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  • EMC & Electrical Testing Services To support vehicle electrical system development activities, MIRA operates a number of EMC and electrical test laboratories. Capabilities include electrical testing of components and vehicles such as full load analysis, thermal rise checks and insulation resistance measurements. MIRA's EMC test capabilities provide component and vehicle sign off to ISO 17025 quality standards.
    MIRA Ltd
  • EMC TESTING SERVICES ACS?s EMC compliance offerings are truly global in scope. We have provided EMC Compliance Testing services in over 50 countries in 6 continents. But we don?t stop there. If there is a country where you need EMC compliance, and we do not yet have a presence in that country, we will get it?fast.
    Advanced Compliance
  • EMC Testing Services F2 Labs can work with you during each phase of your design development – from your prototype phase compliance consulting to final product compliance testing and global approval management. Our technical staff can work with you at your location for EMC testing and approval management or test your product at our facilities. Feel free to witness your testing at our modern EMC facility. We are available to provide you with one or all of the following EMC compliance testing services:
    F-Squared Laboratories
  • EMC Testing and Product Certification Services LS Research provides EMC Testing and Radio Certification Services for companies worldwide. We are accredited to ISO / IEC 17025 by A2LA, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation for EMC and Radio Certification.
    LS Research
  • EMC / EMI / RF Testing Services PCTEST Engineering Laboratory is a world leader in providing EMC/EMI (Electromagnetic Compatibility/Electromagnetic Interference) and Radio Frequency (RF) testing services to the wireless, electronics and telecommunications industry.
    PCTEST Engineering
  • EMC Test & Engineering Services Our world-class EMC Labs are accredited by NVLAP in the USA, VCCI in Japan, and BSMI in Taiwan. We offer facilities that include 3- and 10-meter semi-anechoic chambers and experienced personnel capable of providing complete radiated and conducted electromagnetic field emissions and immunity measurements to meet the following regulations: FCC (US), VCCI (Japan), EMC Directive (Europe), BSMI (Taiwan), ICES/NMB (Canada), AS/NZS 3548 (Australia and New Zealand), MIC/RRL (Korea).
  • EMC Testing Service CR is dedicated to providing economically viable EMI filters (RFI filters, EMC filters) and EMC solutions to satisfy our customers’ unique needs. To that end it has two fully equipped shielded chambers where EMC testing, EMI filter design and EMC solution development are accomplished. We perform testing to all National (FCC, MIL-STD, RTCA/DO160) and International (CE, EN, VDE, AUSTEL, SABS, etc) EMC Standards.
    LCR Electronics
  • EMC / RF Test System Engineering / Development & Integration Anechoic chamber, radio isolation room construction, removal, maintenance and repair. System Integration of complete Test System. Development team has the expertise and technical experience and provide a customized service demand, the project includes a full range of EMI / EMS / RF test equipment with neighboring sell and repair
    EMC Instruments
  • EMC Engineering - EMC test lab EMC tests, CE-conformity tests, Testing during development, EMC consultancy service, Solution proposals for interference suppression.
    Deutronic Elektronik
  • EMC Testing Compliance Testing Services. Exporting a product globally demands a properly accredited EMC laboratory to bring international recognition to your test results and compliance marks .
    CKC Laboratories
  • ELECTRICAL TESTING SERVICES Trialon has a state of the art EMC electrical testing facility. Our EMC team brings years of extensive experience in testing all types of products and goes above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Our commitment is quality testing every time on time. We have capabilities in EMI/EMC, ESD and electrical transients and can test to a wide variety of industry standards.
  • On-site EMC Testing In cases where equipment is physically large or requires services which cannot be readily provided by an EMC test house, on-site testing may be appropriate. Here, equipment is tested ?in-situ? at either the manufacturer?s premises or location of final installation.
    York EMC Services
  • Product Testing Services Reliable products satisfy customers. DELTA offers mechanical and climatic, EMC, microelectronics, safety and information technology testing services. In addition, DELTA provides testing and calibration services in the fields of acoustics and lightning.
  • EMC Testing   KTL facilities support a wide range of accredited Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and wireless testing services. Our experienced staff can assist with all EMC requirements for compliance testing to European and international standards, and can advise on pre-compliance investigative testing, which is invaluable in product development.  
  • Electrical & Electronic Testing Service We conduct electrical safety testing to ANSI/UL, CSA, NFPA, IEC, EN and other standards, EMC testing to local or global requirements, benchmarking and performance testing for R&D or competitive differentiation, environmental compliance to ENERGY STAR®, RoHS, or ErP Directive (formerly EuP) requirements, and provide turnkey certification management.
    Intertek Group Plc
  • Testing Services RTL provides electromagnetic compliance testing in accordance with the standards for EMC (emissions and immunity), Radio, Military and Defense Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and Scientific, Electrical Safety and Radio Frequency Hazard. These standards are developed and required by the U.S., Canada, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and these standards must be met in order for products to be sold in these countries.
    Rhein Tech Laboratories
  • Automotive Test Engineering Services MIRA has extensive experience in providing test engineering services to the global automotive industry. With over 35 major test facilities, including a comprehensive set of safety laboratories - crash, impact simulation, pedestrian; vehicle and component environmental facilities; full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel; vehicle and component EMC (electromagnetic compatibility); component and structures test labs.
    MIRA Ltd
  • The Harmonics and Flicker Generator The Harmonics & Flicker Generator (HFG01) has been designed by York EMC Services Ltd for the purpose of verifying harmonic and flicker test equipment. Until now there has been no easy and reliable way to externally check the performance of the measurement system to the EN/IEC 61000-3-2 harmonics and EN/IEC 61000-3-3 flicker standards
    York EMC Services
  • TGR1040 - 1GHz Synthesised RF Generator The TGR1040 is a low cost, synthesised RF signal generator which incorporates the essential features required for most development, test and service work - frequency accuracy and stability, wide dynamic range, low phase noise and low leakage.
    The generator incororates both internal and external FM. It is suitable for FM radio receiver sensitivity measurements, system gain measurements, receiver tuning & alignment, oscillator substitutions, EMC/antenna/field strength measurements and as a signal source for many other RF circuit and system development tasks.

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EMC Test - Test determines noise immunity or electromagnetic compatability.