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  • Automotive Test Systems ORIBA Automotive Test Systems is a leading supplier in the fields of engine test systems, driveline test systems, brake test systems, wind tunnel balances and emissions test systems. More than just the world's leading supplier of emissions testing systems, HORIBA ATS is able to provide total solutions to its customers, with full turnkey capability.
    HORIBA Ltd
  • Automotive Test Systems Continuing with its 30 years of power testing excellence, Intepro has taken its expertise in high power aerospace and defense applications to create a wide range of test solutions for the growing hybrid, fuel cell, and electronic components.
    Intepro Systems
  • LABCAR - Automotive Test System The LABCAR product family comprises software, hardware, and models suitable for integration into tailor-made testing systems that fit perfectly into existing processes. Deployable from the earliest to the latest phases of development, the LABCAR family provides for efficient verification and validation of embedded systems and software.
  • TS-5020 - Automotive Electronics Functional Test System The Agilent TS-5020 Automotive Functional Test Platform offers to you a low cost, scalable test system for your testing needs, be it in automotive electronic functional test or general purpose testing. The system is fully integrated and is ideal for testing small body electronic control modules. Keeping with the standards of its predecessors, it helps to increase your product time to market and maintains high productivity.
    Agilent Technologies
  • Test Systems for the Automotive Industry Systems in automobile technology are becoming more and more complicated and demand special and more intelligent production and testing technologies, so that forward-pointing product quality enables steps towards a decisive market lead.
    Vogelsang & Benning
  • ADD210 - Automotive Circuit Tester ADD210 is an equipment used to test the automotive electrical system within12 – 24 volts. In order to save the testing hours for the automotive electrical system, ADD210 is designed to testing the system without re-connection between the vehicle battery and the testing components
  • GPM-200 - AUTOMOTIVE AND SIGNAL GONIOPHOTOMETERS GPM-200 is a supermatic test system for luminous intensity distribution of luminaries and can be applied to quality evaluation and quality control for traffic signal luminaries.luminaires for cars?motors?vessels and retro-reflectors, GPM-200 system is a goniophotometers which can measure all kinds of lamps and luminaries.
    Inventfine Instrument
  • Automotive Supply Simulation System The modularly constructed Automotive Supply Simulation System is a compact EMC-Test System for the execution of immunity measurements for pulse-shaped, line conducted disturbances at electronic equipment of motor vehicles. The high performance version enables tests of current-intense consumers or even complete vehicles
    Spitzenberger & Spies
  • Automotive Calorimeter Testing & Instrumentation Systems When you examine a TetraTek Automotive Test System you will know you have seen the future. Simply stated, we offer the most carefully considered, best engineered, and most reliable systems available. Everything from fully integrated Drive-in Emission test rooms with four-wheel dynamometers, solar simulation, high volume variable air flow, and temperature and humidity control to individual pieces of equipment and subsystems needed to upgrade existing facilities.
    TetraTek Products
  • LS Series - Thruster Test Systems The LS Series Long Stroke Thruster Test Systems are highly regarded as the industry standard for long stroke transient testing. This equipment is used in the design and production test of automotive airbag sensors by leading suppliers of automotive airbags and associative control modules.
  • Audio Test System Test Products, Inc. has developed a patent pending technique for identifying audio system problems. The Audio System Test was designed to help automotive OEMs significantly reduce 60 day warranty claims against the audio system. 
    Test Products
  • Test Fixtures Behind every successful test system lies a successful test fixture. Freese Enterprises (FEI) has vast experience, in many industries, in the custom design and construction of physical test fixtures to consistently test a feature or operation of a device or piece of software. FEI can develop test solutions for modules or fully assembled products such as key fobs, RF filters, and cell phones - from complex integrated circuits and custom electronics to automotive components and RF communication devices.
    Freese Enterprises
  • Tracer 2000 - Functional Test System Acculogic offers commercial functional test systems for a broad range of manufacturing test applications, including automotive and military-aerospace. Designed for production testing, our solutions are optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability, and cost. Functional test systems feature a scalable architecture and are designed to meet a wide range of requirements
  • KONRAD - Universal Test System The test system shown here is representative of numerous similar test solutions implemented by Konrad Technologies for testing assemblies in automotive, consumer electronics, medical and others.
    Konrad Technology
  • Test Stand Integration SAKOR has been providing turnkey test solutions for automotive, electric motor, and related industrial markets for nearly two decades. We have experience in conforming to sophisticated design and fabrication formats, and in working with the user who needs some assistance in planning and specifying a new test system.
    SAKOR Technologies
  • FlexRay Test System FlexRay is a fast, deterministic and fault-tolerant bus system for automotive use, based on the experience of well-known OEMs with the development of prototype applications and the byteflight communication system . Byteflight was developed especially for use in passive safety systems (airbags). In order to fulfill the requirements of active safety systems, byteflight was further developed by the FlexRay consortium in particular in relation to time-determinism and fault tolerance. Today, the automotive manufacturers BMW, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen as well as the companies Bosch, Motorola and Philips Semiconductors are represented in the FlexRay consortium as Core partners.
    J. Eberspächer GmbH
  • WL27/WL27H - Mixed-signal LSI Test system This is a new model in the WL27 mixed logic/power LSI test system, for use with high pin count. It is ideal for the parallel testing of mixed A/D power devices, such as automotive application. TheWL27 is best solution mixed tester offering high-speed throughput and superior cost performance.
    ShibaSoku Co. Ltd
  • AS-210 SpectralGuard - Stand Alone Sound and Vibration Test System The AS-210 SpectralGuard is a stand-alone sound and vibration test system that is designed to characterize the sound and vibration properties of automotive components and assemblies such as motors, fans, and pumps.
    Alta Solutions Incorporated
  • KES7700 series - Transient Immunity Tester The KES7000 conductive immunity test system complies with ISO7637-2, which is one of an EMC test standards for automotive electronics.
    Kikusui Electronics
  • GAX 1030 - Magnetic Field Generator/Analyzer Magnetic field test system for the following standards: SO 11452-8, SAE J1113-22, ISO 11452-10, MIL-STD 461E (CS101, CE101, RE101, RS101 and CS109), EN 55103-1/2, EN 61000-4-16 and further Automotive Standards
    Dr. Hubert GmbH
  • Milliohmmeter The milliohmmeter serves the high precision measurement of resistance. Milliohmmeter DU5000er and ST2512er with the high basic accuracy is ideal for use in laboratories, in the higher education sector or in production. There are resistance gauges with automatic range selection and hold function, which can operate in a particularly simple. Moreover, all ranges are also manually adjustable. Most importantly, both milli ohmmeter have a special comparison function, a comparator with PASS / FAIL evaluation. This can automatically sort out BAD parts. A milli ohmmeter with a few extras, such as battery backup, password protection, and speakers. The brilliant large screen is bright and clear and allows a wide viewing angle, ideal as a laboratory instrument or as milli ohm meter in automatic test system. The measurements of the milli ohmmeter can be quickly read through the interfaces. The simple ohmmeter intuitive command set allows integrated into existing instrumentation. The whole thing is controlled either via an external, internal or fuzzy triggers. All in all, a very low resistance ohmmeter with four-wire measurement procedures and a powerful resolution and a high flow measurement for measuring small resistances. Milli-ohm meter of this type are ideal for laboratory applications for the automotive industry, aircraft construction, the quality testing of mechanical connections and contacts, in automatic test systems and anywhere else where a low-resistance measurement is used.
    Sourcetronic GmbH
  • Microohmmeter The microohmmeter measures small resistances with high precision. A microohmmeter like ST2512 with this high level of accuracy is ideal to be used in labs, in universities or in manufacturing. It is an ohmmeter for measuring resistances with a fully automatic range-setting and hold-function which is very easy to operate. Of course, it is also possible to set all measurement-ranges manually. Particularly important is that this resistance meter includes a special comparison function, a comparator with GOOD/BAD output values. In this way, BAD-components can be separated out automatically. The resistance meter has extra features such as protection against network loss, battery backup, password protection and loudspeakers. The large display is bright and clear and allows a wide viewing angle, ideal as a laboratory measuring tool or as a resistance meter in an automatic test-system. The readings from measuring resistance are quick to read on the interfaces. The simple milliohmmeter instruction set makes integration with existing measuring technology intuitive. It's possible to choose to control the measuring tool itself by either an external, internal or Fuzzy trigger. Milliohmmeter are available from 1 A up to 200 A. A special protection setting guards against external voltages, for example against charged devices which are being tested. All in all a very low resistance measuring device with 4-wire Kelvin-probe procedures and a powerful resolution as well as a high measurement current for measuring the smallest resistances. A resistance tester of this design is superbly suited for laboratory use, for the automotive industry, for airplane construction, for testing the quality of mechanical connections and contacts, in automatic test-systems and everywhere else where assessing small resistances comes into question.
    Sourcetronic GmbH

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