CATV Signal Level Meters - aka CATV dB Meters

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  • SH-SLM40 - CATV Signal Level Meter 1. A test instrument applicable for the maintenance of CATV (Analog, Digital measurement,TILT)system; 2. With dual-channel measurement display, it is convenient and pragmatic; 3. Able to measure MER, BER Signal Level,Channel Power,V/A,C/N,FM,Trunk Voltage 4.Channel and single frequency mode
    Shenzhen Sharingtek
  • XR-3 - Signal Level Meter Configurable to Test DBS Satellite, VSAT Satellite, CATV, Off-Air Signals From satellite dish alignment, to UHF off-air antenna pointing, to cable TV MER measurements, the XR-3 is the meter for you! The XR-3 is the most capable meter offered by Applied Instruments. It’s more durable than the popular Super Buddy meter, and has added features and performance. The XR-3’s modular design with field swappable modules provides wide versatility to fit different measurement applications, including DBS satellite (i.e. Dish Network, DIRECTV, Bell TV, Shaw Direct), VSAT satellite (i.e. iDirect, Hughes Ku band, and more), VHF/UHF off-air (analog and ATSC digital), and CATV (QAM and analog). The XR-3 is great for installing and troubleshooting DISH SmartBox, Blonder Tongue, and other SMATV headend systems often used in hotels, multi-dwelling units, and institutional facilities. Modular Test Instrument. Satellite Finder. Installer Signal Meters. CATV Analyzer. Modules.
    Applied Instruments
  • SH-SLM30 - CATV Signal Level Meter SH-SLM30/SH-SLM30D Signal Level Meter is compatible to both analog / digital channels, with strong comprehensive performances; it employs high brightness back-light operating modes, with clear LCD screens, dual-channel measurement display, so it is convenient and pragmatic.
    Shenzhen Sharingtek
  • ST-5128S - CATV Signal Level Meter The ST-5128S is a full-featured hand-held CATV signal measurement device. The ST-5128S performs signal level, channel flatness, video/audio ratio and full spectrum scans, making it the perfect tool for any installer.
    Holland Electronics
  • ST-4000D - CATV SIGNAL LEVEL METER The ST-4000D is newly updated hand-held CATV signal level meter that has been fine tuned to handle an expanded channel range ,sub-band channels T7-T14, as well as the basic needs of maintaining RF distribution systems. Its rugged design and protective carrying case make it a great choice for everyday use.
    Holland Electronics
  • TM-10 - 5MHz~862MHz Portable CATV Signal Strength Meter Handheld, portable CATV/TV Signal Strength Meter. PLL tuning control for Frequency Selection. Video & Audio Level Measurement. Line voltage Measurement (AC/DC). Auto Attenuator control (IF : 20dB, RF : 30dB). Built in Rechargeable Battery pack
  • TLD1720 - CATV Signal level meter The product, which newly researched and developed, is the integrative high-tech measuring instrument for the transformation of CATV. The main function is to measure QAM digital signal and analogue signal. Characteristics: the complete function, the fast processing speed, the low static power consumption, small and the high dependability.
    Shenzhen Tellid Communication
  • LM868 / LM8685 - CATV Signal Level Meter Frequency & Level
    ◆ Frequency Range: 46 ~ 870MHz (LM868), 5 ~ 870MHz (LM8685)
    ◆ Resolution Bandwidth: 280KHz ± 50KHz
    ◆ Channels: All user Channels
    ◆ Level Range: 30dBμV ~ 115dBμV ★ Level Range: 80dBuV – l05dBuV
    Finder Electronics
  • CT-SLM870 - Handheld Signal Level Meter, CATV Handheld signal level meter, reads CATV 2-136 and Off-Air 2-69 by channel or by frequency
  • A0N00003 - Handheld CATV Signal Level Meter This handheld signal level meter is specially designed and manufactured for CATV system installation and testing. It tests CATV signal levels in both channel and frequency modes and measures CATV TILT, C/N and trunk cable voltage effectively and accurately. This signal level meter is able to scan 125 channels at the same time and has the ability to display two channels simultaneously.
    GAO Tek
  • MDU - PRIVATE CABLE / SATELLITE SIGNAL LEVEL METER The MDU Signal Level Meter measures digital and analog signals up to 2.15 GHz. It was designed for DBS, MMDS, SMATV, and CATV applications. Straightforward layout makes the MDU the industry's most user-friendly digital measuring SLM. Rugged construction and strong batteries also differentiate the MDU from other meters. The compact weather resistant design will stand tough for years of dependable service.
    Applied Instruments
  • PC-1 - CATV POCKET CALIBRATOR AND RETURN BAND SIGNAL SOURCE The PC-1 is a compact, temperature-stable RF-carrier source. It is accurate enough to calibrate spectrum analyzers, signal level meters or any other receiving devices. When used with a signal level meter, the PC-1 CW test signal generator assists in measuring insertion loss of cable, amplifiers, splitters, and taps using the stimulus-response method.
    Applied Instruments
  • PC-2 - CATV HANDHELD RETURN BAND TWO CARRIER CW TEST SIGNAL GENERATOR The PC-2 is a compact, temperature-stable two RF-carrier source. It is designed to be used for activating and testing the return-band. When used with a signal level meter, the PC-2 assists in measuring insertion loss of cable, amplifiers, splitters, and taps using the stimulus-response method. 
    Applied Instruments
  • 2001AD-C - Installers Meter Auto detects whether measuring Analogue or Digital signals on Cable TV systems. Measures signal level and Signal to Noise of digital carriers. Error corrected software. Specification <+- 2dB ( Typically <+-1dB.)
    Swires Research
  • FSM1 - Signal Level Meter The FSM1 is a lightweight, battery operated, field strength meter. This unit is ideal for making signal test measurements of all standard broadcast (VHF and UHF) and CATV channel assignments. Visual or aural carrier level, and aural verification (using built-in speaker) measurements are available.
    Digicom Futuristic
  • TM10 - CATV/TV Level Meter Handheld, portable CATV/TV Signal Strength Meter, PLL tuning control for frequency selection.
  • ST-110Q - Signal Level Meter ST-110 Signal Level Meter is an instrument used for the construction and maintenance of analog TV / digital TV, and the measurement of TV signal level and power level. It is widely applied in the routine maintenance of the CATV system. 110/110Q Signal Level Meter is compatible to both analog / digit
    Wuhan Sunma Technologies
  • FSM2 - Signal Level Meter The FSM2 Signal Level Meter is a high performance instrument designed for cable television technicians. This makes innovative use of a graphics LCD to simplify operation. The LCD backlight makes measurements easier in crawl spaces and behind TVs. The display is easy to see in bright sunlight.A scan mode allows you to see the levels of all carriers in a spectral display.
    Digicom Futuristic
  • RA2000D - Digital Signal Level Meter The Digital signal level meter Devic200 provides main functions installers and operators are looking for in a econormic signal level meter. Capable of analog and digital measurements of cable TV network, including channel level, C/N, V/A, trunk voltage, digital channel power, BER, MER, at an affordable price. Designed to easily test DVB-C channels.
    Radiasun International
  • MR-3 - RF Signal Level Meter The MR-3 is a reliable, cost effective solution for the accurate measurement of TV signals for either CATV or Off-Air channels.
    In the single channel mode, the MR-3 displays the channel number, video RF level in dBmV, video frequency in MHz, and the dB difference between the video and audio carrier.
    ViewTEQ Electronics
  • QAM256 SH-SLM60 - Signal Level Meter It is a portable signal level meter is a powerful device designed for the CATV engineers and managers. The accuracy of the data is guaranteed by the RF signal processing system and MCU technology. So this device can measure data for every technical indicator of the CATV system with high-resolution color display
    Shenzhen Sharingtek
  • RY-S110/S110D - Signal level meter S110/S110D Signal Level Meter is an instrument used for the construction and maintenance of analog TV / digital TV, and the measurement of TV signal level and power level. It is widely applied in the routine maintenance of the CATV system.
    Shenzhen Ruiyan Communication
  • ST-1181F - Signal Level Meter Signal level meter ST-1181F is specially designed and manufactured for CATV system installation and testing. It‘s a portable instrument, easy to carry with many functions.It can test CATV signal level both at channel and frequency mode. Also it can measure CATV TILT,C/N, trunk cable Voltage, ect
    Wuhan Sunma Technologies
  • HT828B - Analog TV signal level meter The signal level meter, SE828C is able to measure EQ, C/N, V/A and trunk volt in the CATV analog system, the number keys is designed to direct input frequency so that work would be easier. It can measure 2 channels at the same time.
    Hangzhou Softel Optic

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CATV Signal Level Meters - measure decible level of electronic signal to assure TV picture quality.