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  • SA Bits HDLC Decode /Store - E1 Maintenance Data Link Analysis The SA HDLC Analyzer performs HDLC protocol analysis on E1 timeslot 0 both during real time and off-line using saved files with high level data link (HDLC) frames. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture stream of HDLC frames on the selected even or odd frames of the E1 multiframe on timeslot 0. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. Both real-time and off-line analysis presents summary view and detailed views of HDLC decode information. Captured Frames can later be used for traffic simulation using the SA Bits HDLC transmit application.
    GL Communications
  • UMTS - Protocol Analyzer GL's UMTS analyzer is capable of capturing, decoding and performing various test measurements across various interfaces i.e. Iub, Iur, IuCs and IuPs interfaces of the UMTS network. In addition, it supports ATM as the transport layer. It helps in fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of UMTS network. Multiple instances of UMTS Analyzer can run simultaneously capturing data (real time and off-line) on several T1/E1 lines. The analyzer is also capable of capturing & reassembling frames that were transmitted with Inverse Multiplexing. IMA combines up to 8 T1/ E1 links to form a single high-speed connection with flexible bandwidth options.
    GL Communications
  • DLM200 - Compact Data Analyzer A compact serial data line monitor and analyzer for Asynchronous, Bisynchronous, Isochronous, SDLC and HDLC protocols with Analysis BERT performance statistics and performance calculations.
    Benedict Computer
  • 3am LineScope - V.22bis Handshake & Data Analyzer LineScope enables non-intrusive monitoring of synchronous and asynchronous communications over a telephone line. It's just the thing for V.22bis modem integrators and dial-up application developers. Engineers in the payment terminal sector will appreciate the built-in support for Fast-Connect, SDLC/HDLC and ISO-8583.
    3am Systems Ltd
  • 429 Series - Databus Analyzers Hand Held The 429 Hand Held Transmitter/Receiver and Data Bus Analyzer provides avionics technicians and line maintenance personnel with an easy method for troubleshooting ARINC 429 labels and has the capability to selectively trap labels three separate ways.
  • DT400H - Databus Analyzers Handheld The DATATRAC 400H is a handheld data bus analyzer providing powerful capabilities in a lightweight, durable analyzer you can pack in a briefcase or carry to the flight line. This miniaturized version of the DATATRAC 400 provides the same mature, field-proven features including breakpoint troubleshooting mode, 16-label recorder, 128-label transmitter, RS-232C port, D/A conversion, Williamsburg protocol analyzer, and much more.
  • DTA-BERT Series - E1/Datacom Data Transmission Analyzer The DTA-BERT series analyzer is a compact, color-LCD, graphic-interface-user, sub-note sized E1 PCM measuring instrument designed for field use in analysis and maintenance of E1(2.048Mbps) lines. The DTA-BERT/C performs framed, unframed, signaling analysis, drop and insert N*64Kbps, or n*56Kbps data into any time slot.
    ShinewayTech USA
  • ENA-Report - Off-line data post-processing ENA-Report is a comfort tool for analysis, displaying, comparison, export and protocol generation of data stored by ENA power quality analyzer.
    ELCOM A.s.
  • SpectraPLUS-DT - Multichannel Analyzer SpectraPLUS-DT: Our new multichannel analyzer supporting the Data Translation line of industrial data acquisition modules. Up to 16 channels of acquisition and analysis with calibrated input levels, IEPE power, AC or DC coupling, and sampling rates as high as 2 MHz!
    Pioneer Hill Software
  • Facility Data Link Software GL's Facility Data Link Analyzer performs FDL decode and analysis on T1 channels in both real time and off-line using saved files with high level data link (HDLC) frames and bit-patterned extended super frame (ESF) data link messages. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture streams of HDLC frames on the selected cards and also embedded bit-patterned ESF data link messages.
    GL Communications
  • DP-500 - 2m Tester DP-500 2M data transmission quality analyzer is our Dodem self-developed handheld tester. It is widely used in BER test and line fault analysis, suit for the maintenance and measurement of 2M system and Nx64k signal channel. DP-500 can test: 2Mbit/s data channel, V.24 synchronism, V.35, RS449, X.21, 64kbit/s data channel. It contains two 2Mbit/s interfaces, able to test two channels at the same time.
    Chongqing Dodem Communication
  • DLM400 - Serial RS422, RS423, RS232 - Handheld Monitor, Analyzer & Tester Serial RS422, RS423, RS232 analyzer tester and data line monitor with buffer capacity of 1 megabyte of memory. Line speeds to 230.4K (half duplex), 75-115,200 asynchronous, 75-64 kbps synchronous and bisynchronous, SDLC/HDLC, isochronous protocols. Supports MIL-Std-188-114 monitoring, testing and RS485 simulation. Small, lighweight and portable.
    Benedict Computer
  • samDia K-Line - -Module Analyzer The K-Line module analyzer allows the surveillance and analysis of the data traffic of a serial communication, especially of a K-Line according to ISO 9141 between a diagnostic or application system and a control unit. A flexible presentation of trace data and timing values as well as automatic baud rate switching and baud rates up to 250 kbit is inherently included.
    Samtec Automotive
  • Serial Analyzer Version 2.7.4 Serial Analyzer is a software Born in 2001 to monitor the data exchanged by the two equipment on the serial line. Time has evolved integrating connections tcp/ip client and Server addition to recall BeanShell scripts useful to compose real programs or simply calculate the checksum frame to be transmitted. This software, due to the driver to handle the serial line, can run only on Windows, Linux and MacOsX operating systems.
  • FLL222 - Fifo Serial Analyzer 2 TO 2 Breakout Box The FLL222 Break Out Box is designed to be used with the FLL and FSA serial analyzers to monitor full duplex bidirectional data. The serial line passes through FLL222 using the 9-pin connectors on the unit. Data from pin 2 of the serial line is available on pin 2 in the first output cable. Pin 3 data is available on pin 2 of the second cable. The output cables can be plugged into the COM ports of the PC running the serial analyzer.
    Fifo Electronics

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