Battery Test

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  • 2135 - DIT-MCO Gains MIL-STD 810F certification The Model 2135 provides tests for insulation, isolation and hipot. With programmable stimulus from 0.225 up to 1000 volts and 2 amps, you?ll meet your test specifications. The Model 2135 includes a convenient strap for carrying or you can take this tester on the road with the optional battery cart. With a battery life of over 4 hours (system only), field testing in remote areas just got easier. 
    Dit-mco International
  • 1652/1653 - Battery Element Testers All STS Battery Element Testers provide a unique method for the detection of assembly level insulation defects in lead-acid batteries, including missing and damaged separators. Detection of such faults prior to filling and charging the battery minimizes costly reclamation. Traditional AC dielectric tests can detect such faults, but may produce damaging heat in moist cell applications.
    STS Instruments
  • PGK 50 / PGK 80 - High voltage test sets * DC testing of low and medium-voltage cables up to 50/80 kV * Measurement of insulation resistance * Easy portable for on-site use * Compact and extremely robust construction * 12V rechargeable battery mode and mains operation
    BAUR Prüf- Und Messtechnik
  • B-1013-6 - HIGH VOLTAGE MEGMETER Ross Engineering Corporation’s High Voltage Megmeter® series are unique battery powered DC hipot and meter. Models are available for withstand testing of insulation up to 50kV DC, as well as measuring leakage current as low as 0.001 microamp and resistance as high as 30 million megohms when testing underground cable, rubber safety gloves, vacuum interrupters, high voltage devices and all types of electrical insulation. All models have an over current trip feature to minimize arcing damage. Completely portable with rechargeable 12V battery which can be recharged from an automobile or 115V AC.
    ROSS Engineering
  • Battery Pack Test Systems DMC's Battery Pack Test Systems facilitate battery design as well as research and development for national laboratories and research institutions. They are deployed in end of line / production test stations for battery packs developed by major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. DMC’s battery pack test systems are designed to evaluate the battery as a complete system and validate a comprehensive range of battery pack functionalities, including: Power performance, Capacity, DCR / Internal Resistance Contactor and safety interlock functions Isolation / Insulation Resistances Reporting of operating data through external communication interfaces (usually CAN) Cell Voltages Pack / Cell Temperatures State of Charge Faults / Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) Etc. Electrical characteristics / continuity of internal pack wiring / signals Cooling system operation
  • EEFI RR MKII - HIGH IMMUNITY EARTH FAULT INDICATOR The EEFI RR MKII was developed to meet the very stringent needs of one of our UK clients who demanded a very high degree of immunity from electro-magnetic fields induced into the C/T surrounding the HV cable. HV Cable Insulation test equipment was prone to trip standard EFIs, so a higher degree of protection was required. A plug in battery makes for easy battery change after a predicted 10 year life.
    Bowden Bros Ltd

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