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  • Sync DIMMCHECK 100 - SDRAM and Standard EDO/FPM DRAM 100-pin S.O. DIMM Modules Tester The Sync DIMMCHECK 100 (p/n INN-8558-8) is the state-of-the-art solution for testing SDRAM and standard EDO/FPM DRAM 100-pin S.O. DIMM modules at an affordable price. 
  • RAMCHECK LX - DRAM CARD TESTER The DRAM CARD TESTER (p/n INN-8484-3) tests all 88-pin DRAM CARDS. 
  • V6000 Memory - Test Solution for Flash and DRAM Applications Advantest redefines the industry with the revolutionary V6000. Through its patent-pending Active Matrix™ and sixth-generation Tester-Per-Site® architecture, the V6000 delivers breakthrough cost-of-test, parallelism and yield for engineering, wafer sort and final test of both Flash and DRAM. The versatility of the V6000 allows testing of Flash and DRAM on the same test solution. The V6000 is scalable over time to greatly extend the useful life of your capital investment.
  • 64DUTs - Multi-Die For 64-DUT simultaneous measurement. Supports LOC layout DRAM product.
    Micronics JAPAN Co.ltd
  • ATE Test Handler With the basis on DRAM test handler, where the DRAM has been one of the Korean core business in the electronics industry, Mirae is expanding its market share by exploring the flash memory test handler market.
  • Hi-Fix - Memory Module Board Mirae provides Test Interface Solution for Memory Modules such as DDR1, DDR2, FLASH and RAMBUS DRAM
  • IST-6500 - RAM Tester The IST-6500 is a low cost, fully programmable tester for functional and parametric testing of DRAM, SRAM, VRAM, and SIMM devices up to 144 bits wide and 64 MB in size. The 6500 offers four different ways to automatically measure the access time of these devices from 2ns to 160ns with a resolution of 2ns. The DRAM timing parameters are programmable at the resolution of 1ns to allow for testing DRAM, SIMM, or VRAM at their required operating speeds, thus providing real time test conditions.
    IST Information Scan
  • Ramcheck 100 - Test Adapter This addition to the RAMCHECK memory tester provides needed support for testing of SDRAM and standard EDO/FPM DRAM 100-pin SO DIMM modules at an affordable price.
  • M6242 - Test Handlers General-purpose DRAM is being used not only as the main memory in computers, but also for the storage of digital information in electronic products such as flat-screen televisions, DVD hard disk recorders, digital cameras and mobile phones. It is expected that demand will continue to rise sharply as new consumer-driven market populations expand. Along with this growth however, falling computer and consumer electronics prices are leading to increased pricing pressures on manufacturers of memory devices. This in turn is creating a very competitive environment. To combat this trend, DRAM manufacturers have long been pressing for a test solution that cuts the cost of test for high-volume DRAM production, and ADVANTEST's new M6242 Test Handler paves the way for wide cost reductions in device testing by offering a higher throughput of 42,200 devices per hour.
  • DIMMCHECK 168P PRO - Universal 168P DIMM Adapter The DIMMCHECK 168P PRO (p/n INN-8484-10) supports standard EDO/FPM DRAM 168-pin DIMM modules which are either buffered or unbuffered and use either 3.3V or 5V.
  • ETSystemMemory - Embedded External Memory Test LogicVision?s ETSystemMemory provides a complete solution for the at-speed testing of component memories. The solution provides support for most SRAM and DRAM memories, including those that utilize burst modes of operations, such as DDR and QDR memories. 
  • RAMCHECK® SIMM - Test Adapter The RAMCHECK SIMM Adapter is another addition to the RAMCHECK memory tester. It provides a needed solution for testing older 72-pin EDO/FPM DRAM SIMM modules. An optional adapter for 30 and 72-pin SIMMs is also available
  • Sync DIMMCHECK 168 - Test Adapter The Sync DIMMCHECK 168 (p/n INN-8558-6) is our most popular SIMCHECK II test adapter and it is also part of the SIMCHECK II PLUS combination. It tests SDRAM and standard EDO/FPM DRAM 168-pin DIMM modules at an affordable price.
  • TurboBIST - Built-in Self-Test TurboBIST family of products from SynTest Technologies, Inc. includes tools for logic (TurboBIST - Logic) and memory (TurboBIST - Memory) (SRAM, ROM, DRAM and CAM) built-in self-test.
    Syntest Technologies
  • Probe Cards Vertical Probe Card. (Mobile D-RAM, L.D.I Flip Chip 60um Pitch,. System LSI, Soc Devices). Cantilever Probe Card. Low Leakage Probe Card.
    CSE Co. Ltd
  • SP3000 - Memory Tester SP3000 tester is equipped for testing a wide variety of memory modules from DDR2, DDR to SDRAM to EDO/DRAM memory. Coverage includes 240pin, 200pin DDR2, 184pin , 200pin DDR, 168pin, 144pin SDRAM, 168pin, 72pin,30 pin EDO/FPM DRAM SIMMs DIMM SoDIMM memory module. 
  • T5385/T5385ES - Memory Test Systems ADVANTEST's new T5385 memory test system for DRAM wafer test delivers an unrivaled 768-DUT parallel test capacity and 533 Mbps capability for increased throughput and lowered cost of test. Ideal for high-volume wafer fabs, the new tester is equipped with a flexible pin configuration that supports diverse DRAM devices, allowing tester pin resources to be optimally allocated for efficiency, reduced touchdowns and improved throughput. Achieving improved efficiency per device while scaling even higher in parallelism, the T5385 also delivers Known Good Die (KGD) for consumer devices, to greatly improve yields for LPDDR2 and DDR3 multi-die and stacked devices.
  • Handy Digital IC/Memory Tester Digital IC Tester for testing TTL / CMOS / DRAM/ Most of the Digital circuits use 74 series TTL, 40/45 series CMOS & 41/44 series DRAM. It is essential to test the ICs before it is put into the circuit. This Tester is also useful for servicing/maintenance.
    The IC Tester is having 24 Pin ZIF socket for testing the ICs. It has its own display of 16x1 LCD and own menu for guiding the user. It has the function of selecting the IC number, Auto Search for unknown ICs, and test the ICs. Its average search time is less than 0.8 sec.
    A Popular Science
  • DIMMCHECK 144P PRO - 144-P Small Outline DIMMs The DIMMCHECK 144P PRO (p/n INN-8558-2) tests standard EDO/FPM DRAM 144-pin DIMM modules. Tested modules include x64 parity and x72 ECC modes for either 3.3V (default) or 5V.
  • SOJ EDO/FPM - Chip Test Adapter Our new addition to the RAMCHECK line provides support for common 20 to 42-pin EDO/FPM DRAM SOJ chips of sizes 256Kx16/18, 1Mx16/18, 8Mx8, 16Mx4, 2Mx8, 4Mx4, 16Mx1, 1Mx4, and 4Mx1. 
  • VID475 JPEG2000 - Hardware compression system solution The VID475 features a JPEG2000 hardware compression solution. It is based on the ADV212 codec devices suitable for on-the-fly compression prior or after the imaging processing implemented on the Virtex-4 FPGA device. The VID475 has two Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA devices and some fast on-board SRAM and DRAM memory resources.
  • Eureka-2 - Memory Tester CST is proud to present the next generation of Eureka tester capable of testing DDR1,DDR2 & DDR3 in blazing speed. The Eureka-2 is the fourth generation benchtop DIMM/SODIMM test system specifically designed for high-volume memory distributors, memory module manufacturers, memory module design engineers, DRAM Test Labs and other PC manufacturers. 
  • JET-1050 - PCI Test Card The PCI Test Card is designed for troubleshooting ,burn in test and reliability test. It is easy to do burn in test even no DRAM module is plugged. The system will auto reset after user specific setup time is reach for burn in test. User can also use this card for reliability testing, the system will auto reset when user specific setup POST code is match. So the system will keep running more and more when it has not any error occurs. The system will be HALF when it caused by BIOS detects error during testing.

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