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  • FTN01 - Field thermal needle system for thermal resistivity / conductivity measurement The FTN01 Field Thermal Needle System allows performing fast, on-site measurements of the thermal resistivity or conductivity of soils, in particular around the typical depth of burial of high voltage cables. FTN01 is designed with a focus on robustness and saving time, while still offering sufficient accuracy for typical field measurements. The sensor is a Non-Steady-State Probe (NSSP), TP09, which is mounted at the tip of the Lance LN01. The system is operated using a hand-held Control and Readout Unit CRU01.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • TP02 - Non-steady-state probe for thermal conductivity measurement TP02 is a probe that offers the possibility to perform a practical and fast measurement of the thermal conductivity (or thermal resistivity) of the medium in which it is inserted at the highest accuracy level. It works in compliance with the ASTM D 5334-00, D 5930-97 and IEEE 442-1981 standards. The standard TP02 probe has proven suitability in soils, thermal backfill materials, sediments, foodstuff, powders, sludges, paints, glues and various other materials. The Non-Steady-State Probe (NSSP) measurement method (also known as transient line source, thermal needle, hot needle, heat pulse- and hot wire technique) has the fundamental advantages that it is fast and absolute while the sample size is not critical. Hukseflux is specialised in NSSP design. Special models have been developed for in-situ field experiments. For permanent installation in soils, a dedicated model, TP01, is available. TP02 has been designed and tested in collaboration with the Applied Physics Group of Wageningen University.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • TPSYS02 - PC controlled thermal conductivity measurement system TPSYS02 is a system for the measurement of thermal conductivity using TP02 or TP08 Non-Steady-State Probes (NSSP). The system is designed for high accuracy measurements. It is particularly suitable for analysis of soils, thermal backfill materials, sediments, foodstuff, powders, sludges, paints and glues.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • THASYS - Thin Heater Apparatus for thermal conductivity measurement HASYS offers measurement of the thermal conductivity or total thermal resistance of plastics, composites and electrical insulation / interface materials. THASYS works according to the ASTM 1114-98 standard; providing an accurate, fast, uncomplicated and absolute measurement. It consists of a Thin Heater Apparatus (THA01) and a Measurement and Control Unit (MCU). Employing a specially designed high accuracy thermopile sensor, THA01 can handle thin sample materials (typically 0.1 to 6 mm, but sometimes down to 0.01mm).
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • THISYS - Apparatus for thermal conductivity measurement of thin samples THISYS offers an accurate, fast and uncomplicated measurement of the thermal conductivity of thin samples of high thermal conductivity materials. Typical samples are sheet materials of metals, alloys and high conductivity plastics with various filler materials. Metal samples are ideally in the thickness range of 0.1 mm or less, plastic samples typically in the thickness range of 6 mm, composites in between. THISYS is a combination of a Thin Sample Instrument (THI01) and a Measurement and Control Unit (MCU). The measurement essentially determines the temperature gradient across the sample when it is heated, in the plane of the sample itself.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • LIMESAR - measurement of complex permittivity and conductivity of liquids LIMESAR allows for the measurement of complex permittivity and conductivity of liquids used for SAR measurements.
  • TNS01 - Thermal needle set for thermal resistivity / conductivity measurement The TNS01 Thermal Needle Set allows for performing fast measurements of the thermal resistivity or conductivity of soils with optimal flexibility. The measurement complies with IEEE Standard 442-1981 as well as with ASTM D 5334-92 Standard The system includes two different needles for use in the laboratory as well as on site. It is suggested to also consult the brochures of components FTN and MTN, as well as TPSYS, which is more accurate but has less robust needles
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • RC-3PN/TH - Resistivity range sorting, thickness measurement and conductivity Easy operation by putting samples on the stage of all-in-
    one instrument
    Resistivity check: Eddy current /
    Thickness measurement: Gauge method /
    Conductivity (P/N) check: Photovoltaic effect
    Well suited to silicon wafer of solar cell and/ or reclaimed
  • MTN01 - Thermal needle system thermal resistivity / conductivity measurement The MTN01 Multi-purpose Thermal Needle System allows performing fast measurements of the thermal resistivity or conductivity of soils. It is specifically designed to be reasonably robust, as well as accurate. It is therefore suitable for laboratory as well as field- measurements of soil thermal properties. The sensor is a Non-Steady-State Probe (NSSP), TP07, which is mounted on the Insertion Tool, IT02. The system is operated using a hand-held Control and Readout Unit CRU01.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • KL-138 - Electric conductivity meters Its result is read out directly from its meter head with 4-digits LCD display. It is an ideal instrument to examine whether the protective water or inspected water is conforming to the standard or not. The instrument is convenient, accurate, portable and easy to operate, especially for field measurement.
    Kelilong Electron
  • DO610 - ExStik® II DO/pH/Conductivity Kit Measures Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature. Includes EC500 pH/Conductivity meter with combination high accuracy multi-ranging Conductivity sensor for Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, pH and Temperature measurements
    Extech Instruments
  • 131S - Basic Waterproof Conductivity Meter Basic Thermo Scientific™ Orion meter for measurement of conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids and temperature.
    Intrinsically safe approval rating by Factory Mutual
    Thermo Scientific
  • 341350A-P - Oyster™ Series pH/Conductivity/TDS/ORP/Salinity Meter Large LCD built into adjustable “flip-up” cover displays measurement and Temperature simultaneously
    Microprocessor based with splash proof housing and front panel tactile touch pad to slope and calibrate
    Rugged design for handheld or benchtop use; neckstrap for “hands-free” operation
    Memory function stores and recalls 25 labeled readings
    Automatic Temperature Compensation for Conductivity/TDS via thermistor built into conductivity cell
    Extech Instruments
  • 850039 - Datalogging Conductivity TDS Meter Automatically records up to 16,000 data points in the field along with time and date. These can later be downloaded to a computer via the meter's RS232 port and the results viewed instantly on software which comes with the unit. The software also enables real-time datalogging directly from the meter to the computer. Simultaneously displays conductivity or TDS and temperature. A user adjustable ATC coefficient enables absolute (non-temperature compensated) measurements, as well as accurate measurements in solutions other than water. Features manual or auto-range, min/max, calendar/clock, auto power off, and hold function. This well-made unit has a detachable probe, fold-out easel back, and a large, easy-to-read LCD. Comes ready to use in a protective foam-lined carrying case, complete with probe, software, RS232 computer connection cable, 4 AA batteries, and one 3V button cell battery.
    Sper Scientific
  • 850081 - Water Quality Meter Using interchangeable probes, this versatile meter reads PH, mV, conductivity, TDS, DO temperature and ORP. The user can order probes for only the parameters currently required, and add additional probes in the future. Intelligent probes electronically retain calibration information. No recalibration is required when changing probes. The display simultaneously reads temperature in user selectable °C & °F, and all measurements are automatically temperature compensated. RS232 port enables communication with a computer. Also features auto power off, hold, min/max, fold-out easel back and a tripod screw. Comes with 9V battery and a hard-shell, foam-lined carrying case with room for one or two probes.
    Sper Scientific
  • EC - Conductivity Tester Monitor conductivity levels quickly and easily with Series EC Conductivity Testers. These pocket-sized testers are ideal for conductivity measurement in the lab, industrial plant or out in the field. Series EC measures conductivity from 0 to 1990 microhms (µS) or 0 to 19.90 milliohms (mS).
    Dwyer Instruments
  • 430 - Enterprise Conductivity/pH Meter he easy to use 430 is designed to readily withstand the rigours of field work, while reliably measuring pH and conductivity. The unit allows the simultaneous readout of pH, conductivity or TDS and temperature with switched ranges for both conductivity and TDS measurements.
  • SIGMATEST 2.069 - Electrical Conductivity Measuring Instrument The SIGMATEST 2.069 is an eddy current instrument that measures the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals in units of %IACS or MS/m. Electrical conductivity measurements can be used to determine material composition, structure, and heat-treat condition.
    Institut Dr. Foerster
    Rosemount Analytical
  • CPC-401 - - ph / Conductivity / Salinity Meter Are used for highly accurate conductivity, salinity, TDS and temperature measurements. CPC-401 additionally measures pH and ORP (mV). Two kinds of power sources 9V battery or 12V power adapter enable work in the field and long-lasting measurements in the laboratory.
    Elmetron Sp.j
  • StrataGem - Electromagnetic Imaging System The STRATAGEM provides high resolution electrical conductivity imaging of the subsurface for depths between 10 meters and 500 meters. Conductivity information is calculated from measurements of surface electric and magnetic fields along a series of profiles.
  • CX-502 - - Multifunction laboratory meters In one meter all functions of pH meters, conductivity meters and oxygen meters of series 500 were included. Models 502 are equipped with 60 mm thermal printer. The meters enable: accurate pH measurements in the whole measuring range (accuracy 0.002 pH), precise ORP (redox) measurements (accuracy 0.1 mV), possibility of conductivity measurements of both ultra pure water and thick salines, accurate conversion of the conductivity to the salinity in NaCl or KCl according to real characteristics, counting the TDS from the conductivity measurement,
    Elmetron Sp.j
  • PLN-Sigma 2008 - Conductivity meter Two kinds of measuring units (MS/m or %IACS) for convenient select. Easy to switch to resistivity value on the measurement face
    Hangzhou Pulani Electronic
  • FD-101 - Eddy Current Electric Conductivity Meter Absolute measurement of electrical conductivity of nearly all non-ferrous metals;(Ti – Ag) In the aerospace and automotive industry, monitor the process of heat treatment, the strength and hardness of aluminum alloy; Test the conductivity when the aluminum have not been oxidized; Measurement the purity of non-ferrous metals; Test the resistivity of conductive materials; Analyze thermal properties of materials.
    Testech Group Co

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