Single Channel Peak Amplitude Nuclear Pulse Shaping Amplifier Analyzer The CANBERRA Model 2030 analyzes the peak amplitude of energy pulses from nuclear pulse shaping amplifiers, and generates its primary logic output (SCA) for input analog pulses between the levels referenced by the Lower Level (E) and Window (DE) front panel ten-turn controls
    Canberra Industries
  • 2040 - Coincidence Analyzer The Model 2040 Coincidence Analyzer accepts the outputs from energy analysis and time discrimination modules, such as the Model 2035A, 2036A, or 2037A Timing SCAs. 
    Canberra Industries
  • PQP2100 B - Portable Power Quality Analyzer B5 paper size, take power from the input side without the need for an external power supply, weighs only 1.7kg. Addition to the SQL database, and other features with PQP2000B the world's most compact high-end full-function power quality analyzer, Class A-grade energy Quality Analyzer
    Beijing West Gold
  • X-MET7000 Series - XRF analyser Based on the proven technique of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF), the X-MET7000 Series is engineered for high performance and reliability, guaranteeing fast, non-destructive materials analysis at the press of a trigger.
    Oxford Instruments
  • System 3721 - UHF Narrowband Scanner and Spectrum Analyzer The System 3721 is a compact, rack-mountable receiver system that is capable of receiving one, stable UHF channel (500 to 800 MHz range), sweeping across this range and performing FFT searching for energy on programmable thresholds. Applications: SIGINT COMINT

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Energy Analyzers - Examine the quantity, quality, and frequency of electric and light energy.