Mirion Technologies

Mirion Technologies has a long history of providing mission critical products to detect, monitor and identify radiation. With over 700 employees worldwide, Mirion operates 14 production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Phone (925) 543-0800
Address Bishop Ranch 8
3000 Executive Parkway Suite 220
San Ramon , CA 94583
United States
Email Info@mirion.com
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  • GIM 210K - Dual Detector Gamma Area Monitor Manages two separated detectors
    Mirion Technologies
  • GIM 209K - Wide Range Gamma Area Monitor Up to 200 meters (600 ft) between GM detector and processing unit
    Mirion Technologies
  • RTM690 - Small Items Monitor The RADOS RTM690 is a conveyorized waste monitor designed to scan a variety of solid waste material for gamma contamination. The items to be scanned are placed on the conveyor belt which transports them through the detector chamber at a controlled speed. Contaminated items trigger a visual and audio alarm.It is usually used in nuclear plants, research reactors and in waste management plants. The RTM690 is available with a variety of transport means - the band conveyor for small items or the roller conveyor for long items, such as scaffolding.
    Mirion Technologies
  • KG Series - Gamma Ionization Chambers Detectors for gamma dose rate monitoring or
    Mirion Technologies
  • SG - Gamma Scintillators Detectors for nuclear measurement have to transform the physical quantity ?nuclear radiation? (e.g. particle flux or energy) into a electrical signal. Especially, charged particles generated by the interaction of radiation with matter are used for that purpose.
    Mirion Technologies

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