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  • CVM mini Series - Three-phase Electrical Power Analyzer Smallest 3 phase analyzer on the market. DIN rail, front panel and Socket meter mounting options. Measures and calculates over 230 electrical parameters including energy. Suitable for LV and MV systems. RS485 communication with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Model 8257 - 7-in-1 500 VA Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer OMNIA® II Model 8257 provides AC Hipot (500 VA), DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond / Continuity, Functional Run, and Line Leakage tests in a single DUT connection. The 8257 also includes a built-in 500 VA AC Power source. This feature, unique to OMNIA II, makes Functional Run and Line Leakage testing more productive and efficient. It provides a true one box solution for Line Leakage testing.
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  • PE-425 - Electrical Multifunction network analyzer (LOOP, PSC and Earth Tester) Electrical multifunction network analyzer for LOOP, PSC & Earth Test PE-425 incorporates a built-in Earth Tester and Loop/PSC tester for ranges from 0,3 to 2000 Ohms.
    PROMAX Electronica
  • BT-8600 - Battery / Electrical System Analyser 6/12 Volt Full function digital analyser that tests batteries as well as charging and starting system components with alternator ripple test which detects failing diodes in alternators. 50 - 2000 CCA range, 5 CCA resolution. CCA, IEC, EN, BCI and DIN scale 4 line, 20 character backlit LCD display shows CCA?s voltage, good/bad status Printer interface. Detachable cables, Temperature and low charge compensation, Loose lead detection. 7 language support and soft carry case
    DURST Motor & Electric
  • Model 8204 - 4-in-1 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer OMNIA® II Model 8204 provides AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond / Continuity tests in a single DUT connection. An optional built-in 8 port scanner is available on the 8204. The 8204 comes standard with an USB/RS-232 interface but is also available with optional Ethernet or GPIB.
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  • 19032 Series - Electrical Safety Analyzers All manufacturers have to solve the issues of error connection and test cable unconnected. Chroma's Guardian 19032 is equipped with up-to-date open/short check function (OSC) for products testing.
    Chroma Systems Solutions
  • T1826 - Electrical Network Analyzer *Measures Earth Resistance without the need for poles in the ground or external easuring wires. *Earth Measurement uses the real earth current path and the current generated by the electric network without the need for any disconnection. *The Earth Resistance displayed is exactly the earth resistance that the earth current will need to go through is an earth fault occurs. (you do not need to add all the bonding points and connection paths resistances) *Displays voltage supply at the transformer (Line to Neutral) without loading the transformer.
  • MAP - MV/LV Electrical Network Analyzers A global solution for monitoring electrical networks, stations and HVA/HVB installations. Slot-in or rack MAP analyzers measure all MV/LV electrical network parameters: RMS voltage and current, active, reactive, apparent and distorting powers, energies, cos phi, power factor
  • BESA V3 - Battery Electrical System Analyser This Battery Electrical System Analyser (BESA) is a new way of measuring the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of a car battery and it test a wide variety of 12V batteries: Wet (Flooded), VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF), Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL cell.
    AUTO Diagnostech
  • OMNIA II - Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers OMNIA II, our next generation of Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers, was designed around the way you test. We understand that every testing application is unique and finding the right tester can be difficult. OMNIA II is a multi-function Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer that provides you with customizable features and unmatched functionality!
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  • T2126 - Electrical Network Analyzer The T2126 is the first portable real electrical network analyzer. It has a built-in earth tester which does not requires the use of poles or long Wires. This instrument is useful for fault-finding or commissioning of Electrical installations. Differentiating between the line (hot), neutral and Earth (ground) path by reading their values has never been easier.
  • ESA615 - Electrical Safety Analyzer The automated ESA615 performs all primary electrical safety tests, including mains (line) voltage, protective earth (ground wire) resistance, MAP (insulation) resistance, device current, and applied parts (patient leakage) tests. It also offers ECG simulation and point–to-point voltage, leakage, and resistance tests. The ESA615 is an all-in-one solution with a multimeter, electrical safety analyzer and ECG simulator in a single test instrument
    Fluke Biomedical
  • 19032/19032-P - Electrical Safety Analyzer 5 In 1 (ACV/DCV/ IR/GB/LC Test) 500VA Power Rating Twin-Port function Open / Short Check(OSC)
    Combinova Marketing
  • CVM-BD Series - Din Rail Mounted Electrical System Analyzer DIN rail mounted (8 modules) electrical system analyzer which measures, calculates and displays the main electrical parameters in balanced and unbalanced three-phase systems. DIN rail format (8 modules) 
  • AN9651TH(F) - Three-phase 7 in 1 Electrical Safety Analyzer Seven functions into one device:ground bond,insulation resistance,AC hipot,DC hipot,leakage current,power test and low voltage start test. Three phase single phase load compatible; Three phase rated load capacity 20kVA, can custom 60kVA. Seven functionsinto one device: ground bond, insulation resistance, AC hipot, DC hipot, leakage current, power test and low voltage start test
    Ainuo Instrument
  • F00E900066 - Electrical System Diagnostic Analyzer Base Kit The BAT 151 is a highly advanced, easy-to-use, and reliable electrical diagnostic tool perfectly suited for today’s modern automotive service center. By combining direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology, the BAT 151 is reliable, precise, and more accurate than the competition.
    Bosch Diagnostics
  • T2726 - Electrical Network Analyzer The T2726 is the first portable real electrical network analyzer. It has a built-in earth tester which does not requires the use of poles or long Wires. This instrument is useful for fault-finding or commissioning of Electrical installations. Differentiating between the line (hot), neutral and Earth (ground) path by reading their values has never been easier.
  • 7742 - Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer Six most common safety tests (ACW,DCW,IR,GB,LLT and RUN TEST). All-in-one display screen with flexibility in veiwing test parameters and results. Date and Time Setting allows the operator to set calibration due date and alert
    EXTECH Electronics
  • T3 - LED Thermal and Electrical Performance Analyzer Thermal parameter is the key index to evaluate the performance of LED. To measure thermal characteristics of high power LED is an important for high reliability LED applications. It will effect on the optical parameters, electricity parameters and lifetime of LED. Therefore, design and control of the thermal dissipation is the most important thing for the manufacturers and users.
    Lisun Electronics
  • AN9662H(F) - Double-channel Parallel Electrical safety Comprehensive Analyzer Double load for paralleled testing; 7 functions in 1 electrical safety and properties' test; double channel display together; electric ARC, load open-circuit and short-circuit test function. Applicable to such small home appliances high-speed
    Ainuo Instrument
  • APRV / APR4U4I - Electrical Network Analyzers Monitoring of the harmonic distortion of the network with possibility of supervising the harmonics to row 63 (3150Hz).
    Dfv Technologie
  • 950i - Hipot Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer Vitrek has incorporated advanced DSP technology into the new 950i series to bring you the fastest, most capable, feature rich hipot testers available for a surprisingly low price. Vitrek’s new 950i Series combines high output power, with a wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs and extremely low leakage current measurement. Then we added a 4-wire milli-ohmmeter with dynamic range up to 100K ohms and an overlapping Tera-ohm class Insulation Resistance function. Top that off with an available 40 Amp Ground Bond capability and you’re just beginning to get a feel for what the new Vitrek 950i Series Hipot Testers can do for you.
  • LKG 601 - Comprehensive Electrical Safety Analyzer The LKG 601, Electrical Safety Analyzer is an extremely easy to use portable Electrical Safety Analyzer designed specifically for testing non-ECG equipment. Ground resistance, leakage current, and instrument current test measurements are displayed on its large LCD. 
  • T4126 - Electrical Network Analyzer 2 Lines x 16 characters Liquid Crystal Display *Auto-ranging/Auto-off. *One Push Button Operation. *Very Low Consumption. *Microprocessor Controlled. *Better than 3% Accuracy (0.05 ~ 50 Ohm). *IEC/EN 61010-1 CAT III 300V. *Wiring integrity Check (display + LEDs). *Over Temperature Protection and Indication. *Stores Previous readings. *Measures : L-E and L-E AC voltages, L-E and L-N Loop Impedance, Prospective Short *Circuits L-E and L-n, Earth Spike, Line and Neutral Impedances.

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