Audio Analyzers - aka Audio Analysis

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  • PAA3 - Handheld Audio Analyzer with USB Interface Handheld Audio Analyzer with USB Interface. # Palm-sized, lightweight audio analyzer for all sound engineers
    # 31-band spectrum analyzer, RT60, SPL meter, and more
    # Easy operation with built-in microphone and generator
    # EQ setting calculation offers advice for boosting and cutting at the touch of a button
    # USB interface allows real-time computer operation
  • SR1 - 200 kHz dual domain audio analyzer SR1 Dual-Domain Audio Analyzer is a stand-alone instrument that delivers cutting edge performance in a wide variety of audio measurements. With a versatile high-performance generator, an array of analyzers that operate symmetrically in both the analog and digital domains, and digital audio carrier measurements at sampling rates up to 192 kHz, SR1 is the right choice for the most demanding analog and digital audio applications.
    Stanford Research
  • TrueRTA - Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software TrueRTA audio spectrum analyzer software, in combination with your PC, provides a test capability that would normally require thousands of dollars worth of traditional audio test instruments. Now you can afford the powerful audio testing capability normally seen in better audio research and design laboratories! Includes: Real Time Analyzer, Low distortion, Signal Generator, Digital Level Meter, Crest Factor Meter
    True Audio
  • LDS30000 Series - Multi Function Signal Generator/Analyzer Combines the function of Dual channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, digital multimeter, LCD meter, audio signal analyzer in one instrument.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • Modulation Analyzer The Modulation Analyzer is a complete Test and Measurement tool, incorporating a multitude of innovative features such as a digital FM demodulator, RF spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, dual channel audio generator, distortion meter, MPX and RDS analyzers and now, also an inbuilt RF Generator.
  • 780 - Handheld Test Instrument The 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI® is a battery-powered, portable video and audio generator and HDMI analyzer that enables you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of your HDMI system and analog video displays. The 780 is equipped with both a reference HDMI source and a reference HDMI sink interface allowing you to test audio, video and HDMI protocols—HDCP, EDID, CEC & infoframes—of any type of HDMI device: sources, repeaters and sinks.
    Quantum Data
  • FlexiScope - Multiformat Hand Held, Waveform, Vector and Audio Monitor and Generator The Hamlet Flexiscope is a multi-format multi-standard handheld waveform, vector, audio, picture monitor. Using a built-in 3.5" diagonal high quality VGA (640 x 480) TFT display shows the picture in 4:3 or 16:9 formats. Also shows conventional waveform, vector and audio displays together with data analysis.
    Hamlet Video International
  • 2016-P - Audio Analyzing Digital MultiMeter The Model 2016-P Audio Analyzing Digital Multimeter combines audio band quality measurements and analysis with a full-function 61/2-digit DMM. Test engineers can make a broad range of voltage, resistance, current, frequency, and distortion measurements, all with the same compact, half-rack measurement instrument. The Model 2016-P has twice the sine wave generator output of the Model 2015 for applications that require test signals greater than 8Vrms. The Model 2016-P offers additional processing capacity for frequency spectrum analysis.
    Keithley Instruments
  • DATS V2 - Dayton Audio Test System The most complete and easy-to-use audio test system toolkit yet! Dayton Audio's DATS V2 is a powerful, versatile measurement and analysis device—use it and build better loudspeaker systems! But now with the introduction of DATS V2, the system has grown beyond impedance testing and T/S measurements to include a second test mode featuring a general purpose signal generator and oscilloscope working in tandem.
    Dayton Audio
  • OTM 1000 - Waveform Monitor & Signal Generator The system provides high precision waveform, vectorscope and gamut displays; real-time picture monitor; comprehensive SDI input status information; audio monitoring capabilities; and SDI physical layer analysis including eye-pattern and jitter displays. The OTM 1000 also contains an optional test signal generator, providing a full range of standard test patterns and zone plates.

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Audio Analyzers - Evaluate acoustic, electro, and mechano frequencies.