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Our success in the electric utility industry is founded on the fact that our instruments are developed with utilities and providing them with the equipment they need for utility applications.
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  • Impulse Phaser - Cable Identification System & Cable Phasing System With the introduction of direct buried, solid dielectric primary voltage cables, the IMPULSE PHASER has come into greater prominence for safely and accurately identifying buried primary cables, including jacketed neutral designs. The IMPULSE PHASER has been accurately used on paper insulated, lead covered feeders in excess of 20 miles and even on submarine cable 300 feet underwater.
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  • Wayfind'r - Impulse Cable Tracer The WAYFIND'R Impulse Cable Tracer was originally designed for electric utility use to accurately identify the route of buried secondary cables. Because the WAYFIND'R imposes an audio frequency signal on the cable, the signal is not induced into adjacent cables or pipes, eliminating false signals. The WAYFIND'R may also be used fro tracing indoor wiring and buried shielded primary cables.
    Timco Instruments
  • Directional Impulse Detector - Primary Cable Fault Locating Directional Impulse Detector for Primary Cable Fault Locating with High Voltage "Thumpers". The Directional Impulse Detector ( D.I.D.) is a compact handheld detector used to locate primary cable faults by sensing the magnetic field generated by the current pulse from a high voltage discharge device (thumper).
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  • Polarity Phasing Device - Low Energy Cable Phasing System Polarity Phasing Device Low Energy Cable Phasing System. The Polarity Phasing Device ( P.P.D.) is a Low voltage cable phasing system for use on de-energized conductors. The Polarity Phasing Device eliminates the confusion and errors in phasing when using headsets or other makeshift techniques.
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  • Spitfire - Buried "Low Voltage" Cable Fault Locator Using the SPITFIRE to locate a faulted cable from a customers meter socket, there is no need to completely disconnect the secondary service from the transformer. After the operator identifies the faulted cable, even though the faulted cable is energized, the SPITFIRE can be connected to pinpoint the fault.
    Timco Instruments

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